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Depend Fit Flex

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Depend Fit Flex


As a 45+ mother of 3, I knew the day would come when I wouldn’t be able to have control of my body like I did when I was younger. I had no idea how badly it would affect my everyday activity until it happened. I was going with my husband to an “80’s” themed concert and was so excited. I bought some new jeans to wear and felt great because they fit perfectly. We had really great seats reserved that were close to the front. Once the music started we began to move with the crowd closer to the stage. It wasn’t until we were crammed into the stage that I felt the urge to go to the restroom and there was no way that was even possible since we were crushed like sardines. The more excited I got, the more I began to “leak”. I was miserable by the end of the concert not only was I embarrassed, but my legs were raw from wearing wet jeans. This began my two long years of being very careful of going out into public and knowing my limits or lack thereof. I was so afraid it would happen again, I even elected to miss my 30-year school reunion.

Then my husband accepted a job with a promotion that caused us to relocate during the week to a condo. I knew it was time to take control of my life back and stop hiding behind my problem. I know others continue to have active lifestyles that have this same issue. Therefore, I begin doing research and realized it was just a matter of trying Depend Fit Flex, which by the way offers a free sample for you to try too! Not only do they feel and fit great but it doesn’t even look like you are wearing them. I was so elated and loved being able to go back to my active lifestyle. My husband has seen a change in my mood and is so happy!! You can buy them discreetly through Amazon, which I love! I can order them and have them delivered to my doorstep, the only people that will know are those I tell because you sure can’t tell!

In the evenings my friend and I walk. She lives close enough that we can do it every night. I had her video me walking with my Depend Fit Flex on and as you can see, you can’t even tell!! They not only work amazingly but no one even knows. My friend didn’t even realize until I asked to film!!



High Value Pamper’s Diaper Coupon in June,12’s Newspaper $3.00 Off #PampersSavings #AD

Huge Pamper’s Diaper Coupon in June,12’s Newspaper $3.00 Off #PampersSavings #AD

Being a Mimi to my 3 awesome grandsons has been the  most wonderful experience I have ever had. I try to help out all I can, but really it is for me to just be around them. They change and grow everyday. I usually try to help out with the diapers, yet I love saving money and use coupons on everything. Having 3 grandsons all in diapers, I have learned can be challenging even for a coupon queen like myself. I love Pampers and love how good they work especially when I have a coupon for them!!


Check out this Sunday’s paper, June 12th,  for an awesome $3.00 off Pampers coupon. Hurry before they are all gone. My scissors are ready and I am working on finding the best deals for this week on Pampers with this coupon. You can get any type of Pampers diapers or training pants which is awesome with this coupon. As long as you buy two bags and save $3.oo. One of my grandsons can only wear Pampers so this coupon is going to help a lot!


If you are fixing to start potty training you can go here and save on a printable $2.00 off 1 pack of Pampers Easy Ups Training Pants here. Potty training can sometimes be a challenge so make it easier by knowing your little one will be protected when those accidents happen! The easy up’s look and feel like underwear so your little one will love knowing they are wearing big kid pants!


You can go here to stay up to date on all the Pampers has to offer.




Rock This Boat

“Rock this Boat” season two PopTV campaign with New Kids on the Block


I was so excite to hear the New Kids on the Block were getting back together and have been glued to the Rock this Boat series. Now that season 2 is under way I can’t help but get excited again. This was the band back in my days. I remember dreaming of marrying them!  Check out poptv for the latest preview you don’t miss a thing! I might not be that same young teenager, but I can’t help but love them still!!

If you have missed out no worries hope over to Poptv and check them out. See the preview here: Hot and Sweaty new season….

80s Prom

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#RockThisBoat: #NKOTB

Walgreens Cystic Fibrosis Services

This post was sponsored by Walgreens Cystic Fibrosis Services as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received compensation as a thank you for my post.

Walgreen Cystic Fibrosis Services


As an aunt to a beautiful girl with Cystic Fibrosis, I can personally say that staying on the right health awareness track is essential!! With it being Cystic Fibrosis awareness month, Everyone should be aware of this disease. Daily medications, breathers and lung therapy was a daily occurrence for our family. We realized it was inherited from your parents, it involves a defective gene.

Without the daily medications and procedures, not only does the affected CF person’s health decline but their lifespan declines also. It is imperative they follow everything. The CF Champions “Navigating The Journey Together” is a useful guide to making sure you do everything you need! Although I lost my niece to this disease, several years ago, I knew one day there would be better resources for this awful disease. Check out this link to tons of information needed!

This beautiful,unselfish young lady ended up marrying and giving our family two beautiful daughters before she lost her fight. When it is happening to your family you are even more aware of the daily requirements needed daily for a person with CF to live a productive life. I love how readily information is available at Walgreen!

Our family chose to live with CF positively, we knew one day there would be more help and we wanted to have great memories. Now they have more options available and a person with CF can live a relatively normal life. Our Cindy never could enjoy the normal everyday activities other children can today. I am so happy that they have more available for patients and family now. CF devastated our family, but knowing their are others that aren’t suffering as much because of the new information and medication makes my heart smile and I know Cindy is smiling down from Heaven.

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