5 Simple DIY Steps To Stop Losing Warmth From Your Home

If you live in an older home or perhaps a new home without proper insulation, the cold can seep into your home and make shivering every time you walk through the front door commonplace. When winter arrives, the shock of the chill will be even more profound, and thus a battle will start off trying to keep as much heat in as possible and forcing the cold to stay out. Energy efficient walls have insulation inside them, whether it be foam or sponge filling. However not all homes have them, and if your home was not built with them included in the regulations for building, it could be quite expensive to buy insulation. However, even still it may not always be the walls, as the issue of keeping warmth in your home is all encompassing.

Protecting from the wind

Blocking out the wind is how you keep the chill from entering your home. House structures are more than just walls; they have doors, windows, keyhole, vents and air leaks that all have the ability to crack, widen and eventually let moisture and the wind into the home. Check for any leaks around doors and window; you will see little cracks around the edges. If you find any, buy laminate sealant and with a filling knife, gently fill them in. For a cheap remedy, your curtains can come in handy. Pick up and put the curtain on the windowsill, push it into the corner and pat them snugly against the sides.

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A once over

Sometimes the little home improvements will only be able to help short-term. Nip it in the bud, and do a proper clean sweep of your home from top to bottom. By calling out an expert home inspector, a wide array of aspects such as an examination of the exterior condition, the structural integrity, electrical and heating systems, the plumbing and insulation along with ventilation will be studied, and a report will be compiled. Some inspectors will have with them the ability to seek out the mold and moist spots with the aid of an infrared camera. By catching these spots, the quality of air around the home can be improved, and this helps children with asthma greatly.


Don’t be careless

It goes without saying but not just for a slimmer heating bill, letting the heat out of your home carelessly is asking for trouble. Close any doors, windows or patio doors whenever you leave the home, even it’s just to go in the garden momentarily. Don’t open the bathroom window to let the steam out, but keep the room door open so the heat transfers elsewhere. Rather than venting heat and the smell of cooking in the kitchen, keep it indoors by letting it waft throughout the home. Be frugal, and diligent, capturing heat is a game of consistency.

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The sofa arrangement

It might seem simple enough, but moving the sofa in a more strategic position can keep you warmer. The living room is where most people spend their time in the home. Locate your heater, and move your sofa closer to it and preferably, in a position that it is either in front of you or to your side. Additionally, if you have a fireplace, move your sofa closer to it without causing a hazard risk. The home is constantly fighting against the cooler temperatures, and realistically, this is only a human concept. The aim is for you to keep warm, not the house itself, so think what you can do to keep your body temperature stable.

Don’t be careless

It goes without saying but not just for a slimmer heating bill, letting the heat out of your home carelessly is asking for trouble. Close any doors, windows or patio doors whenever you leave the home, even it’s just to go in the garden momentarily. Don’t open the bathroom window to let the steam out, but keep the room door open so the heat transfers elsewhere. Rather than venting heat and the smell of cooking in the kitchen, keep it indoors by letting it waft throughout the home. Be frugal, and diligent, capturing heat is a game of consistency.

Want a Quick Room Revamp? Here Are Some Hacks



You don’t like the room you’re in. You can’t quite put your finger on what the problem is, but you know there’s something up. Well, assuming it doesn’t require a total makeover, perhaps it’s time you gave the room a quick revamp!


Give that carpet a wash


Technically, you should give everything a really thorough clean. Seriously. Move everything around and scrub and dust whatever you can reach. When people do this, they often make sure they vacuum every inch of the carpet. Unfortunately, that’s often not quite enough. When was the last time you gave the carpet a proper wash? It’s been recommended that your carpet should get a wash at least once every couple of months or so; you’d be surprised by dirty those things can get, even if they don’t look it. A good wash will help bring it back to its former glory; do it right and you can make it as soft as it used to be, too.


Invite nature in


What gives the room a feeling that it needs to be revamped? Quite often, it’s a vague feeling of being old, unfresh, uninspiring. It can make someone feel trapped or even lethargic being in that room. When we think of the opposite of those things, our imaginations may very well turn to nature. So if you’re looking to revamp a room, looking to nature may be a strong bet. Getting a plant or two will help pretty things up while introducing life to the room. Making natural light more prominent is also a must; this helps the room feel brighter and more spacious. Also, consider keeping the windows open for a while to get some fresh air circulating.



Tie the room together


It could be a clock from Jonathan Adler, or a rug from Samad – heck, it could even be a lamp from IKEA. The fact is that a quality room may be missing just one detail that could really tie the room together. An item that, once placed, you’ll wonder how the room could possibly have looked good without it. If you think something is missing, then have a think about the practical stylish items that you can add. Clocks, rugs, and lamps aren’t just pretty decor items – they actually serve a purpose. The same can’t always be said for a gorgeous art piece – although one of those might do the trick if you already have the other three!




Last but certainly not least: you need to get rid of all that clutter. Even if the room is tidy, I very much doubt it’s completely devoid of junk! Take the time to go through the items in the room. Think long and hard about how much you really need them. Having the same old possessions surrounding you all the time can make a room feel pretty stale over time, especially if you don’t even need them. Getting that stuff cleared out will open up a whole new bag of potential for that room. Seriously, this is probably the best thing to do if you want to inject new life into your home – get rid of the old life!

Get An Easier Home Life By Doing These 4 Things

The family home is more than just a house. It is the center of operations for the family unit, and even the busiest families spend a great deal of time there. But is your home setup to work for you and your family in the best way possible? Or it causing you unnecessary stress? Read on to find out.

Improve safety

One thing that can cause anxiety and stress in family life, which can contribute to frayed tempers and difficulties is concerns about safety in the home.

This can be inside safety, as in any dangers that might be problematic to the residents like steep stairs, scolding hot water, and slip and trip hazards. It can also refer to security issues such as window and door locks, burglar alarms, and the like.

Obviously, each issue needs to be identified and sorted according to what would be most useful. Inside issues can often be resolved by making small changes such as installing corner bumpers to sharp edges. Or laying rug grip to stop slips and trips, especially helpful if you have lots little ones that sometimes forget that they shouldn’t run indoors.

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Security issue can be a little more difficult to resolve, although things are finally getting easier with the many smart systems now on the market.

One thing to consider is installing CCTV that you can monitor from your phone or laptop. Even when you are out of the country for an added layer of a piece of mind. Also, upgrade windows to contain the best anti-tamper security features to ensure you minimize the risk of a break in as much as possible.

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Replace beds and mattresses  

One thing that we all need is sleep, and without enough of it, we can get stressed and ill. But getting the right amount of quality unbroken sleep is something that eludes many of us. This can be due to lots of different reasons that may need our attention such as an uncomfortable bed, too much light, or getting too hot in the night.


In particular, getting too hot in the night can seriously affect the quality of our sleep, making it hard to nod off and difficult to not wake up throughout the night. But what can be done about this?

Well, one thing you can do is to change your mattress. This is because some mattresses are much worse at retaining the heat from your body during the night than others.

This is an issue that many people find with memory foam mattresses, but luckily there are now products out there like Nectar mattresses that include a cooling effect. Meaning that they will make it a lot easier to get a good night of unbroken sleep, even in the warmest of conditions.

Something that has the knock on effect on improving your mood and health, so you can be ready for any challenge the family and life throws at you the next day.

Eat at the table


An incredible small change that you can make to get an easier home life is to bring the family together once a day around the dinner table. Eating a meal at the table instead of on our laps on trays can help improve your family life in all sorts of ways.

Firstly, it allows you to take your time over eating, enjoying your food, and even brings added awareness so you can stop eating when you are full.

Secondly, it a great time to devote to family life, where you can have conversations and catch up with each member of the family. Also checking on how they are doing and offering support if necessary.

Also, this will have a positive effect as you will feel more connected with your partner and kids, and the will feel the same. Giving this undivided attention can also really help when you have children, as then they don’t feel they are fighting for your focus.

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Get organized

There are many home and family blogs out there, extolling the avenues of being organized. All with lots of great tips on how to do. However, not many of the actually explain why being organized is going to make your home life easier.

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It’s because when you know where things are, and you have space to actually live in, you and the others around you are going to be less irritable and less stressed. Thus minimizing arguments.

Also, it’s important to remember here, that being organized isn’t an excuse to be regimented and inflexible. Being organized does take some focus and effort, but it should be done in a compassionate and measured way. As if you are spending all of your time and energy getting everything to be perfect, you will likely create more stress and uncomfort for you and you family. Something that negates the benefits of doing it in the first place.

Get on top of the cleaning


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By getting on top of the cleaning, I don’t mean that you have to spend your afternoons off on your hands and knees with a scrubbing brush. Yes, they say cleanliness is next to Godliness, but no one wants to grow up in a home that they are terrified to drop a crumb in, or that has plastic on the couch.

Image here

In fact, the same aware but relaxed attitude applies to cleaning as it does to organization. If you hold on too tight, you won’t get the desired result of stress reduction due to living in a pleasant family home.

Instead, set a reasonable schedule that you can set down and pick up according to how busy you are and your energy levels at the time. It can also help to get the rest of the family to help you.

As not only does this get them to appreciate the work that goes into keeping the family home clean, meaning they will be more careful generally. But it also gets them in a great habit for later on in life as they aren’t going to expect that the magical cleaning fairy will come along and do it all for them when they move out.

Easy Ways to Add Value to Your Property



Whether you have just bought a new property, are happily settled in your home or are looking to sell up and move, there are loads of easy ways that you can add space and value to your house.


Before you bring in the buildings and plumbers and decorators, it is worth checking with your local estate agent whether or not a major home improvement will add value to your property, and if there are any features which are particularly sought after in your area. Remember that every property has a ceiling price, so make sure the cost doesn’t outweigh the profit in your equity.


Loft conversion


The most popular way to add value to a home is to convert the loft into a useable space. Going into the loft is often the easiest way to add an extra bedroom to the house, which will immediately push up the value into the next price bracket. It’s worth remembering that an extra bedroom can add anywhere between 10% and 15% to the value of the property.


However, a loft conversion will usually be around $20,000 to $25,000, and you will need to get planning permission from your local authority before you get going.


Paint, paint, paint!


A fresh paint job will do wonders for the value of your property and can turn your home from old and tired into fancy and fresh. If you don’t have time to do it yourself, you can hire someone to do the residential exterior painting, as well as a painter and decorator for the inside. Stay away from bold and dark colors if you are reselling, as they will make a room or space seem much smaller than it actually is, and also hire a professional if you are in danger of making any decorating or DIY mistakes!



Revamp the kitchen


The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s a place where people gather on social occasions, where families eat and deep conversations are had. As this room is such an integral part of the home, it is important that it is attractive looking and functional.


If you don’t have the money for a full kitchen refit, there are some simple and easy things you can do to bring it up to a higher standard. Try replacing cupboard doors and handles for a quick and easy refresh and aim to create a space which is multipurpose. Most people spend the majority of their time in their kitchens, and it must be able to function as a place for kids to do their homework, guests to relax in while you are cooking dinner and family gatherings. Updating the kitchen doesn’t have to cost the earth, but it will be worth every penny.


Invest in your garden


Outdoor spaces have become a room in their own right, and investing in your garden is big business. By having a garden which is well laid out, you are not only adding value to your property but will also make it easier to sell!

4 Home Repairs You Should NEVER Put Off

I know how you feel: tired! Sometimes, the thought of coming home and relaxing is a lot more exciting than working on the house. So, we think of all the excuses under the sun to put it off until a later date. When the repairs center on painting the walls, there is nothing wrong with procrastinating. However, postponing your duties is the enemy when the repairs are a big deal. What, you’re not sure what constitutes a major concern and what doesn’t? Don’t worry because here are the four most important ones to keep in mind.


#1: Roof Repairs


There are two basic thing homeowners want from a house. The first is a bed to sleep in, and the second is a roof overhead. If the roof isn’t in good shape, the fundamentals of the property are in question. That might not worry you now, but it will when the rain drips on your head at night! See, according to http://www.triumphroofing.net even minor issues can escalate out of control. So, before you know it, one loose slate might lead to a hole in the roof. Apart from providing shelter from the elements, it will also save you a fortune.



#2: Dryer Lint


How on earth is lint from clothes a major repair? Well, it isn’t the lint itself, but what the buildup of lint represents. Simply put, a blockage can lead to a fire. And, if you think that’s an exaggeration, you should look at the amount of dryer fires in the past five years. Fluff is the perfect fire starter because it’s dry and coarse, so it lights easily. When you put that next to an appliance that creates heat, you’re bound to be in trouble. Although it isn’t something you do every day, it’s imperative that you think about it more often. After all, it could save your life.



#3: Household Pests


Homes are an excellent place for pests as well as human beings. Mice, rats, cockroaches etc. all love to move in and make the place their own. And, the way they breed means they will take over the entire house before long. Apart from being unsanitary, it also has structural impacts. Some pests, like termites, like to eat through wood like a hot knife through butter. If you leave it too long, the damage could spiral out of control. The lucky ones have to fork out thousands to repair the damage, while the unfortunate ones have to find a new home.


#4: Carbon Monoxide Reader


Although you can’t see something doesn’t mean it isn’t dangerous. Carbon monoxide is a perfect example because http://www.carbonmonoxidekills.com says it is a deadly gas. The worse news is that homes produce the gas on occasion. Any readers that aren’t up to the task won’t be able to alert you to the hidden danger. Not to be morbid, but this could lead to fatal complications. All it takes is a set of new batteries and you’re golden.


Oh, and you’ll need a carbon monoxide reader installed too.

Major Decorating Mistakes, And How To Avoid Them

The fear of making a big, expensive mistake is something that causes a lot of people to put off their interior décor plans for far too long. It’d be nice if there was nothing to be afraid of, but that simply isn’t the case! To help you approach sprucing up your home with confidence, and get it right the first time, here are a few common mistakes a lot of people make when getting stuck in…

Image source: Public Domain Pictures

Picking the Paint First

It’s common knowledge that the color scheme you pick for the walls can have a massive effect on how comfortable and welcoming an interior space feels. However, choosing the palette you’re going to use before anything else can be a huge mistake, and will mar the rest of your interior design work going forward. First and foremost, you should choose some essential fabrics, such as the rugs, upholstery, window treatments, and pillows. Once you’ve got this out of the way, you’ll find it so much easier to choose an appropriate color scheme from a set of paint chips or a fan deck. Working backwards; trying to find fabrics that match with a color scheme you’ve already chosen, is so much harder.

Being Scared of Being Bold

Obviously, you don’t want to spend a whole weekend repairing last week’s mistakes. However, being afraid of making any kind of bold, adventurous decision with your décor can lead to your rooms feeling unsatisfying and bland. Take some risks, and try to think outside the box here and there! Whether it’s an extravagant focal point like a mounted animal skull or indoor waterfall, or an unconventional bit of lighting, don’t be afraid of experimenting with your space. Remember that if anything feels too bold or dramatic, you can always balance it out with more light and breezy features, such as neutral fabrics and furniture.

Sticking to a Single Store

One-stop shopping is very popular with amateur interior designers these days. However, furnishing a space with pieces all bought from the same store tends to create a much more boring visual story, compared to what you can achieve by shopping around a little more. Instead of confining your shopping trips to a single store, check out a few boutiques that stock a number of different design lines and brands. By doing this, even if you have a preferred period or style, you’ll make it easier for yourself to create a unique interior, rather than another cookie-cutter home.

Buying Furniture Without Measuring

Finally, a more practical issue, that’s unfortunately very common. Showrooms are massive, and can make it hard to judge the scale of a given piece of furniture relative to the space it’s intended for. This is why so many people bring a beautiful coffee table home, only to realize that it feels like it’s eating up the entire living room. Get some measurements, and bring some cold hard numbers with you whenever you’re heading out on a shopping trip. You don’t want to spend a small fortune on a piece that makes your home feel cramped!

The Top Three Worst Excuses For Not Tackling Home Repairs


[geralt / pixabay]


Household repairs are a pain. As much as they’re necessary, they’re also just plain annoying.


For one thing, it’s a financial cost on something that is just so unsatisfying. If you go through a redevelopment or renovate a room, then you at least have all the disturbance in exchange for a shiny new area of your house. However, with repairs, you have all the disturbance but none of the newness. All you get is your house returning to how it should be – and that, no matter which way you slice it, just isn’t as exciting.


Given this reality, it can be tempted to convince yourself that putting repairs off is a tempting and viable way of managing your house. Doing this tends to involve a series of carefully calculated little white lies; the untruths you try to convince yourself are reasonable.


Now, not to burst a bubble, but… that’s not going to work for long. If you find yourself recognizing any of the below excuses, then it might be time to finally launch yourself at that repair work. A little DIY or calling in the right pro could mean you no longer have to convince yourself of the below “truths”, which – as you will see – don’t stack up to that much scrutiny anyway…


“It costs too much money!”


Finances are tight. Everyone gets that; it’s been awhile since the populace as a whole seemed to have plenty of money to spend on whatever they chose. However, the immediate way of responding to this instinct is… it’s never not going to cost money. There’s no way you’re suddenly going to be able to find yourself considering the costs and realize everyone is charged $0 for the work.


Then there is the fact that it could end up costing you more in the long run. If you let issues go unmanaged, they will continue to deteriorate to the point where they will cost far more than they would have done to fix initially. If you have major structural issues with the foundations or external structure of your home, then these costs could spiral from the ‘expensive’ bracket and into the ‘can we afford to live here’ section. The cost of foundation repair and other major structural work is only going to increase.


“I don’t have time!”


This is the constant – and sure, we’re all busy people… but are you going to get any less busy any time soon? It seems unlikely. There’s never a ‘good time’ for a household repair; it’s always going to involve juggling other commitments and demands on your household finances.


Unless you have a block of time coming up when you will have nothing to do but your household repairs (and we’re talking weeks here), then not having enough time simply isn’t a believable reason for not getting down to the work.


“It’s such a big job!”


Well – as above – the one thing to keep in mind is that that’s not going to change any time soon. Leaving it isn’t going to make the job any smaller. In fact, as covered, time is probably going to make the issue even bigger. So tackle it now while it’s still as small and as manageable as it’s ever going to get.

How To Give Your Hallway The Wow Factor

Sadly; the hallway is often neglected, or last on the list when it comes to renovating and decorating your interior space. So much emphasis is put on specific rooms, like your kitchen, living room, and bathroom space, while the entrance to your whole home is left tired and unloved. However, with some care and attention; you can create a beautiful interior space, which will greet you and your family every day when you walk through the front door.


The Walls


As you first walk in through your front door; your eyes will immediately see the surrounding walls, so what they look like will have an immediate effect on your mood and the feeling of the space. Your hallway is the perfect opportunity to set the tone of your whole house, so when guests arrive, they’ll get a sense of your style and personality straight away. Therefore, it’s important to think about covering the walls with a paint color or wallpaper print that will explain a little about who you are and stand the test of time.


Classic white or neutral shade is always a great option, as it will allow you to hang any artwork or photographs with ease. If you enjoy having fresh (or faux) flowers as your enter your home, or have a variety of accessories and trinkets to display; a plain wall will ensure that they slide in seamlessly and the space won’t look too cluttered or overwhelming. For some entrance hall design inspo, check out Pinterest here: https://uk.pinterest.com/search/pins/?q=entrance%20hall&rs=typed&term_meta[]=entrance%7Ctyped&term_meta[]=hall%7Ctyped.

Image source: https://pixabay.com/en/furniture-hallway-hall-passageway-382154/  


The Floor


The flooring in your entrance hall is also paramount, as it will always have the most footfall in the house (unless your kids like to race through the back door after school). Therefore, it needs to be hardwearing to have any longevity in your home. Carpets aren’t the best idea for a hallway space as they are likely to get stained and worn out quickly; however, there are densely woven options that are made with heavy use in mind. Consider looking into engineered timber floors or tiling as durable options that can still provide a design feature and a warm ambiance.


Another option, if you’d like more of a cozy feeling when you enter the house, is to lay a knotted or dense-weave rug on your wooden or tiled floor. Covering the first area of the hallway with a rug will ensure the floor is protected and any dirt from people’s shoes is collected in one place as they take them off.

Image from PEXELS


The Function


As the hall is the first place everyone piles inside after they’ve been outside; it’s worth investing in some decent storage and space saving items. A sturdy shoe rack near the front door is always a smart idea, as mud and debris won’t get trodden throughout the house, and everyone can find their shoes in time to leave for work or school. The same goes for somewhere to hang bags and coats; it’s always so nice when you know exactly where something you need it, and you’ll be able to throw your jacket on as you walk out, saving you time and stress in the meantime.


Lastly, create an area for smaller items like keys, pens, and even phones. Whether you have a set of hooks, a small cupboard, or a decorative bowl near (ish) the front door, it’s a great system to have in place for a busy family. If everyone knows where to leave (or dump) their items; finding them will be a breeze and there’ll be no excuse to be late!

Image from pexels.com


3 Great Ways To Space Save

The more children you have, the more expensive it gets. That’s the general rule. There are certain things that you can do which will definitely help you to be frugal on this journey through their lives, but it doesn’t mean that there won’t be some spending required. The biggest expense is generally having to move into a bigger house to accommodate for your growing family. We aren’t living in the years of previous generations where a two bedroom house would suit a family of five or more; we have grown to respect each other’s privacy, expect a certain amount of space and be able to have our own possessions without anybody else touching them. But what if you can’t afford to move or upgrade your house – how do you give your kids what they deserve?

Pic Link


Don’t Grow Outwards – Grow Upwards!


There is a lot of space above our heads that we don’t necessarily utilise to its full capability. Things like wardrobes and cupboards don’t necessarily hit the ceiling, meaning that there is a gap that is left still to be used. If you can find an experienced carpenter nearby, it may be worth bringing them in to see if they can give you a quote on how much it would cost you for them to make a custom-built storage system. It may even add more to your property value, if you are thinking about selling in the future. Storage solutions which are built into the house can offer a lot more room for what you’ve got, as well as being able to fit in neatly. Another option is investing in bunk beds. If you have kids who are sharing a room together, it makes sense to stack the beds on top of one another so that there is more space. There are also three-tier bunk beds from Cuckooland available if you have the space available going up and more than two children to consider. This option may be good also if they have friends or young family members staying overnight quite often. Sometimes you have to think about more than just your direct family; if there are other people in the equation to consider, or if you host parties during the holiday season and need space for people to stay, you should definitely look into beds which can offer more space saving options for the room that you have got.


Side The Rooms


Although it may not seem like the most communal thing to do, don’t think of it as being a totally anti-social measure. Putting up a temporary screen between beds if your children share a room can be a good alternative to having to put up a wall to create two different bedrooms. This can be an especially creative way of giving them their own private spaces to be able to do what they wish – even getting dressed by themselves for some kids can be a thing that they want to do without others looking, even if they have grown up with them. As children get older, there is a definite need for privacy that they will begin to search for – but it’s not as easy as just being able to give them a room of their own if you haven’t got one there to provide. If there isn’t room for you to put up a barrier or a screen, you could consider decorating each side of the room to their own individual tastes; this is something that is fantastic if you have children who have extremely different interests. Giving them their own space to be able to show their creative flares and personalities is only a positive thing – it is something that will help their imagination and learning grow in the long run, giving them the chance to express themselves in other parts of their lives.

Image Source

Shelve It


As with the bunk beds and cupboards, shelves can be a much-needed addition for storage for any room, regardless of how many people are sleeping in there. There is a lot that you can put on display and also have there ready for easy access – books, DVDs, even clothes can go on. The more that you can get to the outside of the room, i.e. the walls, to make a space in the middle, the more room that there will appear to be to be utilized to its full extent. This can make sense to do in rooms like playrooms and the living room as well, as these are definitely spaces that will benefit from extra storage.

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Saving Your Dollars On DIY

Paint Diy Brush Painting

Image Source


Opting to go DIY as opposed to hiring handymen can already save you a lot of money. But you can save costs further by fixing up your DIY methods. Here are just a few cost-cutting tricks to help you complete your own handiwork on a budget.


Shop around for tools


Don’t just rely on your local hardware store to get tooled up. You may be able to find more reliable tools at a cheaper price by shopping around. Research online so that you know what you’re getting yourself into. Online guides such as this review on the best cordless impact wrench can help to fill you in on the facts. Be wary of saving money by going second-hand – an old used tool might be unreliable and hard to find parts for. Always check the condition first before buying. If buying second-hand online, always make sure the seller is reputable and has provided pictures.


Hire expensive specialist tools


When it comes to some pricy specialist machinery, hiring may be the better option, especially if you doubt you’ll ever use the tool again. You’ll find lots of tool hire companies online. Read reviews of their services so that you can ensure reliable equipment. Most tool hire companies are able to provide top of the range equipment and keep it well maintained, only charging a fraction of the price you’d expect when buying such equipment.


Time your purchases right


Certain times of the year can be cheaper for buying tools and materials. You may be able to find a promotion on tools and materials for gardening by stocking up in winter rather than summer. Similarly, insulation may be cheaper to buy in summer. On top of this, there are many annual deal periods to look out for such as Black Friday, Father’s Day and the January Sales.


Don’t be a material snob


Do you really need a granite kitchen countertop and mahogany flooring? You may find substitute materials that look like the real thing and have many of the same qualities for a much cheaper price. Formica is a plastic substitute to granite that looks and feels like stone but is much cheaper, plus you don’t need to seal it like granite. Lyptus meanwhile is a wood that looks like mahogany but is also much cheaper. Other information on substitute materials can be found online.


Know when to call in professionals



Saving money by going DIY isn’t always worth it with more complicated projects. Electrics and gas work generally require a license and making an error can be dangerous. Other work such as knocking down walls could result in huge costs to fix up if all goes wrong. Stick to projects that you know you can do. If you’re new to DIY, try tasks such as painting, installing floating flooring and basic landscaping before venturing into ambitious projects such as extensions and conversions. Whilst it’s easy nowadays to find video tutorials and guides online, know your limitations so that you don’t cause damage that then costs more to repair.

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