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BodyArmor Sports Drinks Kroger Giveaway!! (2 Winners!) #Switch2BODYARMOR #BringIt

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Growing up I loved to play sports! I remember spending hours outside throwing a ball up in the air and catching it with my glove. Once I was old enough to play softball I played until well into my adulthood. So needless to say when my daughter decided she wanted to try out for softball I was so excited!!

I love being at the ball field, watching the games and enjoying the company of the other parents. The only difference now is the heat! We live in South Texas and every evening we are well over 100 degrees. My main goal now is making sure my daughter is hydrated while she practices! Besides of course screaming with excitement about every play she makes!

I have found an amazing sport-drink, BODYARMOR with amazing coupons, that she loves and it comes in some amazing flavors! I usually don’t like sport-drinks since they are either too sweet or bitter but these are just perfect!

They are all natural sports drinks that hit the spot and have become my families favorite! We throw them in the cooler and head out to the ball field. The best part is I don’t have to worry about anyone getting too hot in this heat because BODYARMOR not only comes in a large variety of flavors to suit everyone but it is packed with electrolytes, coconut water, and vitamins and is low in sodium and high in potassium.


Now for the fun stuff… The give away ends August 15th so enter today! I will contact the winner on the 16th. Good luck.

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Unusual Gifts To Help Save The Planet

Sometimes buying gifts can be a real nightmare. It doesn’t matter who it’s for, the whole process of trying to find something they will like can be a challenge. One of the best ways to get around this is to simply try and find something which is beneficial beyond the individual person themselves, yet can still be enjoyed by them. Such presents might be simple or complex, cheap or expensive, and they can be a whole range of different types of product. Regardless, this is one great way to help out your friends while helping the planet. But what kind of thing are we really talking about here?

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Artisan Bracelets


Who said that buying jewelry had to be immoral? There are many kinds of decorative pieces you can get hold of which actually actively help people out in different communities. A great example is these wanderlust bracelets. Each one of these you buy is going to help give sustainable and long-term work to impoverished people in Bali and Indonesia. And this is not to mention the fact that they happen to be beautiful pieces too. If you want to buy someone the gift of jewelry, but you’re concerned about a marketplace full of blood diamonds and the like, then this is a great direction to move in.


Seed-Bearing Lollipops


Yes, you heard that right. At amborella organics, you can get hold of lollipops that actually bear seed after you have finished with them. Not only that, but they also taste slightly of whatever seed you might have in yours. Once you are done, you just place the stick (made from recycled paper) into the soil, and before long a little seedling will sprout. This is a great gift for any sweet-toothed gardeners you might know, and also a fantastic choice for a child’s birthday. Anything to encourage the emerging generation to grow some plants is likely to be a solid idea!

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Recycled Gifts

Sometimes, it’s not the exact item itself which makes a difference, but the manner in which you get hold of it. If you are really keen on helping out the planet, then you might want to think about finding a recycled gift. Many people avoid this because they fear that a recycled gift will not be up to scratch in terms of its quality. But if you know where to look, this is not quite true. In fact, you can easily get hold of some fantastic recycled gifts which are going to help you help the planet. What’s more, because they are second-hand, you will more often than not be paying less as well. A gift which is environmentally friendly and saves you money can’t be that bad, after all. There is a huge range of possible gifts you can buy from sites like – doing so is likely to make both you and the recipient feel good about yourselves, while also doing good in the long-term. Consider this next time there’s a birthday coming up.

Giving Your Kitchen A Modern Edge: What Are The Key Elements?

Stylish modern kitchens really are desirable at the moment. They are sleek, functional, attractive, and best of all they can be achieved relatively quickly. All you need to do is get hold of some of the essentials mentioned below to give your kitchen area a stylish update. Read on for more information.

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Soft Touch Drawers


Firstly to give your kitchen space, a real 21st-century vibe consider changing the draws to soft close ones. These are lovely because you just need to give them a little nudge and they will slowly and softly close on their own. Saving you from the noise and disturbance of slamming sounds, and truly giving you that ultra modern feel.


Combine these with cabinets and drawers that have a glass finish too, for a kitchen Buck Rogers would be proud of.  


Wine Fridge


If you hate your current kitchen space you may want to give it a modern feel with a wine cooler or fridge. One that is built into the design of the kitchen. These are the latest in kitchen gadget trends, and the provide you with perfectly chilled wine for cooking and drinking whenever you want it.


If you can’t afford to get one built in or there is not enough space you can even get free standing ones. Although you do need to be careful in picking the location for this. As you want the room to scream modern and not cluttered.


However, if you are looking for something that is even more impactful, why not consider installing a wine pod in your kitchen or the surrounding area? These are areas for the storage of wine that are structurally built into your kitchen giving you an architectural feature as well as something that has a practical purpose. Choose one with a space age design like this, to really emphasize that modern feel.

Bar sink

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Another addition that a modern kitchen should include is an attractive bar sink, in addition to the main wash up area. Bar sinks are smaller and designed specifically to ensure that there is always space for drink and even food prep, even if the rest of the kitchen is a hive of activity. That makes them not only decorative but hugely practical, especially if you have a big family or love to entertain.


Of course, as they are one of newest trends in kitchen accessories, having one will also demonstrate that you have your finger on the pulse, as well as excellent style.


Decorative cooker hoods


Traditionally we think of cooker hood as very practical things. They are big and bulky, silver, and designed to extract all the cooking smells and grease from the kitchen when you are working or eating in there.


However, some bright spark has come up with the idea that they don’t just have to be practical behemoths. In fact, they can be a central decorative feature in your kitchen environment, and that is why they have designed hoods in sculptural forms, with the addition of glass and crystal. In fact, these cooker hoods look more like focal point light fittings that any thing else. Making them the perfect addition to your stylish modern kitchen.


Should You Buy A Fixer-Upper?

When you’re looking for a new home, there’s a certain charm to the idea of taking a house that’s a little run down, maybe even falling apart, and bringing it back to life. However, that kind of thing might seem appealing when you’re thinking about it in the form of a Hollywood montage, but there are a lot of factors that you should think about if you’re considering taking that kind of route when buying a house. In order to help you decide if it’s the right choice for you, here are some of the pros and cons of buying a fixer-upper.




Initial cost


One of the main reasons that a lot of people find themselves becoming incredibly attracted to the idea of buying a run-down property and fixing it up is that they often represent some serious bargains when you buy them. After all, you’re never going to end up spending the same amount on a home that needs a lot of work than you would on one where you can just move straight in. The thing to remember is that there are still costs involved, it’s just about balancing whether you want to spread those costs over time or deal with them all at once.


Putting your own stamp on it


One of the nicest things about moving into a home that needs a lot of work is that you get to have a huge amount of control over how it ends up. When you move into a house that is ready for you to live in it, you’re going to a little bit limited as to how much of your own stamp you can put on it. But a fixer-upper leaves you huge amounts of room to try different things and put your personality into every inch of the property.




Requires a lot of work


It should hardly come as much of a surprise that buying a house that requires plenty of repairs and renovations is going to involve a fair amount of work. The choice that you need to make is whether or not you do the majority of that work yourself. If the things that you need to make the place liveable aren’t that complicated, and you’re willing to put in the time, then you may want to take the DIY route. However, if there are more significant problems with the property then hiring a company like is probably a better option. Make sure that you do your research as thoroughly as possible. You don’t want to start a project only to realize it’s out of your realm of expertise half way through.


Spiraling expenses


When you first buy a house that requires a lot of work, you might have an idea of what needs doing to it and how much that’s going to cost. Creating a budget for your renovation isn’t always easy so it’s a good idea to check out pages like this for advice. However, the thing about older, more run-down properties is that they can sometimes hide more than a few nasty surprises. You need to make sure that you get the whole property checked out thoroughly before you buy it so that there’s no chance of new problems rearing their head just as you thought things were finally coming together.

Your Energy Levels And How To Increase Them


When it comes to your health, there are so many different things that you need to be doing at all times. It can often feel exhausting. One minute you are trying one piece of advice and feel on track and the next it’s all gone out the window because something new has come along. When you’re constantly playing around with your diet, exercise, and lifestyle like this, it can wreak a lot of havoc on your energy levels. And if you often feel lethargic, this can be bad news. So, instead of worrying about different fads, why not work on boosting your energy levels? You should find you feel a lot healthier in yourself as a result, so let’s look at how you can make that happen.


Eat Well


We all know that we have to watch what we eat if we want to stay healthy. From keeping our bodies running as best as they can to avoiding obesity, it’s one of the simplest rules to stick to for a healthy life. But, did you know that what you eat influences your energy levels too? There’s a reason that you always feel so sluggish after eating junk! When you eat a balanced diet enriched with vitamins and minerals, whole grains and proteins, you will find that your body gets a boost in energy too.




Exercise will often do it for you too. Although you may feel as if exercise is hard work and takes up a lot of time, it will definitely have a positive effect on your energy levels. For starters, it gets blood and oxygen pumping around your system which helps your body function as it should. Then, as it says on sites like, you’ll find that exercise releases the right chemicals and formulas in your body to improve your energy levels. So over time, you will feel a lot more full of life.


Drink More Water


You should also aim to increase the amount of water that you drink if you want to improve your energy levels too. Our bodies are made up of mainly water, and when we are dehydrated, they can not run right. But, when you’re staying hydrated with more water in your system, your energy system gets a big boost.


Get More Sleep


Then, you should also think about getting a better quality of sleep. As it says on, energy levels and sleep are closely related. As we sleep, our bodies heal and repair, and they get us ready for the next waking period. When you don’t sleep enough, or you don’t get a high enough quality of sleep, you are not giving your body the best chance to repair. So, sleep better, and your energy levels should follow suit.


Switch Off Your Mind


And finally, you will do your energy levels the world of good if you learn to switch off your brain – especially before bed. When your mind runs at a million miles a minute, you are exhausting your brain and your body. But, by learning to switch off, you can calm your mind, let yourself recharge, and reap the benefits of more energy.

Parents Of Smart Kids Always Do These Things!

Who wouldn’t want their kids to be smart? We all want our kids to be kind, thoughtful, happy, and so on, but being smart can be extremely beneficial too. It turns out that parents of smart children actually have things in common with each other. Here are some of the most common things that the parents of smart kids do, so you can ensure your children turn into smart individuals with plenty of opportunities too!


They Get Kids Involved In Chores

Getting your children involved in chores early on is so important. If they’re not making their own bed and tidying up their own mess, that means you’re likely doing it for them. When you do this, you might think you’re helping, or ‘getting it done properly’, but you’re actually hindering them in the long run. They’re going to need to get used to doing chores like this sooner or later, and the older they are, the harder it can be for them. Let them help you when they’re very young, and give things a go themselves as they get a little older. Even if they don’t sweep up as well as you, for example, they are trying and getting into good habits!


Children that have to do chores have been proven to be smarter than those who don’t. Don’t worry about your house looking perfect and instead focus on helping your kids to learn and develop in the best way possible. You’re doing them a favor!


They Help Them To Develop Socially And Emotionally

Helping your children to develop socially and emotionally is key to ensuring they become smart individuals. It can make a difference between going to college and getting a degree or getting arrested – literally. Children who didn’t have very good social and emotional skills were found to get arrested, fail to secure steady jobs, and generally struggle through life as they got older. Nobody wants that for their children, so make sure you make an effort to help them develop in this way.



They Focus On Their Own Development

Parents with smart children always focus on their own development too. It was found that working moms had smarter kids, and parents that had a good education also had kids who had a good education. Getting your education later on in life and setting an example to your kids that way is possible, although it can be time-consuming. Using services like can help you to save time and focus on what’s important, so you can still get everything done and spend quality time with your kids. Don’t be afraid to go back into education. Not only will this set a good example to your kids, it could also help you to create a better future!


They Find Ways To Manage Their Own Stress Levels

Moods can be contagious. If you’re exhausted and stressed all the time, there’s every chance that you could pass that onto your kids. Try to greet them with a smile in the mornings, especially if you’re sending them off to school. Do what you can to manage your own stress levels, and your kids should be happier and more prepared to learn as a result.


Meditation is a wonderful tool to manage stress, but you can also get exercise, cut back on bad habits like smoking and drinking caffeine, and deep breathing. Being consistent is key to getting results!


They Value Effort

Parents with smart kids know that it’s the effort that’s important and not the actual grade that should be praised. It’s fantastic if you child is getting good grades, but you still need to ensure you’re putting a focus on an effort to study and practice, rather than simply exclaiming how intelligent they are naturally. When your kids know that effort is what makes them great, they won’t give up on different things so easily as they age. Praising them in a way that makes them feel like the effort isn’t a factor, such as saying, ‘you’re so talented!’ is a surefire way to make them believe things shouldn’t be difficult. Instead, say ‘that was great, all of the practice is really paying off!’. Make sure you really think about what you say to your kids when you praise them.


They Model And Encourage Good Relationships

Parents with smart children have good relationships with friends and family. They model this behavior to their kids and encourage their kids to foster good relationships too. Rather than encouraging their kids to make lots of friends and be popular, they encourage their kids to maintain a few close relationships.



They Let Their Kids Know That They Will Always Support Them

Parents of smart children make sure that their children know they will always support them. They respond to their emotions in a comforting way rather than telling them off for getting upset or saying they are being silly. Parents who tell kids they are being silly for getting upset or anxious over something is a sure fire way to make them feel invalidated, and avoid sharing their feelings in the future. Make sure you consider how you will respond carefully, and respect that how your child feels about something is completely valid.


They Teach Them Good Financial Lessons While They’re Young

Parents of smart kids teach their kids good financial lessons while they’re young. Money is an important factor in anybody’s life. Kids need to know the value of it from a young age. Giving children pocket money and encouraging them to save/spend wisely is a good idea. Also, sharing with them stories about your finances, and normal things like how you work out the shopping budget is a great way to help them to understand. Giving your children pocket money and talking about money in a positive way around them is a fantastic way to encourage a healthy relationship with it. Just make sure you’re being a role model with your finances too.


Do these things and your kids should turn out to be smart, well-rounded individuals!

The Top Appliances Causing You To Waste Energy In Your Home

Cutting down on your energy bill is one of the quickest and easiest ways to save money, but how many of us practice what we preach? One of the easiest ways of saving money on your energy bills is to turn off appliances which aren’t needed – do you know which ones they are? Take a look at this handy list and see if you could save some money on your energy.


Your television

Your television could be using energy without you even knowing it. TVs that are left on standby can actually cost you more than you think, and even though the cost may seem minimal each month, when added up over the year it could be significant. You could shop for a more eco-friendly TV as a way to save money, or simply turn it off at the mains when it’s not being used.

Image credit: Pexels

Games consoles

The latest games consoles are all about being quick to power up, and always connected to the internet to make sure that gamers can play games with others from all over the world and benefit instantly from the latest updates. However, is it really that important to you that your Xbox takes five minutes to load up instead of two? That extra wait seems rather insignificant compared to the savings you could be making, so make sure you turn your consoles off to stop them being an unnecessary energy drain.


How many people are guilty of leaving a light on in a room they’re not using? The occasional accident can happen, but there are also some lazy people out there who just leave lights on all over the place. Whenever you leave a room – turn the light off, it’s really simple and can save you money easily. If you struggle to remember, leave a post it on the switch. The modern solution is to invest in smart lighting for your home (find more info about the benefits here:  which can help you ensure that everything is turned off when you’re not there, as well as measure how much energy you’re using.

Heating/air conditioning

Homes that rely on a lot of heating and cooling could be costing you a lot of money unnecessarily. You can start saving by shopping for the best provider through and make sure that you’re getting the best deal for your energy needs. Alternatively, rely less on heating and cooling and make the most of the blankets and hot water bottles in winter, and using your windows and doors in the summer to bring some natural air into the room. Having a home that is poorly insulated is also a concern, and you should take some time to weatherproof your home for fall to make sure you’re not left struggling to make fixes as problems occur.


Simple fixes may not seem like they have much of an impact, but you’d be surprised at what the combined savings could look like over the course of a year. Practice better home habits and stop wasting energy in your home.

Personalize Your Piczzle Puzzle #piczzle


I absolutely love doing puzzles, from rivers to mountains, you name it. When I heard about this Piczzle custom picture puzzles I was stoked. Piczzle is an amazing company that offers you to preserve your favorite memories. Your customized puzzle will come in a handy cardboard box which displays the photo right on the cover.

This is an item that you are able to customize by picking out your favorite picture and can create a puzzle out of it! This is a great learning opportunity for kids also. It can be a picture of their favorite animal or a favorite picture with their friends. This is perfect for a birthday, anniversary, or even Christmas gifts. There are so many shapes that you can have like hearts, circles, squares, rectangles. You name it and Piczzle can achieve it. There are so many opportunities you can come up with for the puzzle idea. The material of this product is high quality, not cheaply made. Piczzle has made their puzzles to last a life time, making it an item you can enjoy for many years. This is a long lasting custom memory maker to enjoy for years to come. These custom made puzzles are something you do not want to pass on.

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There is a coupon code you can use at SummerFun0717 which is valid until August 31. This company strives to have delivered top craftsmanship, and highest print quality. The cardboard pieces are precision cut so all pieces will perfectly match one another and they are printed with advanced digital printing.

They have a FaceBook page that I encourage you to check out at FaceBook Page, and they also have a YouTube account you can access here at YouTube Account.

This post is sponsored however these opinions and comments are my own personal thoughts.


Got A Gutter Gripe? These Tips Will Help!

One of the worst housework jobs tends to be the ones that have you breaking your back outdoors in the garden or the driveway. Adding in jobs like drain cleaning and gutter clearing, and you’ve got to really motivate yourself to shimmy up a ladder and get them sorted. Thankfully, jobs that involve you climbing ladders and combatting spiders tend to be jobs that only need doing twice a year. When those autumnal winds blow in and the trees start to shed their leaves, your gutters are left open for elements. Rain, wind, and snow see clogs starting to happen and the cooler weather also brings animals in the warmth to nest.

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It may be a necessary task, but it’s not one you’re going to be happy about doing and not to mention, clearing the gutters tends to come with a little risk. Choosing to ignore a gutter gripe isn’t the way to go, either, as if the rainwater doesn’t make it down the pipes, you’ll have a repair bill on the doormat! So, how can you get your gutters glowing in the safest way possible?

  • Team Up. If you live in a good neighborhood, then teaming up with the locals to get the gutters of the street done together is a great idea. You’ll not only have a spotter for ladder safety, you’ll do the work in half the time. You can read here about ladder safety and the types of a ladder you should be using to do your guttering.
  • Call The Professionals. For most people, finding the time to get the gutters done is impossible with work and family commitments. If you call in a local roofer, they can get the gutters cleared for you professionally and do it efficiently while being safe. It’s the most obvious solution for gutter maintenance, especially if there’s a bad blockage!
  • Protect Yourself. If you do decide to go it alone with your guttering issues, then you should protect yourself. Wearing protective headgear and hand gear can make sure you aren’t going to do yourself an injury or expose yourself to bacteria. While you’re at it, protect your eyes from dirt and mold spores and wear safety goggles!
  • Beware Of Surroundings. Being up high, gutters and roofs tend to be at the same height as electric cabling. The last thing you need is to touch anything like that. If any cables have become damaged in the weather or on your roof, do not touch them and call for help.
  • Clear Debris. Your roof will always gather debris, whether it’s from a crafty squirrel setting up a nest or leaves from the nearby trees. Clear that away first before you start the job so that you aren’t going to have to go up the ladder within the month!

Image Source

Clearing gutters is not a fun job, but it is one that is important for home and pipe maintenance. Add it to your list twice a year and once it’s done, it’s done!

Ensure Your Home Is Weather Tight In Time For Fall

If you’re enjoying the warm sunny weather; the last thing that you want to be thinking about is fall and winter, and the cold air they bring with them. However, it’s a matter of weeks before the leaves will begin to change their color and begin to drop to the ground. Therefore, it’s the perfect time to ensure that the outside of your property will withstand the changes in weather that are around the corner. Ensuring that your home’s exterior is well maintained will give you the peace of mind to enjoy the colder months, snuggled up with cocoa inside the house. The following are the areas you’ll need to check over to make sure that no amount of rain, snow, or frost will affect your family’s comfort when you’re inside.


Windows And Doors

Image source:


Your windows and doors will play a major role in how cozy your house is during the fall and winter. Gaps in the framework badly fitted windows and doors, and worn or rotted sealant will mean that droughts and water will be able to find their way into your home. The valuable heat that you pay for will also be able to escape through any crevice, so it’s a smart choice to take a look at the condition of the areas that let your light in and begin the weatherproofing process as soon as possible.


Very often, the weather from the previous winter can affect the condition of your window and door surrounds; particularly the sealant. Take a look to see if there is mold in your window pane seals and around the frame work; if so, it can be replaced and improved with ease. It’s worth asking a building professional to come and check what needs doing, as you don’t want to affect the security of your windows and you’ll want the job to be done so that it lasts for the years ahead.


Temperature can also play a significant role in their condition; heat will make wooden window and door frame expand, which means that when they contract during the winter, it can leave damage and gaps. Again, it’s worth seeking professional help and advice on whether the wood can be repaired with ease, or if you’ll need to replace some or all of your windows. It can be a big investment to purchase fresh panes and frames for the whole house; however, it will save you money on energy bills and stop you from shivering through until spring time, so it’s worth considering.


Make sure that your doors and windows close properly and no air can get through once you’ve pulled them too. Areas like your garage and any back doors to your house can be forgotten; however, by ensuring they are able to keep out draughts and damp, you’ll prevent further weather damage and stay warm this winter. Replace burst window panes so that water can’t penetrate your home, and make sure that handles and hinges are rust free and functioning properly, so there’ll be no risk of mold growing on your beautiful blinds and curtains.


Roofing And Insulation

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Your home’s roof is the hat to your house and is there to protect it from the weather, keep it warm, and prevent damp from affecting the condition of your interior. Therefore, you’ll need to find a home repairs specialist to check your roof for damage, missing slates, panels, and tiles, and to figure out the work that needs to be done before winter hits home.


Making sure that your roof is air, water, and frost tight, will prevent your home from getting cold during bad weather, and will help to protect the woodwork and walls inside your house. Damp and water damage can take hold very quickly, and can lead to your home’s structure is compromised. Mold and damp can also become a dangerous health risk to your family, so preventing it, while it’s still warm, is a wise choice.


Quality and thorough insulation in your home, particularly in the roof and ceilings, is the best way to save money on your energy bills, as heat won’t be able to escape. Make sure that you take a look in your attic to check out the condition of your insulation and if it’s needs replacing; again, it may be time to call somebody qualified to assist you. Take a look at how insulation will trap your heat here: to learn more about how important it is.


Remember; if you have a damaged roof that’s letting the weather penetrate your home, it won’t matter how good your insulation is, and the problems will begin. Also, insulation will work for your home during the summer months and will help to ensure that heat cannot impact the temperature of your property. It’s worth looking in o the various types of insulation, like fiberglass, loose fill, or foam boards so that you can choose an option that’s suitable for your budget and situation.


Brick, Stone, And Exposed Wood

Image via here


Your walls and fences will need to be weatherproofed as soon as you’re able to prevent the damage that bad weather can cause. A decent coat of water repellent on your exterior bricks and stonework will help to keep moisture from seeping into your walls. Bricks are known for being porous, so can often become weak and crumble from heavy rain and frost; therefore, it’s worth investing in coating your home before the storms draw in.


Painting your house walls could be a DIY project for you or your partner; however, if you’re unsure of how confident you’ll be up a ladder, it’s best to hire professional help. Make sure you invest in quality coatings so that you will know they’ll last for the foreseeable future. If you live in a particularly cold area of the country; this may be a job that you have to repeat annually, so bear that in mind.


The same goes for any woodwork on the exterior of your home, and while you’re at it, your surrounding fences; you’ll need to give them a thorough coat of protective wood sealant and stain, so that water will roll off and won’t begin to rot the wood. Again, the products you invest in will make a major difference to the outcome of the job, so decide if you want an oil-based product or an acrylic; you can gain some more ideas on what to buy here: before you visit the hardware store.


Water and weatherproofing your woodwork is another great way to prevent the weather from affecting your window and door frames that were previously discussed. You can always add a pop of color and some character to your house by painting the wooden frames that surround your doors and windows; so be brave and creative with your choices.


Basements And Below Your Home

Image from PEXELS


Much like your attic and roof area; your basement will affect the warmth and condition of your house, and if left in a bad way, it can cause long term structural damage. Your basement will be fully, or partially, underground, so by looking after it adequately, you’ll be protecting the foundations of your property. Whether you call in a professional team of builders to do the work, or you decide to take on a DIY job yourself; there a few things to consider that will affect the function and quality of your basement during the winter weather.


When there is heavy rainfall during the winter; it can gather together and begin to seep into your home if the land surrounding your property doesn’t slope away from the building. Therefore, you’ll need to do an outside check to make sure that rain will run down and away from your basement and foundations. If this isn’t the case with your home; you can always add dirt around the base of your home and create your own slope and move any water away from the brick and woodwork below. Guttering should be cleared out, and the drainpipes surrounding your building should be expelling the rain water a decent distance away from your basement walls, again, so that damp and moisture won’t penetrate your foundations.


Repair any cracks in the walls and ceiling of your basement; both outside and in, so that they don’t get any worse during the cold weather and won’t let the cold air inside your home. As previously mentioned; the brick, stone, and wood sealants are the perfect way to help protect the exterior of your property and should be used accordingly in your basement area. Maintaining and looking after all of your outdoor drainage and plumbing areas is a crucial way to ensure that water moves away from your house in all the right directions and won’t damage your home.


When you’ve called for professional help for your roofing, exterior, and basement maintenance; ensure that they check your gutting, pipes, and drains, so that any repairs and replacements can be made in time for fall and winter. By eliminating draughts and water damage, repairing cracks and crevices, and sealing your walls, windows, and doors correctly; you’ll be able to enjoy the colder months in cozy comfort, and will save on your energy bills.


Using Texture To Create The Ultimate Design Style At Home

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There are lots of design trends to keep up with year after year. However, if you are an interior design buff, you will know that texture is in line for the throne. Whereas color was a big deal two or three years ago, homeowners want to add as many different textures as possible. And, there is a good reason to because this trend is on fire at the moment.


The trick is not to get on the bandwagon, as anyone can see this fashion is about to hit the stratosphere. The key is to figure out how best to implement the trend throughout your home. After all, every homeowner is unique, and so is their house. As such, copying the latest styles and crossing your fingers is a recipe for disaster.  


What isn’t a disaster is using a handful of general design hacks to add texture to your property. Regardless of the room, the following work pretty much all of the time. Enjoy!


Pick A Look


Before you can start incorporating new textures, it is essential to decide on the style as the textures will complement the decision. For example, lots of people like to opt for a cozy and homely feel in their home. Therefore, the correlating textures would be things such as wood and plush fabrics. Firstly, the materials themselves are warm and soft to the touch, so there is a practical appeal. Secondly, they appear to be warm and cozy. When you look at fabrics, you see a thick, luscious shag pile or an inviting throw pillow. The fact that these textures give off a certain feeling is why they supplement the welcoming style. If you want a more streamlined style, the features should have a nice finish. For example, metals and glass work very well because they are smooth and silky.

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Balance It Out


When a homeowner decorates, it is easy to get excited and go overboard. If you are one of these people, some of the rooms in your home might look like the window display at your favorite interior design store. Now, there is nothing wrong with using professional advice for guidance, especially if you are a bit of an amateur. Still, adding as many trends to one room as possible never looks good because it is tacky and too busy. What you have to do is balance out the style, and the right textures do this perfectly. Have you gone for the polished style throughout your home? If the answer is yes, fabrics will add a new dimension. The fact that they are rugged and not as sleek only adds to the contrast. Another trick is to use textured furniture and decorate around the fittings.


Consistency Instead Of Colours


When a style gets tried, savvy designers turn to color in their time of need. Of course, a change of color can make the house pop again as it adds shine and gloss. The issue is repeating the trick. After a while, painting over the walls in a new shade doesn’t have the same impact because the novelty wears off. Before you throw away the rollers in frustration, there is no reason to panic because textures have you covered. Simply put, they have the same impact just with a different style. So, instead of mixing up the colors, you should mix up the textures throughout the house. What’s great about this tactic is that the color scheme can stay the same. Yep, even a ‘boring’ cream hue looks stunning when it is in a room full of fabrics and silky finishes. The next time you have the urge to unsheathe the paintbrushes, think about adding a new consistency instead. Interior Decor Couch Design Room Decorated

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Focus On The Furniture


It was touched upon earlier in the post, but let’s go into a bit of detail. Nowadays, materials like leather and faux leather are the hugely popular, while fabrics are dying a death. However, fabric furniture is the king if you are trying to incorporate more textures. The reason is simple: the fixtures catch the eye. Because they are a focal point, they dominate the entire style. Usually, that would be a bad thing, but it is a positive when it comes to the room’s consistency. For one thing, certain rooms need to be stylish and practical, and a relaxing chair with fabric is a lot comfier. More importantly, no one wants to overload their house with too many textures because it will appear tacky. The furniture is only a couple of pieces in every room, yet it has a dramatic effect on the style. Some people even take it one step further and add texture to the fittings that most people leave alone. Carpet on the walls, anyone? If this is too much, a simple cushion on a wood chair is just as useful.

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Don’t Forget The Walls


For the most part, the walls go unnoticed because a tin of paint is a homeowner’s best friend. Plus, it’s cheap and everyone likes to save a buck here and there! But, when you think about it, the walls have the biggest surface area of the house apart from the floors and ceilings. The floors are easy to deal with thanks to rugs and carpet, and the ceilings are obviously off limits. That leaves the walls, and they are a bigger player in the game than you would imagine. As the last paragraph said, carpet walls are making a big comeback in lots of houses around the world. Still, there is no reason to go that drastic if you want a subtle style. Tiles are an excellent option as they introduce a new consistency as well as supplement the style. What’s even better is the fact that they don’t look out of place on the walls. For those of you that like to keep them bare, there is a solution. High-gloss paints are much thicker and fuller than the average in, and it shows. Add one or two coats and it will seem like it is an inch fat.


Bring The Outside, Inside


There is no doubt that the focus on textures in the home is on smooth surfaces and rugged fabrics. But, the good news is that there are lots more to choose from if you are willing to go outside. Mother Nature has a host of different textures, and she is happy to share. Think about sand for a moment. There isn’t a consistency in interior design that can replicate sand, and that makes it unique. How do you add it to the home? It’s simple: all you have to do is put some in a small vase or glass bowl. That way, you can move the beauty of the outside into the house. And, it doesn’t stop there because there is a lot more to consider. Shells will stand alone on a coffee table or dresser; you can scatter stones and pebbles around the room, and it isn’t uncommon to decorate with feathers. By far the most common texture is a plant and soil combination. For all you botanists, the color and texture of both will revitalize any home.


Play With The Lighting


The light itself is a texture, so you want to fill your home with as much of it as possible. However, the key is to tone down the artificial lighting and natural instead. Sunlight is more organic and has a softer feel, plus it is flexible and can work with any style. If you don’t know how to let the light in, you can start by removing the blockages from the windows. Yep, even the curtains because they can be too broad. Instead, try using blinds because they are thinner and less obtrusive. Regarding artificial light, there is a way to add more textures, and it is by using mirrors. Mirrors reflect light around the room, and this highlights the areas that you want to show off. One final tip is to play with the brightness of the lights. Soft lighting is great because it emphasizes the difference between the lit areas and the shadows. Remember that a shadow is a new consistency, too.  


Know When To Stop


If there is one thing more important than knowing where to start, it is to know when to stop. When used correctly, this trend can transform the entire house into something special, and there are plenty of people that would agree. However, there are also lots of homeowners that will say it can have the opposite effect. Like anything, textures should be used sparingly to avoid going over the top and creating a vulgar style. Instead, you want the subtleties to supplement the main trend softly, much as an accessory would. It takes time and practice, yet it isn’t impossible to learn. Quite simply, the best way to figure it out is trial and error.


Creating any new design style is daunting because you don’t want it to go wrong. Using textures is even worse because it is a relatively new trend. If you commit to it, though, you can pull it off. At least, your home can!  

Would You Know What To Do In A Health Emergency?

You see TV documentaries and read stories all the time about people who have been involved in traumatic accidents or fallen ill suddenly. Nobody wants to think about the prospect of needing urgent care, but it’s always beneficial to know what to do if you do find yourself in this situation or you come across another person who needs help. If you don’t know what you would do in an emergency situation, here are some tips to help you out. Hopefully, you’ll never need them, but it’s always good to be prepared.


Calling 911

Every year, more than 240 million calls are made to 911. This is an emergency line, which should only be used when urgent care is required. If you have a minor ailment, there are lots of other options you can take. It’s essential to use 911 only in extreme cases to prevent using valuable resources, which could be directed to those in greater need. If you do encounter somebody who needs attention immediately or you find yourself in a situation where you need urgent help, don’t hesitate to make the call.

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Some scenarios you may come across include:


Heart attacks

Heart attacks, also known as myocardial infarction, occur when the blood supply to the heart is disrupted. This prevents oxygen from traveling around the body in the red blood cells. Symptoms of a heart attack include pains in the chest, which may radiate to the shoulders, arms, and back, a feeling of tightness in the chest, dizziness, sweating and feeling sick. Many people also experience severe anxiety, which may feel similar to having a panic attack. If you come across somebody who is displaying these symptoms, call an ambulance and wait for them. Reassure them, try and calm them down, and encourage them to stay still.


Sporting injuries

Playing sports is so good for your health, but there are usually risks of injuries, and they can be severe. Examples of serious injuries that need urgent attention include dislocations, head injuries and severe fractures. You may not need to go to the ER in every case, but it’s a good idea to contact a clinic that offers quick care hours. You may need an urgent X-ray, or you may be advised to have scans or further tests to determine the extent of your injury. If you do sustain a head injury or your child is playing sport, and they get a knock, get the injury checked out. Sometimes, symptoms can appear after a period of time, rather than being evident immediately. If you have a concussion, for example, you may find that headaches, dizziness, and double vision come on hours after the incident. Even if you feel fine, it’s always best to see a doctor, just in case there is a risk of delayed symptoms.

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Breathing difficulties

Breathing difficulties can be caused by several different conditions and underlying health complications. They may also arise as a result of extreme anxiety or following an injury or infection. If you’re struggling to catch your breath or your breathing has suddenly become very labored or shallow, seek advice immediately. The sooner you see a doctor, the sooner they can work out a possible cause and identify treatment options. If you have a severe allergy or you suffer from asthma, make sure you have your EpiPen or inhaler with you and wear a wristband, which has details of your allergy.

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Unexplained bleeding

Bleeding is very common after a fall, or when you accidentally catch your skin on something sharp, and usually, there’s nothing to worry about. If you’re bleeding for no apparent reason or you’ve recently had treatment, and you start bleeding, call your doctor. The primary aim is to work out why you’re bleeding and to stem the blood flow. You don’t need to rush to the ER if you’ve opened up a cut or you have a graze, but don’t try and patch up a wound that is bleeding excessively. It’s also worth attending an urgent care clinic if you spot blood in your urine or stools.


Traumatic accidents

If you’ve had a fall or you’ve been involved in a car accident, it’s wise to seek medical help, even if you feel fine. When you’re in shock, you may not notice other symptoms, and it is possible that you could have sustained internal injuries. It’s particularly important to see a doctor if you hit your head at any point.

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Who to call and when?

The trouble with illnesses and injuries is that they don’t pay much attention to your schedule. Accidents can happen at any time, and illnesses often develop quickly without prior warning. If you do start to feel ill or your partner or child develops symptoms, consider who you need to call. Call an ambulance or visit the ER in urgent situations when emergency help is required. If the injury is serious or you’re worried about the severity of symptoms, urgent care clinics may be the best option. If the injury is less severe, you need general advice, or you’re struggling with an illness like an ear infection, schedule an appointment with your doctor. If you’re not sure what to do, but you think there’s a chance that symptoms could progress very quickly, it’s best to err on the side of caution and get help as quickly as possible.

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Life can be very unpredictable and often, we encounter situations we never expected to at the start of the day. Whether you start to feel ill or you come across somebody who needs help, it’s always good to be prepared and to know exactly what to do in an emergency situation. Often, you’ll be able to treat minor injuries and ailments at home without any trouble at all, but sometimes, you may need intensive treatment as quickly as possible. If you come across another person who has fallen ill suddenly or they have been involved in an accident, call 911 and wait with them until help arrives. If the situation is less serious, but it’s likely that the individual will need treatment of some kind, contact an urgent care center. It’s also wise to have your doctor’s number stored in your phone in case you need advice, or you need to make an appointment for a minor illness.

So Long, Sleepless Nights! Top Tips To Stop You Tossing And Turning

Do you find it difficult to sleep on a regular basis? Do you often find yourself in a situation where you’re desperate to close your eyes, but you can’t seem to drift off? If you’re prone to sleepless nights, you’re not alone. It is estimated that 60 million Americans suffer from insomnia each year. If you’re tired of running on empty, here are some top tips to stop you tossing and turning.


Creating the right environment

When you go to bed, you should feel calm and relaxed. Your sleeping environment should be conducive to rest. Have a look around you. What do you see and how do you feel? Is your bedroom a serene sanctuary? Or is there is clutter everywhere or light flooding in through the curtains? Is it noisy or are you too hot or too cold? There are often simple solutions for issues that affect your surroundings. Contact local HVAC contractors if you wake up sweating or you can’t get comfy because your bedroom is freezing. Hang blackout blinds or add lining to your curtains if light is a problem. Use earplugs to ensure peace and quiet and add some touches to make your bedroom a cozier place to be. You don’t need to embark on a total bedroom makeover, but investing in some storage to prevent clutter, adding some candles and soft furnishings and opting for subtle, soothing colors can work wonders.

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Setting yourself up for sleep

What does a normal evening look like in your household? Do you get home from work or put the kids to bed and then chill out with a good book or a warm bath? Or do you tackle the washing up, start sorting the laundry or devote your evening to tidying up, getting lunches sorted for the morning or doing the ironing? It’s good to get organized, but give yourself some time to relax and unwind. It’s beneficial to get your body ready for sleep and to let your mind switch off. Even if you only take half an hour to listen to some music or indulge in a home spa treatment, this can make all the difference when you climb into bed.

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Getting into a routine

If you’re a parent or you love scheduling, there’s every chance that routinely plays an important role in your life, but even the most organized people can be lax when it comes to their bedtime regimen. We tend to think of children having a sleep pattern, but it’s so useful for adults to adopt the same approach. If you’re used to going to bed at the same time, you will start to feel tired as the magical time approaches, and you should find it much easier to nod off.

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Are you tired of struggling to find the energy to get through the day only to find that you can’t sleep at night? If you suffer from insomnia, here are steps you can take to try and improve your sleep quality. If you are finding it tough, take these suggestions on board. If they don’t help, arrange to see your doctor.

Zesty Paws #zestypaws #mobilitybites #salmonoil

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We had a surprise, the dog bone which happened to last a full five minutes before our fur babies dug into it. It is great tasting leaving our fur babies refreshed. Not only are these amazing items to use on your fur baby but they are affordable. Compared to other companies, for what this product offers, it has the best prices and best results.

This is a sponsored ad however these thoughts and opinions are my own. Powered by BrandBacker.

Budget-Friendly Home Improvements: Alternatives To Common Replacements

Every homeowner needs to give their property a little extra attention from time to time. Frankly, those upgrades are crucial for sustained happiness at home.


Replacing items can blow your budget at a rapid rate, though. However, this isn’t the only form of possible upgrade. Before rushing into any future jobs, why not try using these alternatives instead. It’ll save time, money, and a lot of effort.   


Here are some of the best solutions.



New Doors & Security


Safety and security should always sit top of your list of priorities for the property. After all, enjoying a home that doesn’t protect your possessions and loved ones is virtually impossible.


The security of your main doors can be a major source of concern, especially if you’ve only recently moved in. However, a professional locksmith service can change the locks rather than the whole door. This’ll save you time, as well as a significant amount of money.   


Similar ideas can be used for windows. As for alarm systems, new batteries and a couple of simple CCTV cameras should do the trick.


New Flooring


When considering the interior design aspects of individual rooms, flooring is one of the main issues that will spring to mind. When they’ve not had the TLC they deserve, they can start to ruin the atmosphere of the entire room. It’s tempting to replace the flooring completely, but there are cheaper and easier options.


Firstly, you could restore dirty floors with the help of a quality carpet cleaning company. Replacing a floor that’s in good condition would be a waste of time and money. Use those savings to paint the walls instead and the whole room will look brand new.


If you’re still looking for a new esthetic, investing in a shaggy rug should is a far more affordable option.



New Appliances


The average modern home is blessed with an array of different appliances. From washing machines to irons, they all have an important role to play. Sadly, there’s no escaping the fact that things can go wrong.  


Replacing those appliances can be costly, and it also means you’ll need to get used to using the new ones. Calling out an expert to repair them is often a far cheaper and easier solution. Moreover, it’s usually the eco-friendly approach too.


This isn’t always the best option, and it’s important to accept defeat when a product is broken beyond repair. Nonetheless, changing your approach so that replacement becomes a last resort will serve you well.


New Structural Items


Problems with structural elements is a homeowner’s worst fear. Unfortunately, the worst situations can end up costing thousands to rectify. But, as long as you spot the issues early, they can be repaired before escalating into something worse.


Finding ways to manage those common home horrors won’t only save you cash. It’ll also provide you with peace of mind while also protecting your assets for the long haul. Quite frankly, this makes it a fantastic investment for your immediate and long-term future.   


Unlike some of the above aspects, this job is more of necessity rather than choice. Still, overcoming the damage before a replacement is needed is essential. And it will establish the foundations of a far better home life.

Give Your Entire Home A Makeover For Less



If you’ve ever pulled up outside your house and not wanted to get out of the car – you’re not alone. When you’re not happy with the way your house is looking, it makes it very hard to want to spend your time there, and no one should feel like that about their home. It should be your sanctuary, your hideaway, your den – your cozy dream that no one can wake you up out of.

So if you’re not happy with what’s waiting behind the door – change it! Your face isn’t the only thing that can have a makeover you know! Your house deserves a little blush here and shimmers there too.


You may not have a ton of money stored away though, and if you were expecting to hire landscapers, contractors, and interior designers – you might be in for a wake-up call. All those kind of services cost money… Like, a lot. But don’t worry if you haven’t got the cash to fork out, there are plenty of ways you can give your home a makeover for less. – Here’s how.




Living Room


Rearrange your furniture

The best thing about this is that it doesn’t even cost you a single penny. If you’re bored of the way your living room looks – move things around. Swap around the sofa with the tv, and the coffee table with the lamp and see how it looks. It’s so simple, but it can change the look of your room entirely.


Paint the walls

A fresh lick of paint on the walls and the ceiling can brighten the appearance of a room and make it look as good as new. Take into consideration the size of the room you’re working with. If it’s quite small, it would be wise to choose a color that is light and bright, so creams and beiges tend to work well. Or you can go for a brighter color like blue if you wanted, but choose lighter tones. If you have a large room, you can take advantage of this and be a little more daring with your color choices if you wish. Having said that, your house should be a reflection of your personality, so even if you have a tiny little room but want to paint it purple – go for it!


Wall art

If your walls are looking bare and boring, then have a look at different art pieces that you can hang up. If you’re a creative one of sorts, why not go to your local arts and crafts store and get some art supplies like a canvas, different paints, and brushes? Then all you need to do is let your creative juices flow and paint whatever you feel. If you lack inspiration, stick on some of your favorite music and let your hand do the dancing.



It’s the little things that count, so buy some decorative pillows and a throw to put on your sofa, or scatter a few candles on the coffee table to create an ambiance. These things will help to complete the package.


Ceiling fan

Ceiling fans not only provide you with something interesting to look at, but they keep the room cool in the hot summers and circulate the heat in the winters, which means you are decreasing your energy consumption.

Picture of kitchen




Nature accessories

It’s very easy to overlook the kitchen. It is seen more as a tool, as a pose to a room, but this shouldn’t be the case. The kitchen is a room where conversations are shared, experiences happen, and new skills are discovered, so it deserves a little attention, to say the least. Consider adding some plants on your window sill and the worktops. You can even grow your own herbs to use later down the line for a dinner, or add a pop of color will some flowers to make the room a vibrant one.


Funky cabinets

If you don’t want to be spending a lot of money, then a great trick is to either just remove the cabinet door or handle and swap it with something a little more exciting. Or, just decorate them with paint or wallpaper instead. All you have to do is come up with a design or color, and slap it onto the desired area. Why not have multi colored stripes on your cabinet? That’s pretty damn original, right?…


Fruit bowl

Forget the decorative uses for a moment, like the delicious pops of color that are added to the area – and let’s just talk about how good fruit is for you in general. They’re full of wonderful vitamins that your body needs to be healthier, plus they taste oh so good.





Make a feature wall

Making a feature wall if very simple to do, and doesn’t take that much of an effort either. If you have any spare paint that’s been left over from something – use it and pattern your wall however you see fit. Or turn it into a photo album and fill the space up with your best memories that have been captured.


Accentuate the bed

The main feature in a bedroom is obviously, the bed. So make sure it’s worthy of the title. Find bed sheets cheap online, that are high in quality, but low in cost. Pair these up with the perfect mattress to give you the best comfort and some cute pillows to cuddle up to, and you’ll have a winner. – Bonus points for draping fairy lights around the bed frame.  



Lamps are a great light source when it comes to the bedroom because they are bright enough to light up the room but soft enough to create a calm and cozy environment to chill out in without it being too harsh in the evenings.



What’s better than waking up in the morning, getting out of bed, and having your feet welcomed by a warm furry rug in between your toes? – Nothing. So get yourself one that fits in with your room, and brings you joy every morning.

Photo of bathroom




Modern shower head

Upgrading your shower head may not be an obvious difference to some people, but you will be in for a real treat. It will give you something to look forward to when you get home after a long busy day at work. Just think of the jet powered messages all over your body! – You’ll never want to leave.


New flooring

Get rid of the grimy bathroom tiles, and replace them with some wooden flooring that compliments the bathroom well. This will create that spa vibe that you’re only usually able to get when you pay a lot of money.



The bathroom is the place where you put all your toiletries, makeup and hair products, and they usually end up scattered all over the countertop, in the drawers, stuck in the sink and lost down the back of the cabinet. – This can all be avoided by having the appropriate storage for all your bits and bobs, so you have room to enjoy the benefits of a real bathroom.

Garden image source




Kill the weeds

Weeds are a nightmare. Just as you think you’ve taken back control over your garden, they grow back stronger than ever before. This can be a frustrating process, and unfortunately, they have to be regularly maintained in order to keep them at bay. – But make the effort! A garden looks so much neater without all the mess that weeds create.


Mow the lawn

If you knew you were going out and had to wear a pretty dress, you’d shave your legs, right? So why wouldn’t you mow the lawn in the summertime when the days are nice to be out in? It’s not a hard job to do, and no real technique is required, so there’s no excuse not to trim the lawn down before it turns into a chaotic jungle.


Clear out the garage

We are all guilty of using the garage as a dumping zone to throw all of our items that no longer serve a purpose to us, but still feel the need to keep hold of them for one reason or another. This is a very bad trap to fall into because sooner or later you won’t even be able to open your garage door without everything spilling out. So although the job may be a very daunting one – sort through everything you have stored away, and decide whether you should keep, throw away, or sell.


Hooks and shelves

A smart way to save up valuable space while having somewhere to store your gardening tools, is to get some hooks and floating shelves. They don’t take up any room, and yet they can handle a decent amount of weight and items, so get hanging a few of these up in all the necessary places.


Now you know how to give your home the best kind of makeover, use all the tips and trick however you see fit.

Make Your Family Home The Safe Space Your Kids Need

Every parent knows the importance of providing a stable growing environment for their children. The teen years and early adulthood, are rife with changes. Despite best intentions, there’s nothing you can do about that. Nor should you. Those changes are what will help them become the adults they need to be. But, one thing you do have a say over is how stable their home life is during that time. When they already have so many changes to contend with, having one constant space is crucial. Here are a few ways to make sure your home becomes that place.

Know What Makes A Forever Home

Picture Credit


When your kids are young, the chances are that a house move will be on the cards at some point. That two bedroom apartment won’t hold your expanding family. Uprooting them when they’re young may not be ideal, but it’s better than uprooting later down the line. Besides which, you can use this move as a chance to find a forever home for your family.

But, what makes a forever home? A few different factors should go into your decision. Most importantly, you need to think ahead and ensure you buy a house large enough. You don’t want to have to move again if you decide to make your family bigger. Instead, purchase a house which has a little extra space. Something as simple as a spare room provides you some leeway.

It’s also important you spend some time considering the location of your new home. Safety should be paramount, but don’t make the mistake of moving to the middle of nowhere. As your kids grow, they’ll need the opportunity to go out with friends and get jobs. That’s not going to happen if the nearest town is ten miles away.  

Pay Off Your Mortgage

Picture Credit


The majority of homeowners still pay their mortgages well into their retirement. It’s no wonder when you consider the house prices they’re contending with. But, having a mortgage on your property does create some instability. If you were unable to pay it for some reason, you stand to lose your home. Eliminate this possibility by paying off your mortgage as soon as possible. It may seem easier said than done, but there are companies who can advise you on mortgage reduction strategies. These will ensure you pay your mortgage off a lot faster. All the better for creating that stability which is so important.

Make It A Safe Space

Picture Credit

House buying technicalities aside, it’s also important you create a safe space within that home. This needs to be a place your children can trust. Make sure that nothing bad happens here. Avoid raised voices and negative energy. Fill your home with light and love. And, make sure that your kids have a room they can call their own. This, more than anywhere else in the house, will become their stable sanctuary. Let them decorate it how they want to ensure they feel safer here than anywhere else in the world.

Finding the Perfect Family Home

Image Source


Almost any adult will understand the complexities and stresses involved in moving home. When you have a family, these problems multiply tenfold. Not only are you responsible for your own happiness and well-being, but you also take on the role of ensuring that your children are well in regards to every aspect of the move. Are there good schools in the area? Will there be a nearby park for them to play in? Are the crime levels low? Is the neighborhood friendly? The list goes on and on. But not to worry, we’re here to help! Read on for a complete guide to finding the perfect family home.

Photo Credit




Choosing the location of your new home is the first step on your journey to paradise. So start doing your research and visiting the areas that you’re considering. Before laying down any deposits, take a visit to your potential new home. Take two weeks out to get a real feel of the area. You can also use this vacation to view homes and have meetings with the local schools and other facilities. Remember that the place that you move to will have so much more to offer than just its tourist hotspots. It will most likely be host to multiple counties and home to thousands of people besides the tourists that frequent the area. So choose your area well. It is so important to find something that will suit every single family member down to a tee. So check out local amenities, clubs and activities.


What Kind of Home?


There are three types of housing available within most communities: townhouses, single family homes, and condos. If you’re reading this article, you’re probably best suited to the second of the three. A single family home allows you complete control of your entire property, meaning you can make major renovations if you so wish. You will have a private yard which is essential for the summer and there are favorable mortgage rates. If you’re struggling to make a decision in regards to the type of home you’re interested in, check out this homebuyer’s checklist for properties. It has all of the information you could possibly need and more.


Proximity to Family and Friends


If possible, try to choose somewhere that already has family and friends living nearby. This will make the move smoother and less frightening for your little ones. Seeing familiar faces can put their minds at ease and relieve anxieties. If you don’t have family or friends in the area you’re planning on moving to, make sure that you help your little ones socialise as soon as you move. Take them to activities and clubs, introduce them to new hobbies such as team sports. This will help them to make friends and feel comfortable in their new community. No more feelings of loneliness! Also make sure that they know they can contact their old friends at any time. Apps such as Skype and Facetime mean that they can literally see their friends, not just hear their voice on the other end of the phone.

Managing Home Horrors The Easy Way

Homeowners everywhere spend a fortune making their homes look beautiful. Sometimes, however, home horrors happen and all of that money and time can be wasted. It’s time to check your home insurance policies, roll up your sleeves, and deal with the nasties that might be lurking in your house:


Mold And Mildew

Mold and mildew can be more harmful than you think. Breathing in the spores that can be released into the air can cause chest infections and complications if your health is already poor. Not all mildew or mold is easy to spot. The most obvious signs of a problem are those black, gray and brown stains in the corners, or around the bathroom tiles. Pink mold can also be lurking in your tub and around your taps. Nasty stuff! Steam is the safest approach to killing it, although bleach will whiten the stain again.

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To prevent these nasties turning up, check your guttering when it rains. If it’s overflowing or leaking onto your brickwork, damp can penetrate your home resulting in mold. It can also erode the bricks over time, so it should be fixed straight away. Use your extractor fans in the kitchen and bathroom every time you run the hot tap or boil water. You can use a hygrometer to check your interior humidity levels are kept low.



Insects, termites, rats, and mice can all be lurking in large numbers in your home. You might never see them, but chances are you’ll hear them. You might smell them as well. Unfortunately, these little critters don’t live for long. If they die in your property, the stench could become overwhelming. Finding them is tough if they’re between the walls or under the floors. You should find the best exterminators you can to deal with this kind of situation.

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To reduce the risk of infestation, make sure any wood treatments for your home are up to date. Block external holes and gaps to stop them getting in. Always vacuum up crumbles as soon as possible so you can cut off their food source. Finally, try a sonic deterrent. You won’t be able to hear it but the little blighters will hate to go anywhere near them.



Not only could leaks lead to the mold and mildew we don’t want, but it could damage the home too. Holes in the roof can easily let rain in. This will then drip down onto ceilings and perhaps run across them to more vulnerable points. Over time, the water saturation will cause substantial damage to the plaster, wood, and even the brick work. The last thing you want is for the ceiling to fall down or your brand new basement renovation to flood.

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Other leaks can come from damaged pipework or drippy taps. Not only does the noise drive you mad, but the cost of all that lost water can soon add up. Finding a leak isn’t always easy. If you’re seeing a lot of water coming in, it’s time to turn off the supply at the mains and get a plumber to permanently fix the problem. Try a dehumidifier to help you dry the place out again.

Health At Home: 5 Tips To Improve Life Quality & Quantity From The Comfort Of Home

Great health is something that we all desire. After all, you only get one body in this life, which is why taking care of it is essential. Unfortunately, finding time to do this can often feel like an almost impossible task. However, there’s no excuse for overlooking the benefits of incorporating healthy habits at home.


Here are five simple steps to improving your health without even needing to leave the home. It’ll save you time and money too, allowing you to enjoy those improvements to the max. Here’s all you need to know.



  • Encourage healthier sleeping patterns. Despite all of the changes that can be made during the waking hours, improved rest is arguably the greatest single change of all. Investing in a comfy mattress and allowing your mind to ease into sleep each night will work wonders. Your skin, hair, and nails will all become healthier while energy will increase too. That additional positivity can enhance your life on a daily basis and won’t go unnoticed by loved ones either.
  • Start eating healthier. Healthy nutrition is one of the most important factors for maintaining a great body, and it needn’t be as expensive as you might first feel. Preparing your own meals will have a telling impact, and tools like the Nutri Ninja and Crock Pots make it an easy task. There are plenty of fun and tasty recipes available on the internet while you can take things further by growing produce. Use your home cooking as a way to remove the temptation of eating processed foods on the go too, and you’ll see vast improvements.
  • Get active around the home. Regular exercise is a necessity, but hitting the gym isn’t for everyone. But you can burn calories from the comfort of home with workout DVDs, exercise bikes, and yoga exercises. Interactive video games encourage you to move your body without even thinking about the physical benefits. For many people, it’s a far more enjoyable way to approach working out. Given that it saves money too, it could be your ideal solution.



  • Stop forgetting to take treatments and medications. We all get sick from time to time while many of us endure ongoing conditions. With home delivery pharmacy care, you’ll never miss your prescriptions again. It saves time and encourages you to get the support that you need for long-term health. Use those services to protect the health of your family too. You’ll get back to full health following illness far sooner, and can reduce the risks of having those problems spread through the home.

Keep the property in good health. You won’t only be protecting your financial asset; you’ll be protecting yourselves too. Damp, mold and other home problems can slowly take their toll on your health. Detecting those issues and rectifying them at the earliest possible stage will go a long way to keeping you healthy. The fact that it will keep your financial health looking great too is merely a bonus.