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Safely Reduce Excess Earwax

Written by Lauren Conte| #LoveYourEarwax @EoseraInc

We need our earwax to protect our ears, but how should we handle having too much of a good thing?

Here’s a hint: Not by digging fingers into our ears!

First things first, why is earwax important to us?

Earwax accomplishes 3 BIG things:

  • Lubrication: Earwax is a great mixture of sweat, skin cells, and hair particles. It coats the inside of your ear and prevents the canal from getting dry and itchy!
  • Protection: The wax that your body produces helps prevent harmful bacteria from growing inside your sensitive ears, as well as protects it from dirt and water.
  • Cleaning: Chewing and talking actually helps your earwax work its way out of the ear! Did you hear that? Your earwax works its way out of your ear by itself. I said once, I’m going to say it again–don’t use your fingers or cotton swabs!


Though your ear does produce, use, and discard of its wax, sometimes we simply produce more than needed.

Earwax buildup often becomes more frequent as individuals age, due to earwax glands (ceruminous glands) shrinking. As they shrink the earwax to dries out. Furthermore, dead skin particles build up continuously, and the ear’s ability to lubricate and clean itself is less effective.

Buildup can also occur from regular earbuds use, from fingers, and other foreign objects being shoved into your ears. These bacteria-coated, blunt-tipped objects push your naturally occurring wax deeper into your ear canal which can lead to a buildup of earwax.


Dr. Piers Dawes, lecturer in audiology at the University of Manchester, suggests using a minimal amount of olive oil in the ears to help loosen up the wax deposit.


However, he urges against the use of cotton swabs. “Using cotton buds to try and extract the wax is a bad idea which can actually compact the wax against the ear drum, making the problem worse and potentially leading to infection.”

Using olive oil to remove impacted earwax:

  • Warm the olive oil, and place in a dropper
  • Lie on your side and with someone’s help, place a few drops in your ear
  • Stay on your side for a few minutes as the olive oil works
  • Sit up and use a tissue or napkin to clean the oil and wax as it comes out your ear

For some, this olive oil will be enough to dislodge the wax from the ear canal, but for others, more than one application of the oil will be required. Though olive oil is a simple, at-home treatment, its efficacy is not guaranteed.


Healthy Aging: The Biggest Threats To Your Health and How to Beat Them

As we age, we tend to be increasingly concerned about our health. It’s a different story than when we were young and rebellious teenagers, sniffing at the patronizing advice from our elders, and basking in the confused belief that we’re going to live for ever. Someone has yet to prove that this is possible, and all we can do in the meantime is to try to take care of the vessels we have been given.


Image credit: Pexels


Coming to terms with one’s mortality is one thing – but realizing that we can actually do something to prolong our lives is an entirely different, and altogether positive feeling. So, here it is; the top things you can do for your health today, to enjoy the sensation of an active body and a sharp mind for as long as possible.


Keep your friends close


An amusing and eye-opening article in Boston Globe tells the story of a middle-aged reporter who was assigned a task because he was ‘perfect for the story.’ It was supposed to cover the topic on how the lack of a stable and rewarding friendship has become one of the biggest health concerns for men. Needless to say, the reporter tried in vain to convince himself that he was indeed not the perfect candidate for the story.


As we grow up, establish a family and suddenly feel the time-crunch closing in, we tend to spend less time with our friends rather than decreasing the time we devote to our children – which makes sense. The only danger is that when you get older, and the kids leave the nest, many middle-aged men find themselves quite alone.


One study even found that the long-term risks of being lonely can be as severe as those of smoking cigarettes.


Even though we can try to fool ourselves all we want, the verdict is clear. Loneliness is seriously dangerous to your health and can increase the risk of strokes, cardiovascular diseases, as well as Alzheimer’s – which could all have been prevented if we just put aside a bit of time for our friends.


Leave your bad habits behind


Now that we’ve covered the effects your mental well-being can have on your physical health, it’s time to get down to business. Smoking and obesity are, of course, the biggest health concerns for us in old age – right next to loneliness. It’s not enough to continue to make the same new year’s resolutions, trying to quit smoking, or befriend your scale – you need to dig deeper than this to beat the bad habits.


It’s difficult to cover everything you can do to change your brain patterns and form healthy habits, so let’s keep it simple; to change your ways, start by visualizing the benefits you’ll enjoy by cutting down on smoking, for example. Write it down, memorize it, and try to compensate by moving over to e-cigarettes instead – especially if you’ve been smoking for a long time.


Have a look at this article for an in-depth read on changing your habits and remember that to succeed, you need to make a conscious choice every day to change the patterns in your brain.


Why not team up with some of your friends and embark on a new and rewarding lifestyle together? It will be good for all of you, that’s for sure.

The Pros And Cons Of Open Plan Living

If you have recently purchased a new home or if you’ve not renovated your own dwelling for a little while, the lure of open plan living can be overwhelming. When you glance at your humble abode, you see numerous rooms downstairs, blocked off by walls, compartmentalized and blocking out the natural light that you crave. Switch on the TV, and home makeover shows reel off renovation after renovation singing the praises of open plan living, the natural light it allows, the space it creates and the lifestyle it affords. Open plan living looks amazing on the TV, but what about real life? Is it all it’s cracked up to be? Take a look at the pros and cons of open plan living and decide if you want to head down the open plan road when you come to renovate your home.

Image Source




The natural light that you will see streaming into your new open plan living space can make any renovation seem worthwhile. With windows creating multiple aspects, you’ll also be allowing the outside in. Vistas become more accessible from any position downstairs through multiple viewpoints.


The atmosphere within your house will naturally shift from fragmented to all inclusive. Your kids won’t have a choice but to be in the same vicinity as you as they watch TV and you cook up your latest culinary delight. The impetus to enjoy more quality time together as a family can make open plan living a worthwhile venture.


Although the square footage of your floor plan won’t have altered, it will feel like you have created more space. This illusion can make the resale value of your home increase as open plan living is the most favorable lifestyle choice today. Homeowners enjoy inviting friends around for a dinner party or a gathering and love having a large flowing space that is flexible to entertain in.


The actual renovation itself will be a liberating experience. There is no better way to release your frustrations and anger than by grabbing a sledgehammer and knocking down a wall or two. If money is tight, look into using a homeowner loans company to fund your renovation plans. You can utilize their online affordability calculators and borrow well within your means. Although the cost of converting to open plan living may seem hefty, you could see a healthy increase in the value of your home when you come to sell it. It’s always best to think of your renovation as an investment.

Image Source – Holland And Green Architecture




The sheer scale of creating a single open plan living space from three or four distinct rooms can seem overwhelming. The labor costs can be steep, the dust and mess created will last for a few weeks and the project can seem like an uphill task. Open plan living is a dramatic shift in lifestyle, so if you aren’t sure, it pays to hold off before embarking on any renovations. It’s easy to knock walls down but a lot harder and more expensive to put them back up.


Open plan living will inevitably see a merging of your kitchen, dining room and living area. This means all those cooking smells from your fragrant Thai curry will linger when you settle on the couch to watch a movie three hours later. This can be a pet peeve of many so think about the practicalities of open plan living before you allow yourself to be seduced by the stylish facade of a home makeover show.


While open plan living and quality family time sound great in theory, there will be a lot less space downstairs to find a moment of privacy, and you may find your kids spending more time upstairs holed up in their bedrooms. You may want to consider whether you actually need to renovate or whether you are happy with the configuration of your home the way it is. Just because something is on trend doesn’t mean you have to succumb to it if you are more inclined to enjoy the traditional home layout.


Home renovations are expensive and dramatic. By their very nature renovations allow you to refresh your living environment and can afford you a new lifestyle. However, open plan living is not the only renovation available to you. If you wish to create a new look for your home, a simple and cheaper redecoration, new kitchen or even an extension may be the answer. Only once you’ve assessed the pros and cons of open plan living, can you decide if it is right for you.

Words Of Wisdom For Those Approaching 40

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After realizing we didn’t know our local area anywhere near as well as we know our favorite holiday spot, we decided to do a bus tour of our home city. It was while riding this that we overheard a woman fretting about turning 40. To sum up her conversation, she was worried about this milestone for the simple fact she believed she would be more “complete” by now as if she hadn’t quite achieved that successful image she had painted in her mind.


It got us thinking about how much expectation we throw onto our shoulders and whether we would have done things differently. Not an easy answer. However, while thinking about that, we veered off a tangent and started thinking about the different lessons we have learned along the way, lessons that could help other people slip into their forties with a little swag in the walk and a huge smile on their face.


So, without further ado, here are the best life lessons we have picked up on our journey through life. Wow.


  1. Age Is Just A Number. That’s A Fact

You’ve no doubt heard the phrase, “growing old is inevitable, but growing up is optional.” Well, that statement is absolutely spot on. You are only as old as you feel, so don’t let age convince you that you’re old and decrepit and unable to enjoy life anymore. When you turn thirty, you start telling yourself that you are an old lady and then, when you hit forty, you start wishing you had appreciated your youth that much more. Don’t let the placebo take over. In fact, do the opposite and take the fight to your age.

Image source


  1. Get To Know Who You Are And Love That Person

The only way you can really love who you are, in a total sense, if if you get to know who you are and start to enjoy the changes we all go through. Get that right and all that self-esteem, happiness and confidence stuff will follow suit. That’s not all, though. You see, the more you accept who you are, the more you can accept others too, and that brings about relationships so tight you’ll feel the air squeezed out of you.


  1. Enjoy Those All Of A Sudden Wrinkles

We’re not sure anyone really gets used to the fact their face is slowly turning into a spirograph, but the more you accept this the more you’ll embrace them. We heard an elderly lady once call them laughter lines, which is exactly what they are. They are your laugh lines and what they signify is a life enjoyed, where laughter ruled the roost, not a frown. Embrace these and help your friends embrace them too. Laugh about them. It will warm your soul if nothing else. Of course, it is also totally fine for you to start fighting these wrinkles as early as you like.


  1. Never Give Up On Getting Fit. Never.

There are so many benefits to working out, whether it is a run along a beach, a cycle around the park, or yoga classes with your best friend. There is the chance to lose that middle-aged weight you’re fretting about (or at least hold off any more weight joining the party). There is the benefit it has in boosting your quality of life and preventing any of those women’s health issues creeping into your existence. And then there are those other little benefits that include stress management, boosting your metabolism, releasing endorphins to feel good and the sense of achievement that can really lift your day. Yeah, trying to get fit is definitely worthwhile when you’re approaching your 40s.

Image source


  1. Embrace The Part Of You That Wants A Vagabond Life.

There is no such thing as traveling too much. In fact, not traveling enough tends to be people’s biggest regret when they finally get comfortable in their old age, which is why you should make a conscious effort to buy memories and not material things. After all, do you want stuff to show or stories to tell? A great rule to follow is the one new place every year rule, which will see you start to tick off those bucket list destinations for real and not just accept them as a pipe dream that takes up space on the cork board on your kitchen wall.


  1. No More Of That Comparison Nonsense.

We do feel bad for kids these days. What with all that pressure of not feeling good enough and having to constantly compare themselves to others. But it isn’t just kids who have become subject to the plague that is Facebook. We know that you can’t completely stop comparing yourself to others. But comparing your life to your best friends and knowing the context is a lot better than comparing your behind the scenes footage to the highlight reel of someone you knew twenty-five years ago. You need to accept that there will always be someone with more money, a better career, more holidays or better legs; that’s just life. But those people are also comparing themselves to others. So stop. Delete the Facebook app from your phone and toss Instagram to the wayside. Your life will be so much more fulfilling without them.



Image source


  1. Remember That Kids Grow So Fast.

By the time you’ve fully adjusted to the fact you have kids, that phase will be over with and you’ll be sat wondering where the time went and how you got to this stage already. It is overwhelming, but with all that attention and care, the time just slips by. So make a mental note – or a physical reminder – to enjoy every second with them. It may seem long in your head, but the entire time they live with you at home is rather short in the grand scheme of life. Remember that and embrace what you have when you have it.


  1. Don’t Care So Much. In Fact, Don’t Care At All.

Everyone that is pushing the forty-barrier will be nodding their head at this next statement: we wish we stopped caring what others thought of us sooner. Look, self-doubt happens, that is a fact, but just because it happens doesn’t mean it has to win. Instead, stop caring so much about what other people think of you and start doing more of what you want to do… in all aspects of your life… period. What others think of you really is none of your business. Once you realize that, well, you can live your life with the right motivations.

Investing in Property? Don’t Ignore these Issues

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If you’re looking to invest in property, either for you and your family to live in, or to rent out as an additional source of income, there are a number of issues that you should be on the lookout for, which can be expensive to repair, or even worse,make the place completely inhabitable,costing you more money than you imagined.


Here is a list of the most problematic issues you shouldn’t ignore:


A Roof in a Bad State of Repair


If you’re interested in a property, you should always try to consult with local roofing repair companies to check that the roof is in good condition, and if it isn’t to see how much having the problems repaired will cost you. This is so important because it is your roof which protects your property from the outside conditions, and if it has a leak, you could end up with a huge bill for water damage, mold removal or even cracks in the walls!




Subsidence is one of the most expensive things to sort out, so if you’re investing in property with the hopes of making a return some day, you really need to be on the alert for any of its telltale signs like large cracks in the walls, wallpaper that is wrinkled at the joints, and cracks that are wider diagonally at the bottom than they are at the top.



Image source


If you spot damp patches on the walls or ceilings or notice that there is a cold spot on a certain wall, it could be a sign of damp,and it might be a good idea to get a local damp proofing company in to assess the damage and work out what it will cost for you to rectify the problem before you move in. This is important because damp can and does spread and it can significantly lower the value of your property and make you sick if you live with it for extended periods.

Faulty Guttering


If the gutters of the property you’re looking at are overflowing, it isn’t necessarily a problem- they might just need a good clean out – but if the gutters are hanging down or not draining away as they should, there is a strong possibility they will need to be fixed or replaced, and that could potentially cost you thousands.

Boiler Issues


If the property’s boiler is old ( your realtor should be able to determine this for you), you might need to replace it very soon after buying and since a new boiler can cost thousands of dollars, you should consider this when working out whether the property really represents a good investment for you or not.


Who Owns the Land

Image source


Last, but certainly not least, you should always ensure that you see all of the deeds relating to your property because, if you end up getting into a land dispute, what you thought was a great investment could leave you seriously out of pocket.


Property can be a great investment for your family and your future, but only if you spend wisely and check for these important issues!

4 Household Items You Should Repair, Not Replace

Image by Pixabay


We live in an increasingly wasteful society. A society that’s been conditioned to throw away the old and bring on the new with unthinking zeal. While there’s no doubt that a good clear out can be healthy for the mind and the household, sometimes we can be too quick to dispose of household items that could be made good as new with a little tender loving care (or an expert hand). Sure, as a reviews blog there’s an emphasis on new products here but as any responsible parent knows, there’s value in saving money by repairing instead of replacing, both for the good of your household appliances and the environment. Anything we can do to prevent the landfill epidemics across the world can only be a good thing, right?  


Here are some everyday products that you should consider repairing before you throw them away.


Jewelry and watches


It’s astonishing how many people discard or pawn valuable jewelry when it breaks. Why accept significantly under market value at a pawn shop when you can invest an average of $25-$200 on a repair that will keep your legacy jewelry looking beautiful and retaining its value for decades to come.




American families throw away so many shoes it’s starting to seriously impact the environment. We throw away roughly 300 million pairs of shoes a year, and the material most commonly used for midsoles (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) can last for over 1,000 years in a landfill. Moreover, finding a good shoemaker to repair and mend shoes can make serious household savings. Shoes can be refurbished with new insoles, stretched to better fit your feet and even dyed a new color. Scuffed leather can be repaired and worn heels can be replaced. In fact, a pair of good quality shoes can last you for over 20 years.

Image credit


Household appliances


Washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, and stoves can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to replace. Most of us are quick to contact our manufacturer to get someone to repair under warranty items but even when your warranty has expired, you can make significant savings by calling a sub zero repair service to fix the fridge or a gas engineer to fix your oven. Repairs are very often a matter of fixing or replacing a small part and junking the whole appliance can often mean throwing the baby out with the bathwater. A $200-$300 repair on a broken washing machine gasket makes a whole lot more sense than spending up to $1000 on a replacement.




In an age where so many of us buy our furniture cheap and disposable from the likes of Ikea or Target, it’s natural to assume that throwing out chairs with wobbly legs or sofas with torn upholstery is the only way. Good quality furniture, however, can easily be repaired with a little know-how. Sofas can be reupholstered and sagging springs can be tightened extremely cheaply so long as you don’t mind investing a little time and effort in the repair.


So the next time something breaks at home, make sure you consider the environment and your budget and see if you can repair without replacing.

Shopping for Nature Made probiotics at Kroger

This post was sponsored by Nature Made® as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.”

I love being able to get everything I need at Kroger instead of having to shop at multiple stores. I’m a full-time blogger, a full-time student, and a real estate agent. I’m a busy Mimi. One of the products I shop for at Kroger on an ongoing basis is my Nature Made Advanced Probiotics. Several years ago I started having issues and after a visit to my physician’s office, he recommended that I start taking Probiotics daily. I’m so glad I listened to him about this because quite frankly, I don’t have time for digestive issues.  Between eating healthier and taking my Probiotics, I’m warding off further potential digestive issues like those I had in the past.

Shopping for Nature Made probiotics at Kroger #NatureMadeProbioticsatKroger, #IC, #ad

There are several reasons I decided to take Nature Made probiotics over the rest. Word of mouth was one reason. There are many in my family and circle of friends that use this brand and highly recommended them. Because I’ve also had a good experience from using Nature Made products in the past, it didn’t take long for me to realize that this was the best brand out there for what I needed. They have clinically studied strains and are gentle enough for everyday use. Several years ago I was diagnosed with a condition that would require I use a gluten free diet. I had never heard of this before and to be honest, I wasn’t even sure what a gluten free diet would include.  What I did know is that even with supplements, I have to be so careful about what I ingest. Thankfully, Nature Made Probiotics are 100% vegetarian, gluten & dairy free. There are 15 Billion live cultures per serving*.  Advanced Dual Action Probiotics works in your small intestine and large intestine. † It helps support digestive balance and a healthy gut flora.

Shopping for Nature Made probiotics at Kroger #NatureMadeProbioticsatKroger, #IC, #ad

I love being active and living a healthy lifestyle.  Nature Made Advanced Dual Action Probiotics are helping me live my dreams and accomplish my goals by helping me to remain the active, healthy person that I strive to be.  Please leave me a comment telling me what you do to help you live a healthy lifestyle. 

Formulated to provide at least 5 billion live cells per capsule (Bifidobacterium lactis SD-5674) and 10 billion live cells per capsule (Lactobacillus plantarum 299v) if continuously stored in a cool, dry place at or below 77°F (25°C) and consumed prior to expiration date. Storage and handling conditions can vary, and may affect the total amount of cells delivered at time of consumption.
 These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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5 Surprising Signs Of Stress

Given that stress is one of the most pervasive illnesses of modern times, you’d think that we’re all aware of it. You’d think it would be something we’d be able to identify when it’s right under our noses; so obvious, so frequently discussed, that it’s pretty much impossible to ignore.


You’d think, anyway.


The truth is, that aside from those moments that are easily acknowledged as being stressful, that stress has a tendency to linger in the background. Chronic stress rarely erupts into a pattern that disrupts your ability to live your life as you know it. Instead, it lingers in the background, insidious, responsible for a variety of problems that it can be nigh-on impossible to track it as the root cause of.


However, you can know your enemy – but you have to understand the quiet, often understated, ways that stress can manifest itself. Here are five surprising signs that stress has taken ahold of you, all of which should be enough to make you take action – once you know what they are.


1) Sleeplessness



We all experience the occasional night of insomnia, but when it becomes a chronic problem, it could be a sign of underlying stress. If you have tried all the usual remedies for a lack of sleep, from inhaling lavender essential oils to inspecting a pocket spring mattress guide to ensure your bed is as comfy as possible, with no success – then stress might be the cause.


2) Anger


Finding yourself quick to anger is a surefire sign of a bad relationship with stress. When we’re being tested in such a way, we often struggle to cope with our emotions. This, in turn, leads to fits of unfettered anger at relatively little provocation.


3) Hair Loss


We all lose hair; around 50 hairs per day, in fact. If you begin to notice a higher loss after washing your hair or see a telltale widening gap in your parting, then this could be a sign of chronic stress.


4) Teeth Problems



It’s not actually your teeth that are suffering here, but more a symptom of the real problem – which is teeth grinding. You might not even notice you’re grinding your teeth or have a clenched jaw, but it’s definitely an issue when you’re experiencing an undue amount of stress. If you have a sudden spike in your experience of tooth infections or jaw pain, then stress rather than your oral hygiene routine might be the cause.


5) Falling Ill More Often


Do you tend to get every ‘bug’ that goes around? Find winter a time when it’s easier to count the weeks you don’t have a cold, rather than the times you do? Recurrent mild-to-moderate illnesses are a sign your immune system is struggling. Why might your immune system be struggling? Stress, of course.


All of the above can be the little signs that stress is becoming an issue for you, so don’t delay – visit a doctor and get set onto the course of action to ease your condition, as soon as possible.

The door is open, come on in!

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Bestway and BraVoMark. All opinions are mine.

About a year ago my husband and I bought a condo on the water in South Texas. We looked and looked until we found a big 3 bedroom 2 bath condo that would fit our family.

Since our children are all gown and we have three young grandsons, we felt this would be a good size to accommodate them, visitors and extended family when they come to visit.


It wasn’t long till we figured out, we stilled needed an extra bed or two for when everyone comes to visit. So I did a little research on a comfy blow up mattress that can survive multiple uses. That is when I discovered the Fortech Airbed (Queen) with an AlwayzAire Pump from Bestway  this mattress is so comfortable, our guest now end up requesting it over the beds!  Our guest and family are staying longer and we couldn’t be happier!

This is the easiest mattress to blow up and deflate when we need to store it in the closet for the next use. This is the best blow-up mattresses I have tried, they are really durable and comfortable! We are so happy to have found a solution to our “running out of room and beds” issue.

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– Feature 1 Queen size airbed with Fortech material is 75% more puncture resistant and 150 times more impervious to scratches –
– Feature 2 Built-in 110-120V~ electric AlwayzAire pump (ETL approved), continuously monitors and maintains air pressure
– Feature 3 Clear, user-friendly pump panel with easy, one click operation and 3 options for airbed firmness

Repay The Love: Caring For Mom Or Dad As They Get Older

Your memories of growing up are idyllic. You remember the lavish thanksgivings, the Christmas’ spent eating the perfect meal that your mom had spent hours preparing, and the Sundays spent fishing with dad. The love and support that your parents gave you was unconditional and has made you who you are today. Now, as your parents creep into old age, those memories seem further away, but they are as vibrant and happy as ever. It’s time for you to repay that support and care for your elderly parents in the most loving way possible.

Image Source


Living Arrangements


You may wish to invite your mom or dad into your own home to live with you. This is the ultimate way of caring for your elderly parent and gives them the security of living with loved ones. You will also feel safe in the knowledge that their care will be of the highest quality as you will be the one in charge of it.


If you have kids, having grandparents living under your roof can be enriching as your children grow up. They’ll be able to reel off stories of the olden days, fascinating your kids and getting them enthralled by historical tales of life before the Internet and social media. At the same time, your kids can enhance your parents’ lives through their youth and vitality.

Image Source


When Your Parents Can’t Live With You


There may come a time when the medical, social or emotional needs of your parents become too much for you. This can heighten feelings of guilt and shame especially when you can see that your parents do not wish to leave the security of your home. However, there will come a point when you must make a decision that puts the needs of your immediate family first yet still ensures the care of your mom and dad. You cannot perpetuate a situation that sees you being on hand twenty four hours a day to look after your parents to only then see this causing friction with your spouse and limiting the time that you can spend with your children.


Sourcing potential homes for your elderly parents can be daunting and seem like an impossible task. Broach the subject with a parent early on, so that they have time to get used to the idea and, after some resistance, there will be a possibility that you can work together to decide on the best residential care.


If your mom or dad requires medical care, it’s vital that the care home you choose is confident in administering their medication. You don’t want to visit mom or dad to find out that you have been paying for a service that has not been delivered. This would require you turning to a medical whistleblower to expose the fraud and ensure your money is returned to you. More importantly, you would have to find another home for your parent which is hugely disruptive and upsetting.

Image Source


Constantly Show Your Love


Having an aging parent can be fraught with difficulties. You may see a shift in the mood of your kind and loving mom resulting in bad tempered episodes and tearful conversations. This can be heartbreaking to witness but also frustrating and upsetting for your mom. It’s up to you to remain patient, reassuring and loving towards your parent. By working together, you can ultimately ensure the best possible care for your mom and dad.