Valentine’s Day Gifts List for him without breaking the bank !

After being married to the love of my life for almost 20 years I struggle coming up with awesome ideas for gifts for my husband. This year I was so excited because I found the perfect gift, the reason I know it is so great is that it was bought with love.

You see Valentine’s Day represents love, therefore, you shouldn’t put a price tag on it. Just buy something that makes them happy and is bought with love. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Love Printable Booklet These can be sweet or romantic or both, they can be silly or serious but make sure you are willing to do each one!!
  2. Family Picture or Picture of yourself Our dogs are our life, one year I took their pic and framed them. To this day, he still has this on his desk. Now that we have grands he loves pictures of them.
  3. Favorite meal and candlelight My husband is happiest when he is getting 100% complete attention from me, make it a special evening.
  4. Music Buy him few CD’s of his favorite musician, or of your romantic songs!
  5. Chocolate One of his favorite snacks is anything chocolate.

Of course, these are some of my favorite ideas. You can make it special without spending a lot of money. Remember Valentine’s Day is about spending time with a loved one and not stressing over the presents!

6 Activities to do with children that are free!!

I have three amazing grandson’s, ages 4, 3 & 2. We love to do activities and stay busy. They are always wanting to try something new! I try to think of fun things to do with them, that not only will save me money but will be memorable for them. I love knowing they are going to remember doing things with their Mimi and Poppy even when they get older.

  1. Attending church functions

Churches have a lot of fun activities for children. Our own church, has a children’s church monthly, kids classes and they do a pot luck after church every week.  All of this is free of course and not only fun for your child but you will meet amazing people!

2. Fly a kite

Children love to do anything outside, we love taking kites out and spending hours flying them. Living near a beach is great because of the breeze to help us get those kites high in the sky.

3. Go to a park

I love to pack snacks, drinks and toys for our park, they will play for hours as long as we have everything we need. They could care less if we eat out as long as they are having fun, so you could even make sandwiches and have a picnic. If the weather doesn’t permit outside fun, we do a board game day and have a picnic inside!

4. Rock painting

Living in Rockport, Texas, there is a group that actually goes around to parks and hides these amazing inspirational rocks all over. My grands love to spend time painting rocks for their parents, some to hide and for each other rocks. We make an adventure out of it, going around to find the perfect rock, then once we are done taking them to parks to hide. This is very inexpensive to do!

5. Fishing

Having boys this is an easy one, their poppy loves to fish and takes them every chance he can to share this with them. They are now hooked (no pun intended). We can spend hours fishing, as long as they are biting. Most states don’t require children to have fishing licenses.

6. Plant a garden

We plant a garden every year and the boys love to “help” little do they know they are learning so much about providing for their family and taking care of the earth. They love to work in the garden with their poppy and he gets “free” help.

These are just a few things we do to spend quality time with our grandsons without spending a fortune. I would love to hear your suggestions or how you save money spending time with your loved one!



Making A Loved One’s Goodbye A Little Easier

Saying goodbye to a loved one and preparing for the end of their life when you can see it coming isn’t something we like to think about. However, there are thousands of people facing that very problem right now. Once you’ve gotten over the initial shock (and that may take some time) how do you make their goodbye as peaceful as it can be?

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Make their care the very best

When you know that someone is heading towards the end of their life, normal healthcare services don’t cut it as much. Our current healthcare system can be a stressor as often as it can be a relief. Palliative care is a relatively recent idea and palliative health centers take the approach of focusing 100% of their energy towards making their patients more comfortable and addressing some of the symptoms common during end-of-life. Otherwise, you may want to think about hiring a carer for your loved one.

Give them as little to do as possible

If you’re loved one is staying in their home, then there is a lot that you can do to help them cope with managing their household and caring for themselves. For instance, it’s worth thinking about hiring a cleaner or a gardener if you don’t have the time to spare yourself. You still have your responsibilities, after all. Just make sure you consult your loved one before you make any decisions. If they are active enough, they may feel like the idea of doing their own housework for as long as they can is their means of expressing their independence.


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Help them prepare

Similarly, take care when approaching the subject of the admin that has to be done before we die. Once you’ve both come to terms (as much as you can) in the short-term, open by asking about any last wishes they have, including preferred funeral arrangements. If they’re receptive to your help, you can ask if they need any help setting their affairs in order. It might include helping them set up a will with an attorney, assigning power of attorney for healthcare, and other estate planning steps that can clear up a lot of confusion in the aftermath of a death.

Be a loved one, not a carer

There’s a reason that hiring a cleaner or carer if you can afford it is recommended over offering to do it yourself. You want to be there for them as a loved one. If all of your time with them is taken up by busying around them, they can start to feel like they are a burden on you or might even resent getting little time away from you. No matter how you help them, ensure that you are spending time with them, too. It can help both of you deal with the anticipatory grief.

Beyond the tips above, make sure you take care of yourself. It’s going to be an incredibly emotional time for everyone involved and you need to find your own release to help you cope. You’re not going to be much help if you’re not helping yourself, too.

How To Tell if A Loved One is In need of Home Care

If you have a loved one and you suspect that they are in need of home care then you are certainly not alone. A lot of people need to hire a home care service every single year because their relative or friend is no longer able to care for themselves, but that doesn’t make the decision any less difficult. You may feel as though you are taking away their independence when you hire a home care service and you may also feel as though you should be the one giving them the support that they need. Even so, a home care service can really help you to relieve some of the tension that is in your family while also helping you to feel more comfortable with yourself.


Memory Problems


You may need to think about an at home senior care service if your loved one starts to show significant memory problems. A lot of people have occasional forgetfulness when it comes to remembering their keys or anything else, but if your loved one has serious problems and they are unable to remember consistent facts then you need to consider home care. They may be unable to remember where they live, or even what they had for dinner. When it comes to this stage then a care service may be required because they may not be eating and if they have

eaten, they wouldn’t know it.




Accidents happen, especially as people get older. One accident is not a sign that your loved one is in need of home care, but if your loved one is having consistent and serious accidents then you should certainly think about hiring a home care service. A serious accident can cause problems such as damages to the joints and even broken bones. If you suspect that your elderly loved one cannot get to the bathroom without falling or if you know that they are having trouble carrying out daily tasks without experiencing an accident then a home care service may be an option.


Performing Daily Tasks


Another sign that your loved one needs home care is that they can’t do things like they used to. If you know that they cannot cook a full dinner or that they are missing medical appointments then this isn’t good and they may not even admit the reason why. You also need to look out for your relative not making their favourite meal anymore or even not cleaning the house. This shows that they are unable to do the things that they used to do and you don’t want it to get to the stage where they cannot look after themselves without any help or assistance as this could cause them even more medical problems.

Other things that you need to look out for include them not looking after their pet, or them not leaving the house for extended periods of time as this can cause them issues both socially and on a physical basis as well. A home care service can solve all of the above problems.

Is It Time For A Career Change?

Sometimes you can take a moment to look at your life and be baffled by how you ended up where you are. This can be a positive thing or a negative thing. If your alarm clock going off in the morning fills your heart with dread and you have to talk yourself into getting up; if you spend your days counting down the minutes till you get to go home; if you spend your Sunday afternoon getting steadily more unhappy because you have to get back to work in the morning, it might be time for a change. But what do you do?     You  know you don’t want to stay where you are, but you don’t know what to do instead, and committing to something new is a scary decision to make. Below are just three of the many options you have when it comes to making a drastic career change.                     







Use your current skills and interests

The first and easiest path to a new career is to ask yourself a simple question: What am I good at? Grab a pen and make a list. What do you enjoy doing and what areas do you excel in? It might be something completely irrelevant – like you’ve always enjoyed painting – but put it on the list anyway. Once you’ve got that list, see what jobs there are that fit with those skills and attributes. You may be surprised what careers could be a good fit for you.


Work from home

If working from home seems like a good fit for you, you could look into the many opportunities available to earn an income without having to deal with the daily rush hour commute. You could start a blog, become a realtor, work as a solo recruitment consultant, or write professional reviews for products. You could even set up your own online business if you have a product or service that could be of use to people. Many companies will pay individuals to manage their online presence on social media, responding to queries and complaints in a timely and professional manner. The possibilities are endless, and you can do them all in your pyjamas if you really wanted to.


Training, qualifications, and education

If being your own boss doesn’t sound appealing to you, and you have an interest but lack the necessary qualifications, it may be time to go back to school. Not literally, but in the evenings using a distance learning course. There are a huge range of courses available, so whatever your interest or aspiration, you will be able to become highly qualified and employable in it. Even if you’re still not entirely sure what new career you want to take, there are subjects which will open many avenues. If you can master lean manufacturing, for instance, many companies, in a wide variety of fields, would be interested in employing you.


Hopefully, these tips will help you to fight your way out of your career rut, and settle into something a little more in keeping with your interests and aspirations. It’s never too late to do what you love; you just have to be brave enough to take that first leap.

Happiness Is Rooted In Family Time. Here’s How To Find It

One of the biggest pitfalls of growing up is taking on responsibility. You go from being responsible for making your bed in the morning, to being responsible for paying the bills, paying the mortgage, getting the car detailed and raising children. The level of responsibility means more freedom from rules that your parents may have set out for you, but it also means that you are more tied down to getting chores done. When you add a full day of work to your rota of chores that need to get done, your time is pretty rinsed. By the time you’ve got everything done and spent a day at work, the only thing you want to do when you finally arrive home is sink into a hot bath, eat a delicious meal and fall asleep on the sofa. Adults are inherently busy, which means we never slow down, never stop and we spend a lot of our time talking about how tired we are. The big issue here is that while we are spending our time living up to our responsibilities, we aren’t spending much time with the family. The balance is completely off and what ends up happening is that you get stuck in a routine of never spending time with the children. Unfortunately, almost all of us are guilty for shoving aside family time in favor of our responsibilities in the home or at work. The thing is, if we don’t go to work, the bills don’t get paid, which leads to a total collapse of life as you know it as you struggle to make ends meet, and you then end up stressed and possibly depressed. It’s just not the way you want things to go.

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Family time is very important to adults, but it’s more important to children. Children learn from us and they watch what we do. If they see us working all the time and never spending time at home to be with them, then they will soon become detached and uninterested in parents. By the time you’re done paying all the bills and working for years, you’d have missed the time you could have spent with the children. You’ll miss the years of magic, where everything has a scenario and the sofa saves them from lava. You’ll miss out on fun and just being together, because the housework needed to get done or overtime at work had to get done. it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that children who are feeling neglected when they are young grow up to be adults with abandonment issues and are needier teenagers. Humans crave attention and interaction, and when that interaction is minimised, we suffer for it. We become anxious and yearn for a safe environment where we feel loved. Finding the time to spend with your family doesn’t have to be hard, but it does mean that you have to occasionally say no to other things. Saying no to overtime at work may mean it takes longer to pay a debt or save up for a family vacation, but saying no to overtime means saying yes to the children at home. They will appreciate your time right now, even if it does mean waiting a little bit longer for that holiday in the sun. We’ve got some great ideas for spending more time together as a family.

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Family Night

Allocating one night a week to spend together as a family that is convenient for all is a great way to book in with each other. It may feel like you’ve had to schedule time just to be together, but sometimes that’s what it takes to make room in life as busy as it can be! Family night can include anything that you like, but popular ideas are taking it in turns to choose a movie and snacks, and everyone has to go with what the chooser says. Another is – if you have older children – binge watching box sets together and discussing them. Of course, both of these options are based on being at home, so you may need a stronger internet connection to be able to stream! Check out to see how you can maximise your TV package for those family nights in. Another idea is to hit the shops in the sales and buy up as many board games as you can. Coming away from screens and sitting around a table together properly can encourage conversation with each other. With the rise of the use of technology, conversation is hard to come by and spending time with the children means finding out their likes, dislikes and what’s going on at school. Regardless of the age of the children living in the house, keep family night consistently the same night every week and you can make sure you have time together booked in.

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Family Vacation

Of course, this isn’t going to be an option that happens all the time. You can take time to have weekends away together and you can have a longer vacation each year. If you want to create the best memories for your children, then taking them to new places and guaranteeing them new experiences is the way forward. You don’t have to spend out all your money on elaborate cruises and all-inclusive jet-setting around the globe, either. There are plenty of vacation ideas within the country you live and depending on where you go, you can even find different climates. There’s no need to go for a luxurious option just to create memories. Camping out in the woods under the stars, renting a cabin by a lake and even touring various amusement parks can all make for a fantastic vacation together. These times you spend away can give you memories that you talk about for a long time!

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Exercise Together

For most, finding the time to get in a workout is impossible. Between working hours, housework, chores outside the home and paying the bills, fitting in a half hour workout at the gym can be very difficult. If you tie in your workouts with the whole family, you can kill two birds with one stone. The best part? Workouts are usually boring when you’re out pounding the pavement. When you workout with the family it becomes far more fun. Working out means going to rock climbing walls, cycling through fields with a picnic and boating on the lake. Physical activity in the sunshine is just brilliant for the whole family. Not only is everyone getting in the time to be active outside, it’s pure fun and laughter to be had and you really cement those relationships with each other. You can get really creative with working out with family, and you can look here for more ideas.

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Book Club

It may seem like a weird idea for a family, but when you have young children, reading together is so important. Not only can they get to know how to read themselves, they can sit and ask questions and relax with you while you read to them. For older teenagers, you could introduce a book club idea. Set the whole family a book to read and after a couple of weeks, come together to discuss it. If there is a movie made based on the book, you can all go and see it and discuss it over a meal. It’s a great way to get to know your children’s preferences.

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Get Messy

One of the biggest ways you can interact as a family is to get messy. We’re not suggesting you go paintballing (it’s not appropriate for under-10’s!) but we are suggesting cooking together, crafting and generally having some fun with paint. Imagination is something that adults sometimes need a little help to rediscover. Baking some cookies together in preparation for movie night is a wonderful way to spend time just enjoying each others company. Step out of your controlled zone and let the kids get a little bit mucky with the flour. If one of your household chores is to paint the garden fence, get the kids involved. Take some balloons and use a funnel to fill them with paint. Pin these to the fence outside and get throwing some darts! For younger children, just throw the paint at the fence and have a huge mess of colour instead of a uniform look. It can be so much fun to step outside your comfort zone and allow a little destruction to happen.

There are tons of options for spending time with the family, you just have to want to find them. When you take the time to involve the kids in your chores, you can teach them responsibility and manners, and you can also get to know them and learn their likes and dislikes. There isn’t a need to fret over whether you spend enough time with the children when you build your life around theirs and vice versa. Making time for family is how to find your happiness, so don’t waste time waiting.

12 Creative and Cheap Ideas to Decorate Your Nursery

When you find out that you are expecting a baby, one of the first thoughts that will enter your mind is how to make your home suitable for the new arrival. If you need to convert a room into a nursery or build an extension, you will start planning in your head immediately. Then you start adding up the costs, and get scared. You want the first few years of your little one to be perfect and special, but don’t want to spend a fortune on a designer nursery. Below you will find ten low-cost and easy ideas to take care of your nursery decoration.

  1. Sew Your Own Curtains and Covers

You can use your DIY skills to upgrade an old blanket or create a theme. If you would like to get a jungle themed nursery set, you are looking at a cost of hundreds of dollars. However, if you already have a sewing machine, you can get the job done for much less. Make sure that you get enough of the same fabric to have matching curtains, wall covers, crib skirts, and blankets. If you are up for the task, you can even get some foam filling and make your own playing mat with the same material.

  1. Upcycle Furniture

Instead of getting a custom changing cabinet and all the matching furniture spending thousands of dollars, you can upcycle your current chest of drawers and paint it the colors that suit your nursery decor. Give an old rocking chair a new purpose by adding a new colorful upholstery, so you can use it for breastfeeding in the nursery. Use your existing cabinets to store baby items and paint floating shelves to have easy access to baby items, such as the diaper cream, baby oil, and powder.

  1. Make Your Own Patchwork Bedding

If you feel creative, you can create the perfect look in your nursery by creating a patchwork bedding. You can ask your friends and family members to give you any colorful materials they have left, or even cut offs of curtains and other upholstery. You will enjoy completing this work while resting at home, and can create something completely unique for your baby.

  1. Use Smart Storage

Instead of investing into a lot of cabinets that you will have to change in a few years when your child grows, get multi-purpose and variable items that can be changed over and upcycled. Get a large shelving unit that will hold all your storage baskets where you keep your diapers and baby care items. Hide away your bin, and use shelves to display stuffed animals that are not yet safe to use by your baby.

  1. Print Your Own Wall Art

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You can design your wall art and get it printed at the local digital photo shop, instead of paying hundreds of dollars for designer items, You can get cartoon characters, animals, letters, shapes, or anything printed on matching canvas, and use them to create an educational and inspiring environment in the nursery. Alternatively, you can make collage photos and word art displayed on your wall in your favorite colors.

  1. Paint the Walls Yourself or Use Decals

Image by Flickr


Whether it is a jungle or an ocean scene you would like to create, you don’t have to spend a fortune on decoration. If you are any good at painting and drawing, you can use your skills to make a play corner and paint the scene around the bed. If you cannot draw a straight line or a circle, not to mention animals, you can still use colorful decals to decorate the walls. Simply choose one main color for the walls, and add your baby’s name, the alphabet, animals, or shapes to keep inspiring your little one.

  1. DIY Baby Mobile

Your baby will appreciate a unique baby mobile, and it doesn’t take a long time to make. Look for templates and ideas online. You can use paper, plastic, recycled materials, or even felt and plush. Find your unused ribbons or find some cheap small teddy bears to go on the mobile. You can also use beads and add solar panel lights to keep your baby entertained and stimulate their senses more. If you would like to add music, you can upgrade your existing wind chime to become a colorful and inspirational crib mobile.

  1. Button Art

If you are on a low budget, you can go out to a local thrift store or a craft store and get some unique picture frames and buttons. If you don’t have enough buttons, you will find plenty of them in stores, and buy them in bulk online. Button art is not only relaxing, but also looks great. All you need is a few colorful buttons, glue, a few used picture frames that you can paint and upcycle, and some cardboard. You can create different shapes and compositions, even your baby’s name letters in separate frames. This inexpensive project will make you feel proud every time you show off your nursery to friends and family members.

  1. Get Your Hands on Embroidery

When you are ordered to rest, you will find it hard to sit down for hours. Get a pattern from the internet or the local craft shop, and create your own embroidered blankets, pillowcases, and sheets. You can make everything unique, showing how much you care about your baby. You might even create an embroidered picture on the wall with your baby’s name or initials.

  1. Knit Your Wall Covers

You can make your own wall covers to keep your baby comfortable and warm in their cot. All you need is a little creativity and a pattern. Knitting is coming back, as it is cheap and allows you to express yourself instead of buying ready made items. You might even crochet a patchwork style wall cover that consists of different patterned boxes, sewn together.

  1. Make Your Teddies

You might transform any room into a stunning nursery by getting a few floating shelves and putting unique teddies in each box. You can knit your own animals using templates or buying sets, and display them on the wall in each floating shelf. This way, you will create a unique nursery look that will impress visitors, as well as your baby. Add the names of the teddies to each shelf, and teach your growing baby to find out which one belongs to which box.

  1. Make a Rag Rug

When you simply don’t find anything in the stores that is colorful enough for your baby’s room, you can make your own rag rug. There are several online tutorials that show you how to use scrap materials, old clothes, and other items to make your own rag rug. The rug can be used as a play mat or simply as a decoration. You can use anything; old scarves, pair less socks, and even the curtains you just removed from the room that will serve as your nursery.


When planning your nursery, creativity pays off. You can use your old furniture and upcycle them to make a unique looking nursery, or even create your own baby mobile. If you have the imagination, you can create your own color scheme and theme to make the nursery more inspiring for your new baby. You can save hundreds of dollars on furniture, upholstery, bedding, and wall covering, so why not give it a go? After all, your baby is unique, and you don’t want their nursery to look exactly the same as others’. Put your creative hat on and start designing.


Twinning Is Winning! Planning A Nursery For Twins

Congratulations, the stick has turned blue and shock – it’s TWINS! Let’s not panic. Twins are a big surprise when you plan for one baby and you got another one for free. Nearly every set of parents are thrilled when they find out that they have a set of twins on the way; after all, it’s twice the love and you could possibly choose to complete your family in one go. There’s a good chance though, that you are feeling utterly overwhelmed. You only planned for one baby. Your finances only planned for one baby. Your maternity leave and plans only factored in the one baby. The idea of trying to juggle the needs of your instant family, plus other children you may have and the housework – it’s okay, stop hyperventilating. You can feel overwhelmed and underprepared, but you would feel the exact same way with just one baby. One baby is demanding and takes your time away from you. One baby still takes your money and you still have to financially plan for one child. Getting creative to sort out twins is the only way forward.

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Getting in contact with other parents of multiples via social media, parenting forums and blogging platforms is a great way to get live feedback from people in your exact situation. It can help the overwhelming feeling that you are alone and handling this. We can promise you, you aren’t. There are plenty of parents around with twins and even triplets, handling it like a boss. They can tell you reviews on the best prams, what to expect when it comes to feeding and sleep schedules, and you could even arrange to meet up with them and form a whole new social circle. One thing that they will all tell you about, is the nursery that you need to start planning far enough in advance so that your wallet can handle all the new purchases you’re about to make. It’s nice to plan a nursery for a baby, but it’s twice as nice to plan a nursery for twins on the way. If you get that lucky, you’ll soon learn that planning a baby nursery for twins isn’t twice the work – just twice the fun!

Making room for a baby is a completely different ball game when you are expecting twins. The idea of putting two newborns into one room can be daunting, especially if your house has a nursery perfect for one baby but not big enough for two at the same time. Of course, the guidelines for safe sleep – which you can read in more detail on this website – state that a baby should be in the same room as its parents for the first six months. This is because babies regulate their breathing with their parents breathing, and being in the same room is also far easier during the night feeds. Don’t worry though, you can create an absolutely beautiful and functional space for two babies without much more effort than what you would have put in for one baby. So, let’s all take a nice deep breath and look at how you can start planning the perfect twin nursery.

Image Source

Beginning early is the absolute key when it comes to putting together a nursery for twins. A normal singleton pregnancy takes anywhere between 37 and 42 weeks for a fully developed baby. Twins are a success if they reach 36 weeks, and that means you have less time to get things together. It’s likely you only found out at your first ultrasound that you have twins on board, and if that ultrasound was at the standard 12-week mark, then you really only have 25 weeks to get your nursery ready. This is the reason that an early start is a good idea. If you find out the gender of the twins, you can then decide whether you want to plan a neutral nursery, like the ideas you can find here, or make it more personalised. If you choose to personalise a nursery, then you can use merchandise from and make it a monogrammed haven for your babies. Don’t be drawn in by convention; a boy’s nursery doesn’t have to be powder blue, and a girl’s nursery doesn’t have to look like it has been hosed down with Pepto Bismol. You can choose any colour you want for your nursery and you can hang any accessories that you want. Finishing the new nursery will be the last thing on your mind when the babies arrive, so you need to start early so you have time to budget and shop. The last thing you want to do when you are heavily pregnant with two babies is decorate a nursery. You could choose to hire in a design and painting company to paint and decorate your nursery for you, but half the fun of setting up a nursery comes from doing it yourself.

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One of the most tempting things about having twins on the way, is the chance of doubling up on everything you need. This is probably the last thing that you should do, because you only have one pair of hands. Are you really going to use two sets of wardrobes and clothes chests when you are changing the babies? How about two baby baths and two changing tables? It’s not only an expensive concept, it’s one that just doesn’t play out. Instead, have one set of everything – except the crib. Use drawer separators like these ones to separate clothes, and use one changing table. You can’t physically change both babies at once, so there’s really no need for two changing tables. We mentioned that the crib is the one thing you should buy two of, and the reason there is an obvious one. You have two babies, and you can’t put them both down in the same crib unsupervised! It’s fine for newborns to share a crib, as they cannot roll into each other and disturb each other. Choosing small, simple cribs is the best option, especially with sharing your room at the beginning. You can still put both cribs together, but you don’t have to worry about babies disturbing each other.

Image Source

When it comes to decorating your nursery, keep it simple. Neutral colours with bolder accessories is the best idea than trying to theme your nursery. You can get easily tired of a nursery theme, but a neutral colour is far better because if you get a little bored or want to change the theme, it’s just the accessories that you have to change out. Keep it simple with your colours, and avoid busy patterns. The nursery is a space for sleep, and so keeping it light, calm and pretty is exactly what your babies will need. Don’t go nuts on the accessories, even though every cell of your body will be screaming at you to buy the bunting for the wall. You don’t need it and you don’t want the nursery to be too busy. Check out some of these lovely ideas for a simple nursery and make a point of comparing prices of wallpaper and paint online. You can have a lot of fun with the décor for a nursery. Mixed gender twins is even more fun, as you can choose a neutral colour throughout the room and for furniture, but have different accents for each gender. Check out these ideas for mixed gender bedrooms.

More babies equal a lot more stuff. Toys, clothes, blankets and even diapers and changing accessories will be a bigger amount. You need some sound storage in the nursery and this IKEA Kallax unit is a cheap and cheerful way to keep things organised. You can choose different colour boxes to go into the unit, meaning you can coordinate with the nursery accessories that you’ve bought. You could even choose to install hooks into the closet for things like coats and towels, and you can buy canvas storage bags to hang from them for easy-grab wipes, diapers and cream. You’ll also need to think about lullaby machines – buying two instead of just one is going to be a good idea as small babies cannot see very far away from themselves at first.

When you raise multiples, you can feel completely outnumbered, as if you’re in the middle of a circus. Don’t panic though, because you are a parent and you are built to adjust. Things will seem harder when you think about them, but once those babies arrive and are in your arms things will just fall into place. Having a good support system around you will make life an awful lot easier for you, so spend your pregnancy rallying the support of family and friends. Make sure that they know that you would appreciate a freezer stocked with easy meals that you can cook, and make sure that they are on your speed dial. A good support system can make a huge difference. Twinning is winning so enjoy your new babies and your new nursery adventure!

Why a New Start Could be Precisely What You Need

As we head into 2018, you’re probably thinking about things like resolutions for the new year. It could be a good idea to go big this year. For many people, change can be positive because it helps them to get back on track and put problems behind them. It could be what your life needs right now, so don’t get stuck in old ways for the sake of it. Read on to see what’s meant by all this.


You’ll See Things From a New Perspective


Getting the chance to look at your life from a new perspective can be really healthy for you. It will show you that things were not necessarily as clear-cut as you previously thought. Of course, there are many different ways of achieving that new perspective, but what matters most of all is the end result you get from it to focus on that.


A Change is as Good as a Rest


Sometimes, you just feel like you’re burning out and can’t keep up with the pace of your lifestyle. If that’s what you’re currently experiencing, it’s definitely a good thing to change your situation and have some kind of fresh start. By doing that, you’ll realize that a change is more often than not as good as a rest. You’ll refresh by the change you experience and that could give you a new lease on life.


Your Environment Impacts Your Thoughts and Actions


The way you think and behave is always determined by your environment and surroundings. If you’re going to undertake a change of environment and move house, make it stress-free by using a company like mybekins movers. When you reach your new destination, your thoughts and actions might change as a result of its influence on you.


You Can Put Past Mistakes and Problems Behind You


When you start afresh in life, you get the chance to put many of your past mistakes and problems behind you once and for all. That’s what makes the prospect so appealing to so many people. No one wants to be weighed down by their past, and there’s no reason why you should either. By having a fresh start in life, you can stop fretting over the past and instead start to look to the future. That has to be a good thing for you.

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It Could Help Banish Complacency


With a new start, everything will be shaken up a bit, and that could mean that you won’t take things for granted quite as much as you once did. That complacency will be completely banished and that has to be a good thing. Complacency is never a good thing in life so don’t let it hold you back for a second longer.


New starts can be both difficult and daunting, but that doesn’t mean that you should avoid them. They can help you to open a new chapter in your life and close the previous chapter in your life. It could be precisely what you need heading into the new year.

Taking Care of Ageing Parents

In time, we all face the role reversal that comes from being parented by our parents to having to care for our parents like a parent.  Indeed taking care of elderly parents can be hard work; as not only do you need to tend to their medical and physiological needs but also their social and emotional needs.  In reality, this can be a tiring uphill struggle, particularly when dealing with illnesses such as alzheimer’s and dementia, so here are few tips that will help lighten the load and take some of the weight off your shoulders.


Often, cleaning and undertaking daily or weekly chores can be a core component of the time you spend with your parents looking after their needs; which, whilst essential in many respects this time could be better invested in engaging and interacting with them on a social level.  If you can afford to outsource the cleaning to an external cleaner, this will free up your time to connect and engage.  One of the most common issues amongst old people is a lack of social engagement – so pass the torch (or in this case, the brush) to someone else to take care of the cleaning and you start caring for the emotional state of the person you are working so hard to look after.


It might not always feel like the nicest of options, but there is a time and a place for outsourcing some of your parent’s care.  The cost of this can be pretty expensive, and whilst you’re paying a premium price you’re not always getting the premium service one would expect.  In fact, carers are some of the lowest paid members of the health community which can lead to a particularly young workforce who are inexperienced to deal with the challenges clients face in a tactful and caring way.

However, there are a number of services such as Seniors for Seniors elder care services that provide more mature and experienced carers who work from a place of passion, care and consideration – most likely having experienced something themselves with their own parents, this level of empathy and tactful interaction with their clients is a highly valued  commodity you are unlikely to find with younger carers.


In a similar vein to hiring a cleaner, hiring a gardener to maintain aspects such as keeping the lawn trimmed and tending to leaves in the driveway (particularly useful if your parent could be at risk of slipping and falling) – these are jobs that are tempting to take on yourself, but outsourcing these jobs to a gardener, or even a family member, such as a child – will free your time up to care for more pressing emotional needs.

The golden thread throughout these ideas is that of outsourcing aspects of practical care so that you can focus more on engaging with the emotional aspects of your parent; in reality, they would most likely appreciate a day out by the seaside or a companion to watch their favourite TV show than have you rattling around in the kitchen; checking up on them to see if they have taken their medication.  Therefore, try to outsource as much as you can and focus on being their trusted friend rather than their ‘home help’.

Leaving Home For College: Help Your Teens Adjust



So, the time has finally come – your child is at the age where they are about to move out to start the next chapter of their life at college! This can be a very exciting time for them as it will be their first chance to lead a completely independent life. However, you and your partner might find that you don’t find it quite as exciting! Many parents are often quite sad at the thought of their kids moving out and leaving them. They might also feel slightly stressed about the situation as they might question whether their child really is ready to head out into the adult world.


Are you worried that your child might not be ready for their next chapter? Well, if not, there are plenty of ways you can help them out. Take all the following tips for example. If you try and carry out all the advice I offer in this blog post, you should find that waving goodbye to your kids as they leave for college shouldn’t be so upsetting or stressful after all!


Encourage Them To Study


First of all, you should help them get a place at college in the first place. There is only one way they will be able to guarantee a place for themselves – with plenty of studying! So, you need to make sure that your teens have a positive relationship with homework and studying. The best way to ensure that they are willing to carry out all of their assignments and home projects is to never pressurize them to study too much. Sure, a gentle nudge to start working is fine but if you are too strict, you will find that they might be way too likely to rebel against you and not study. As well as not being too strict, you should create a peaceful study area for them where they can get on with all their homework. Ideally, a desk in their own bedroom. If they only have a small bedroom with hardly any spare space for a desk, then it’s worth turning a spare bedroom into a study. You can always revert it back to a spare room once they have moved out.



Help Them Save


Money is one of the major downsides of going to college. Tuition fees are extremely high these days and many students end up leaving college with lots of debt. So, encouraging them to save as much money as possible for college before they move out can be a great help to them. They’ll then be able to save up a sizeable lump sum that can go towards their rent or tuition fees. That way, they won’t have to rely on so many loans throughout their time at college. If they are allowed to take a part-time job alongside their studies, then you should encourage them to do so as this can help ease the financial pressure as well. However, not every college gives their students permission to work alongside their studies, so they need to make sure that it is ok before they accept a job. Otherwise, they could end up in trouble with their professors!



Give Them Advice When Flat Hunting


If your child isn’t moving into student accommodation then they will have to find their own flat. They will be completely new to flat hunting and this could be a very alien experience to them. Your help could certainly help them when it comes to finding a suitable flat! First of all, remind them that they have a very specific budget, and it is really important they don’t end up overspending each month in rent. Not only that, though, but they should also carefully consider the location of their new flat. It needs to be close enough to college so that they can easily get to all their lectures and seminars, but it also needs to be in a fairly affordable area that has plenty of amenities, such as supermarkets and doctor’s practices. You might find that your child wants to live in a very expensive area just because it has a reputation for being trendy and has plenty of bars and restaurants. If possible, try and persuade them from the hip neighborhoods so that they can save on their monthly rent!



Help With The Move


If you’ve moved house yourself, you will already be very aware that moving everything from one property to another can be exceptionally difficult. One of the best things you can do to help is offer the use of your car for your child’s big move. As they will only have a bedroom-full of stuff to move, you should be able to get all of their belongings into the car. It might be a bit of a squeeze but at least they won’t have to waste money on a hire van!


Get Them Online


Once your child is in their new flat, you should get them online as soon as possible. It can sometimes take a couple of months for an internet company to set up a new account at an address so, if possible, you should set up their account before they have moved in. It’s really important that your child has an internet connection so that they can carry out their work and studies from home. Not only that, though, but it allows you to keep in touch via the likes of Skype. And, if they don’t live close to any supermarkets, they will be able to order their weekly grocery shop online. When you are looking for a reliable internet for your child to go with, you will need to find one that offers a decent amount of GB each month at an affordable price. Some companies now offer Netflix subscriptions with their accounts, so it’s worth looking for one that offers this kind of deal if your child likes to stream their favorite movies and TV shows.



Give Tips For Keeping Utilities Down


As a homeowner and parent, you will be very skilled at trying to keep all of your household bills down to a minimum. It’s now time to pass this skill onto your child. Otherwise, they could find that their monthly utility bills come as quite a shock! So, it’s worth telling them that they shouldn’t have their heating on all day every day, even during the winter months. It should be perfectly fine to put the heating on for a couple of hours first thing in the morning. This should keep the chill off, and their apartment should retain the heat for a good few hours. They might then need to put it back on for a couple of hours in the evening. Turning lights out in rooms that they aren’t in will also keep their electricity bill down to a minimum as well. When it comes to the weekly shop, you should encourage them to start collecting coupons as this can really cut the cost of groceries. Teaching them how to batch cook and free portions of meals will also help them keep their costs down as well.



Remind Them Of Maintaining A Good Life Balance


Sure, going off to college is all about studying and working hard to earn a degree. But it’s also about having some fun and enjoying yourself! In fact, this second part of life at college or uni can often be taken a bit too seriously by all of the students! So, you need to let your child know that it’s perfectly fine for them to enjoy a good social life and go to parties and nights out, but that isn’t the main reason why they are at college – they also need to have plenty of time to study and do all their assignments as well! If they don’t, they might end up really struggling to get the grades that they need. But, at the same time, they shouldn’t overdo it when it comes to hitting the books. In fact, this could be very unproductive as they might end up getting very stressed and burning out. It’s all about getting the balance just right!



Schedule Phone Calls


Now that your child no longer lives with you, you will both end up on very different schedules.  Both of you might be very busy with your various commitments, but it’s still important that you try and find the time to have a phone call or Skype call together at least once a week. This gives you the chance to check in with your child and gives them the chance to ask you any questions or ease any feelings of homesickness that they might have. Ideally, you should find a time that suits you every week and stick to it as often as possible. That way, you don’t have to miss your weekly phone call!


Watching your children grow up and move out to college can be very upsetting, but you should also feel very proud of them. Look how far they’ve come!

Female by Keith Urban #Female #keithurbannewsong

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“Female” by Keith Urban

I was not sure how I would feel about the song Female by Keith Urban. I catch myself not liking a lot of songs now a day and find myself skeptical when it comes to listening to new songs so when I was kind of surprised when I discovered I absolutely loved this song!

This song is so inspirational, it shows that men and females are equal which makes it a perfect song for our present-day culture. There is not enough respect for women in this world today, it is believed females should be in the kitchen cooking or doing household work. If you are a female and want to do that I am taking nothing from you, but if you are a female and do not want to do that this song show we are much more than that.

You can download it here:

The chorus is amazing! “Healer, broken halo Mother nature Fire, suit of armor Soul survivor, Holy Water Secret Keeper, fortune teller Virgin Mary, scarlet letter Technicolor river wild Baby girl, Woman, Child Female”

Which is so fitting because it shows we are so much more than the believed “stereotype”. Not only does this song have an amazing verse I also like the beat of the song. Keith Urban is an amazing artist and I love how he can bring anything to life. I highly recommend you listen to this song and let me know what thoughts you have! I know you will love it!

Vacationing with Teens

When we have kids many of avoid taking long vacations including travel until they are a little older. Traveling with babies and toddlers can be a nightmare. Then, they get older, and you realize that traveling with teens might actually be worse. They want nothing less than to be on vacation with their parents. They want to be left alone, they don’t want family time, and they can refuse to have fun, just to make a point. But, if you plan well and involve them, vacationing with teens doesn’t need to be tough. It can actually be wonderful.

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Let Them Help


One of the things teenagers hate more than anything else is being treated like a child. One of the reasons they hate going away with their parents is that they are still pushed into the child bracket. The plans are dictated to them, and they are expected to go along with everything and do as they are told. You may also be stricter than you are at home because you are worried about their safety in a new place.


The best way to get them excited about the vacation is by letting them help you plan it. Ask for their help. Make sure they understand that when booking a trip, you need to think about the needs of the whole family, but that their input is valued.


Plan Activities


Another way to get them excited is planning activities for while you are away. Spend some time online together researching the area and looking for things that you want to do. Things like Snowmobiling in Yellowstone can be great as they are fun, but a little more grown up. Try to let them pick things, even if it involves you doing something that you wouldn’t usually. Remember, it’s their holiday too.


Give Them Space

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Teenagers hate to be crowded or forced to participate. They need their own space and freedom. This will help them to relax but also show that you trust them. If at all possible book accommodation that allows them to have their own room. If that’s not possible, they may prefer sleeping in the lounge to sharing with a younger sibling. Ask them what they want.


Then, when you arrive, trust them to go off on their own sometimes. Explain the boundaries and ensure they know where everything is and how to reach you. Then let them go and have a little freedom. How far you go will depend on their age and maturity, it’s up to you to decide.


Think Back


Teenagers hating going away with their parents isn’t a new thing. Think back. I bet you hated it at times too. Even if you enjoyed family holidays, there were probably times when you were bored or felt babied. Remember how you felt, what it was like and try to be as understanding as you can. Don’t try to force them to engage or do anything that they don’t want to; it will only make things worse.


Be Prepared

Don’t forget to choose the perfect bag to take along. Check out this duffle bag, it will meet all of your needs!


Family holidays don’t last forever, so try to make the most of it while you can.

Stephens Gourmet Hot Cocoa & Giveaway!!

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Around the holidays my family and I devour an endless amount of hot chocolate. When I learned about these 1 pound canisters I was stoked. I have tried the Stephens Gourmet Hot Cocoa in three flavors being Dark Chocolate, Salted Carmel, and Candycane Cocoa. Each canister holds 1 pound and as of right now I have about 3 pounds of hot cocoa in my house to make for my family and it’s just thrilling.

Having a large family can be challenging when it comes to finding something everyone likes which makes the different flavors of hot cocoa a great choice for me. Some people in my family like to add marshmallows which makes it kind of tricky because some like the pink marshmallows and some like the white.

Also, we have some family members who like the big marshmallows over the small ones so it’s always fun making the hot cocoa. My personal favorite is to add whip cream to the top once the hot cocoa has cooled off some. I’ve even heard some people use this as a coffee cream, which makes this product very useful to have around the house!

The great thing about the Stephens Hot Cocoas mixes is all you need to do is add 3 rounded tbsp of the gourmet hot cocoa and 3/4 of a cup of hot or warm water and stir well to make sure everything is mixed in properly. You can mix in some cinnamon or some marshmallows to spice up your drink. Don’t miss out on this amazing deal!

To see all of our delicious and unique cocoa flavors visit:

Enter to win a year’s supply of Stephen’s! We’re giving away 15, one-pound cans of our delicious, one-of-a-kind cocoa to a very lucky winner! What’s more, you get to choose which of our 22 flavors you’d like to try! From bestselling classics (like Candycane and Mint Truffle) to our newest creations (including Old Fashioned Chocolate Malt, English Toffee, and Salted Caramel), the choice is yours!

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Luvs Diapers #MoreToLuv

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When my second child was born, I felt a lot surer about my decisions on what I was doing. Being an experienced mom helped me make smarter money saving ideas I seemed paralyzed to on the first child. On the first child, I felt if I didn’t spend the top dollar I was not only not being a good mother but I was also sure I wouldn’t get the same quality. Boy. was I sure wrong. This time around I chose Luv Diapers!!

I considered myself a better, frugal, smarter mother the second time around. I did more research and figured out how wrong I was the first time around. I saved a ton of money the second time around but using Luvs diapers. The price is even lower now and works amazing. After comparing the amount of coverage, the length they lasted I realized I was spending unneeded money on the first child!!

#MoreToLuv(s) = more money in the bank for parents

I am so in Luv with these diapers. The quality and quantity are amazing. I especially like saving money! The second time around I would rather spend the money having fun and making memories.  Luvs, with NightLock Plus, locks away wetness faster than Huggies Snug & Dry. You know more – so why spend more?!

Luvs is a great value – with quality leak protection at a great price – check out your favorite retailer for new lower prices. What’s not to Luv about that?


These Jewelry Care Tips Are Real Gems

If you wear jewelry of any kind, it’s often precious to you. As well as sometimes being expensive, jewelry can have a lot of sentimental meaning too. From weddings rings to the necklace you inherited from your grandma, you want your favorite pieces of jewelry to always be with you. That means you need to take care of them to guarantee they’re going to last a long time. There are some rules you could benefit from following if you want to protect your jewelry and make sure it stays in great condition. Here are some of the things you can do to extend the lifespan of your best pieces.


Keep Your Jewelry from Getting Tangled


Storing your jewelry properly is important, but a lot of people don’t pay it much attention. If you have a jewelry box full of tangled necklaces, bracelets and various other items, you’re guilty of this. It can be hard to keep everything separate, and you might have a lot of cheap pieces that you don’t care a whole lot about. However, if you want to keep your jewelry looking good and avoid having to untangle it every time you want to wear something, it’s worth storing it properly. You can use different ways to keep different types of jewelry and even make your own organizers. Hang up your necklaces, pair your earrings together, and put rings away in boxes or holders. Anything you have that came in a presentation box can be kept in the box.

indian, jewelry, ethnic

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Know How to Safely Store Your Jewelry


As well as organizing your jewelry so that it doesn’t get all tangled up, it’s a good idea to know how to store your jewelry without damaging it. For example, it’s usually recommended that you keep jewelry away from direct sunlight. Too much sun could affect the color or even warp the shape. Heat can also be dangerous for your jewelry, so keeping it somewhere cool and dark, if you can, makes sense. You should also try to avoid places where there might be sudden temperature changes. Keep your jewelry away from chemicals too – try not to hang your necklaces on your vanity, where you’re always spraying hairspray and perfume.


Get a Safe for Valuable Pieces


Some of your pieces of jewelry are more valuable than others, not just in monetary value but in what they mean to you. If you would be devastated if any of your jewelry went missing or was stolen, a safe can help you protect it. Contact to ask them about options for installing a safe in your home. You can make sure that you put away your jewelry in the safe whenever you’re not wearing it. It can be particularly useful to have if you, for example, take your wedding ring off a lot and need to make sure you put it somewhere safe. Of course, if you have expensive jewelry, making sure that it’s insured is also wise. It could be covered by your homeowner’s insurance, or you can take out extra insurance.

Pic from Pixabay


Learn How to Clean Different Materials


Keeping your jewelry clean is important. Dirt and grime can build up over time, but it happens slowly so you might not notice it until it’s really noticeable. You need to be careful when you clean jewelry because different materials and gemstones need to be treated differently. The first step is to know what your jewelry is made of so that you can make sure you use the right cleaning methods. No matter what it’s made of, though, taking a gentle approach is the best thing to do. Warm water and mild soap are often enough to clean metals and gemstones, using a soft brush. However, take extra care with soft stones that may scratch easily. A jewelry cleaning cloth can also be useful, especially for silver jewelry.


Be Careful with Ultrasonic Cleaners


Ultrasonic cleaners are often sold to clean jewelry and might look like a convenient option. They’re not too expensive, and they sound like a fancy way to clean jewelry and other items too. While they can be useful, they’re not suitable for all types of jewelry. There are a few things that should not be cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner, such as natural materials like pearls and amber. Gems that are susceptible to heat shouldn’t be put in an ultrasonic cleaner, even if they have been treated. And if you have any particularly delicate jewelry, perhaps some old pieces, the vibration of the cleaner could dislodge gemstones and other parts.


Wearing Your Jewelry


Jewelry is meant to be worn, of course, and not just stored away. So you need to make sure you look after it while you’re wearing it, as well as when you’re not. Wearing your jewelry is actually good for silver pieces, as the oils from your skin can help to prevent it tarnishing. But you need to be cautious with most of your jewelry because perfume, hairspray, and other substances could damage it. It’s best to put your jewelry on last, so you don’t get any hair products, makeup or anything else on it. Know when it’s a good idea to take your jewelry off too, such as when you’re wearing rings, and you need to do something with your hands.


Help Your Jewelry Travel Well


If you love traveling, you probably want to take some jewelry with you, so you have something to wear while you’re out and about. Take care of your jewelry while you’re traveling too, especially if you don’t want to lose it. You can use appropriate boxes or other organizers to store your jewelry in your luggage. Make sure it’s covered by an insurance policy if it needs to be, whether that’s travel insurance or another policy. And be careful about when and where you choose to wear expensive jewelry and where you keep it when you’re not wearing it.


Take care of your jewelry, and it will last longer. If you have any pieces you love, they deserve to be treated well.

Car Shopping on Limited Time!

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I hate hate hate car shopping!!!

Every three to four years we get a new car and I dread it tremendously. To eliminate the dreaded hours spent at the car dealership having a bidding war, I decided this year to spend time checking out what I want and making sure it is reliable. I used to not only help me find local cars but to look at the reviews on the cars I was interested in. Not only did it save me a headache of having to haggle a price, it saved me from staying at a dealership for hours.

I knew what I wanted by making a list ahead of time of my requirements.

I realized by doing research on I not only saved time but made this experience actually pleasant. It also has where I can get my car serviced so I don’t have to worry about finding places!

I knew I needed one roomy enough to haul kiddos around and still be comfortable for me. I work as a real estate agent and had so many requirements to check off on my list. I was able to easily look and pick out a few that hit everything I was looking for without spending days or hours at a dealership.

I knew what I wanted, how much I wanted to spend and what amount of time I wanted to spend viewing the ones I picked out. This saved me hours at the car dealership and helped my blood pressure stay in check.

Living With Grown Children? How You Can Help Them Move Out

We all want our children to be happy, healthy, and – eventually – living an independent life that they’re proud of. Alas, sometimes that’s much easier said than done. The facts of reality mean that it’s becoming more difficult for young adults to go out and make it on their home, due to things like wage slumps, job issues, and housing that is increasingly difficult to come by. However, these are only obstacles; and like every other obstacle, they can be overcome. But if your son or daughter is going to overcome them, then they’re going to need your help. Here’s how you can do it.


Be Supportive


It’s easy to get frustrated when it comes to grown children living in the home. But remember: showing that frustration won’t get you anywhere. In fact, it’ll have the opposite effect: it’ll just drive a wedge between you and your child, making it even more difficult to find a common solution to the problem. Instead, be supportive, and patient. Young people are facing challenges that simply didn’t exist when older generations were at the same age.


Help Them Find a Place


If you take a look at the requirements for renting an apartment, especially an apartment in a popular area, you’ll quickly see that it’s not the most straightforward thing in the world. Before they move out for good, however, it’ll likely be a good idea for them to have a taste of what it takes to live by themselves, and renting a place is the best way to get that experience. Help them take the initial step to freedom by looking at what’s available, going with them to view places, and, if necessary, putting up the cash needed for a deposit. Once they’ve found a place, loan them the furniture and any other small bits they need to help keep the costs down.


Buying a Home


Of course, there’s the argument that renting a property is considered dead money; it makes much more sense to buy a place rather than pay for someone else’s mortgage by renting. Any young adult who owns their own home can be deemed a success, but they’ll need help along the way. They can get this help from you, and from government-backed initiatives to help people buy their own house; read this page for more information about buying a home with less than 20% down. If you have savings, you could help them get the cash they need to get on the property ladder – and out of your home for good.


Career Ambitions


Many young people want to move out but are held back by one thing: a lack of money. It’s difficult to find jobs with a high paying wage, but it’s not impossible. Help prepare your child for the working world by holding mock interviews, talking to your friends about job openings, or letting them stay in your house rent-free while they complete an internship.


Take the steps above, and you’ll be on your way to having a child that can stand on their own two feet.

Is Your Workwear Wearing You Down?

Office Carpet Work Pants Red Shoes Chair Red

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Many of us dress to impress in the workplace. But there are some fashion trends that our bodies might not approve of in the long run. Here are just a few ways in which workwear might be wearing you down.


Treat your feet


The wrong footwear can have bad effects on your joints, especially in careers where you’re constantly on your feet.


The biggest offender for joint problems later in life is high heels. These shoes put pressure on the ankles, knees, hips, and spine and regular use has been linked to arthritis and osteoporosis. You don’t need to say goodbye to heels forever, but should certainly think of embracing flats more if you’re currently wearing heels five days a week.  


Some employers still request heels as part of the dress code. However, a growing number of lawsuits and pressure from scientists has made it much easier to argue one’s case.


Some workplaces such as hospitals have gone so far as to make all their nursing staff wear trainers due to the greater protection of the joints. There are still many smart shoes that are also good for your joints – if your job has you on your feet all day, it could be worth investing in a pair to save your mobility later on if life.


Image Source


Get it in the bag


Handbags and satchel bags may also be a hidden hazard to your health – especially heavy ones. This is because they only have one strap. Many of us have a favored shoulder and this can lead to long-term uneven weight distribution, which has been linked to back problems later in life.


An easy solution could be to swap your bag from shoulder to shoulder each day so that you’re working out both shoulders.


Alternatively, you could buy a rucksack to split the weight distribution evenly. Backpacks aren’t just for school kids and there are many sophisticated bags out there. Those wanting something robust and classy could consider getting a leather backpack. There are also rucksacks made of felt and suede.


Loosen up


Is your work clothing overly tight? Do you have to squeeze yourself into your trousers and is your belt done up to the point that you have to breathe in. There’s growing research to suggest that wearing tight clothing is extremely bad for your health. Squishing your stomach in could be causing damage to your internal organs and bringing on acid reflux. Tight stockings or leggings meanwhile when worn on a regular basis can restrict blood flow and make you more susceptible to varicose veins and circulatory problems. Try wearing looser clothing to protect your body.

Image Source


Keep it clean


A lack of cleanliness may seem obvious. But in some professions, certain items of clothing may go unwashed for some time, gathering bacteria. Protective clothing as provided by the workplace such as gloves and hard hats can start to get grubby, but few workers will ever think to give these a regular clean. Storing gloves in your hard hat should be a big no-no and has been linked to cellulitis – a skin infection on the head. When you can, give these items of clothing a wash.

Could You Be Doing More To Protect The Planet For Future Generations? (Hint: Probably)

There’s no escaping the fact that the human race has caused major damage to the environment. Whether the predictions about how quickly we are killing the earth are accurate or not, now is the time for to start paying attention.   


Even if you actively try to live an eco-friendly life where possible, it’d be very naïve to think that there isn’t room for improvement. Unfortunately, you can do very little to change the actions of others. Still, it’s imperative to take personal responsibility. Focus on these areas below, and it won’t be long before those rewards start to show.

Image Credit:


Car Efficiency


Car fumes are arguably the biggest threat to the planet in terms of pollution. The number of vehicles on the road growing by millions each year. Therefore, the need to take charge of personal situations is undoubtedly greater than ever.   


Technology has improved massively, making it possible to have a far cleaner drive. Electric vehicles are now on the market while hybrid options are an ideal solution for eco-friendly drivers too. As a growing number of models enter this market, finding a drive that is just as enjoyable as your old gas-powered motor is easy.


Other simple tricks can include opting for a smaller engine size or simply driving in a more eco-friendly fashion. If we all made those positive moves, it would quickly compensate for the bolstered vehicle numbers too.


Energy Efficiency At Home


Home life decisions set the foundations for success or failure in a whole host of aspects. However, this is especially true when it comes to greener living. We all use a great deal of energy on a daily basis, so learning to reduce the damage truly can make a world of difference.


Whether it’s electricity, heating, or water doesn’t matter. All enhancements for an efficient home will prove to be a step in the right direction, and this guide will show you some of the best ways. With an extra tip on utilizing the car included too, it is an essential read.

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Greener home living isn’t only great for the environment. It’s also great news for your bank balance as the savings made will usually cover the costs of the upgrades. If that doesn’t signal a useful approach to home improvements, then what does?


Supporting Food Sustainability


Food waste is a huge problem for the western world, as over one-third of food in America is believed to get thrown away. Not only is this very sad given the number of people that go hungry. It’s additionally an issue that continues to see important resources fade at a far quicker rate than they are replenished.


As an individual, it’s possible to make a positive impact by growing produce in the garden or on an allotment. In terms of ensuring the food industry is preserved for the next generation, supporting sustainable industries is the key. Operations like the Global Salmon Initiative need backing from the current generations. On a similar note, ethically sourced food manufacturers should be encouraged.   


Food is the most basic human requirement and is one issue that cannot be ignored any longer. After all, if it’ left too much longer, the negative results could become irreversible. Now is the time for public action as well as the expert-driven movements.


Political Responsibility


Using resources in a positive fashion is vital, but we must not forget the need to interact with fellow humans in the right fashion too. Ignoring those human matters only encourages segregations in society. Whether you’re religious or not, the sentiments of ‘love thy neighbor’ are central.

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The economic situation is another immensely important factor to consider. As well as backing businesses that help nature rather than harm it, there’s a need to support the average man. Building a society with social and political rights for people rather than bankers and oligarchs is essential. Not only will it aid future generations, but it will also enhance our opportunities.


Above all else, everyone should be prepared to challenge wrongdoing in this world. Without this resistance, the negativity is allowed to grow. This will only breed insecurity in many of the most crucial factors of our society.   


Efficiency At Work


The average person spends anywhere between 40 and 60 hours of the week at work. Consequently, ignoring the need for improvements in this part of your life would undo a lot of the good work done elsewhere. Adopting cycle to work schemes or even a carpool scheme can be hugely beneficial.


If you are an entrepreneur, you’ll want to incorporate some of the ideas used at home. However, energy efficiency is only just the start. Choosing recyclable packaging from Earth Pack not only reduces your carbon footprint. But it’s something that the customers will notice too. Likewise, staff members are likely to take note.


Alternatively, employees can make suggestions to their bosses. Either way, businesses use far more resources than any individual person. Make improvements in this area, and it will amplify personal achievement tenfold.

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Spreading The Word


It’s one thing to take responsibility for your actions, but influencing those around you is even better still. As mentioned at the top of this post, unless you’re in a position of power, it is difficult to affect people on a global scale. Still, this shouldn’t stop you from going the extra mile to have a positive impact.


Many people find it socially awkward to bring up the mistakes of their friends and family. But as long as it’s coming from a place of love rather than a condescending one, this education can be key. Meanwhile, posting relevant information via your social media streams can work wonders too. Let’s face it; the power of recommendation can influence those around you.   

Aside from anything else, these positive moves will boost your personal motivation and mindset. Better still, once your friends and relatives take on those new habits, they will spread the word to an even larger audience. Be part of the revolution, and it will aid our evolution.