Moving with Your Mutt

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Moving home isn’t just stressful for humans – it can be pretty tough for your four-legged friends too.


If you have a dog, you can’t expect to move without making any plans to ensure that he or she is okay – there are lots of things you’ll need to think about before the movers descend. Here are some of the most important considerations that will help to keep your dog safe and well when you leave your old home behind for pastures new:


Invest in Travel Equipment


Investing in a few items that will make traveling with your dog easier, such as car-safe dog crates, seat belt harnesses or mesh and a bed that will help to keep your dog safe in the trunk of your car is something you should think about doing as soon as you know you’re moving. That way, you can get your dog used to using them, by driving them around the block a few times, so that, when the time comes to move for real, they’ll be as safe and comfortable as possible.


Segregate Your Dog


When the movers descend, you’re going to want to have your dog locked safely away in one specific room, or if they have a kennel outside, that’ll be a safe place to let them stay. Make sure you put up a sign so the moving company know where your dog is so that they won’t let home out where he could get injured.


If your dog is really stressful, then you may want to think about sending him to boarding kennels until you’re ready to transport him to your new home.  Sedation is also an option, but you’ll have to discuss whether that is appropriate with your vet.

safety first.


Feed Your Dog Well Before Traveling


If you feed your dog well before traveling to your new home, she’s less likely to need as many bathroom stops and more likely to sleep. Which brings us to…


Exercise and Lots of It


Before you head off to your new home, try to exercise your pooch as much as possible so that he’s worn out and won’t be worried by the journey.


Keep Him on the Leash


When you first arrive in your new neighborhood, even if your pup is well-trained and you usually allow him to walk off the leash (providing it’s permitted), it is probably a good idea to keep him on the leash until he’s had time to explore the neighborhood. You never know what enticing things might be around the corner, after all, and new environments can male dogs act unusually, so it’s better safe than sorry.


Tag Him


Because your dog is more likely to run away from a new home, it is also vital that you either have him microchipped or fitted with a collar and tag that contains your contact information for your new home. So many people forget this, and they end up spending a few harrowing hours or even days looking for their poor missing pooch!


Follow this advice, and you should have no trouble moving with your mutt!

Hurricane Harvey – Rockport Aftermath…


After the Hurricane, we surveyed the damage and we shocked at all other homes and buildings that were destroyed. We mistakenly thought we were through the worse of it. Boy were we wrong!

We live in a community that has 20+ condo units around, Rockport, Texas is considered a retirement community. All of those have had a plan and methods of communication and began working on their repairs a week or two after the hurricane while we still sit.

The rental market is about gone since most rental homes were destroyed. Needless to say, it has been a struggle and at 85 days out, only 1/2 of the businesses are back to full service, the other 1/2 probably won’t open ever again.

Our own issues became apparent this last week, we finally had our FEMA flood adjuster come in and determine we had 2″ of flood water in our home and that one area looked liked moisture was behind the wall. We had it removed to only realize our stucco wall had a big gap in it from the storm.

We are some of the lucky owners around here and realize this but are still dealing with damage. I have heard it could take a year to get back, I believe this, although I am not sure we are ever going to “get back”. I think we are just going to move forward.

New city rules are requiring well-needed updates like raising the levels of homes and building to hurricane level standards.

Our condo did suffer damage, but our issue is that we are having to deal with HOA since our insurance is through them. We have an HOA that isn’t willing to communicate and make decisions that the owners are questioning. Their first bad decision was waiting over two months to have our condos inspected for flood damage after we reported it the day after. The next is they hired a plumber to be a construction manager to fight with TWIA on the damage.

We had an HOA meeting that was more like a “throw down” since the owners are so upset with the lack of communication and the decision to not have a structural engineer come in and determine the damage. As we sit and our condos literally “rot”, they want to continue to make not only bad decisions but mostly against the Texas Codes for HOA condo board members.

It feels like we are being hit by the hurricane again and again.

Now 64 #NowThatsMusic #Now64 #ad

Although this is a sponsored post for Now That’s What I Call Music, it is 100% my own opinion.

Every year we look forward to latest Now CD. It is a tradition, my daughter and I buy it and listen to it a hundred times. Even now that my daughter is an adult we still have to spend the day listening to it. I love the convenience of having all of the best songs together.

Now that she is a mother, we are starting the tradition with her son, he says “Mimi” play our music. I remember back in 1998 when the NOW 1 came out, I have been hooked ever since. This is such a fun memory to now share with my grandson.

We love pop music and all the new artists that are on this Now 64 CD.  Some of the current artists are Charlie Puth, Logic ft. Alessia Cara & Kahlid, Sam Smith, Ke$ha, Maroon 5, Shawn Mendes, Sam Hunt, P!nk and more.

The NOW brand has sold 100M records and has had a record 19 #1 albums. Now 64 is the latest release, featuring 22 of today’s most popular songs and is available everywhere starting November 3rd. Think of them as a mixtape in a time capsule of what’s cool RIGHT NOW.


Now 64 has 22 of today’s biggest and latest hits and makes a perfect gift!


NOW 64 Tracklisting:  

  1. Charlie Puth   “Attention” (ATL)
  2. Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee ft. Justin Bieber   “Despacito” (Remix) (Rep/UMLE)
  3. Shawn Mendes  “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back” (ISL)
  4. Sam Hunt  “Body Like A Back Road” (UMG-Nash)
  5. Liam Payne ft. Quavo   “Strip It Down” (REP)
  6. Calvin Harris ft. Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry & Big Sean   “Feels” (COL)
  7. Maroon 5 ft. SZA   “What Lovers Do” (IGA)
  8. French Montana ft. Swae Lee    “Unforgettable” (Epic)
  9. Childish Gambino  “Redbone” (GN)
  10. Logic ft. Alessia Cara & Khalid    “1-800-273-8255” (DJ)
  11. Sam Smith “Too Good At Goodbyes” (CAP)
  12. Kesha   “Praying” (RCA)
  13. P!nk   “What About Us” (RCA)
  14. Bruno Mars  “Versace On The Floor” (ATL)
  15. ZAYN f/Sia “Dusk To Dawn” (RCA)
  16. Imagine Dragons    “Thunder” (IGA)

NOW Presents What’s Next:

  1. Barns Courtney  Golden Dandelions (Capitol)
  2. DaniLeigh   Play (DJ)
  3. Moon Taxi   Two High (RCA)
  4. The Accidentals Odyssey (Sony Masterworks)
  5. Billie Ellish Ocean Eyes (IGA)
  6. Molly Kate   Footprints (ATL)

Packing For A Surprise Weekend Away

Don’t you just love it when your partner surprises you with something as lovely as a short break away? The romance, the relaxation, the food, and the experiences – wonderful! The packing? Not so wonderful. You’re short on time, you’ve got one hundred things to do before you leave, and you haven’t a thing to wear at a destination like that! So what can you do?


Start by finding the essentials. You need all of your travel documents in place and ready. The passport is the first essential. Then you need to pick up your medical insurance and travel insurance documents. Don’t forget your medication. It’s best to take only what you need for the days you are away. However, make sure it is packed in its original container so it can be checked at the airport.

Bring the meds you need with the prescription details – image source


Now you need to get your toiletries in order. Rather than packing everything you can think of, see if there is a way you can make any shortcuts. Can you get to the beauty salon before you leave so you can avoid the dreaded razor? What about the hairdresser? A fresh cut should need less fussing and reset while you’re away. Do you have any travel size bottles for your fave shampoo and shower creme? What about your cosmetics? If not, it’s worth buying them to save space.

How do you pack your cosmetics when you travel? Image source


Dig deep into your closet to see if there is anything tucked away there that would suit the climate for where you’re going. If not, get yourself to some online boutiques for a few items that can freshen your closet. If it’s brand new, you won’t need to worry about folding it for the suitcase! Of course, if you have sensitive skin, you might prefer to launder your new items before wearing them. Make sure you leave some time to do that.

Treat yourself to some new fashion for your vacation – image source


Shoes are essential, so don’t forget to pack a couple of pairs. You will need something with a heel for your romantic dinner for two. And you’ll probably want something more comfortable for walking around and seeing the sights. If you have to take them off at the airport, pick a pair of slip-on for comfort and convenience.

Nearly there! Image source


Finally, it’s time to pack your purse or handbag. Sunglasses and cash are the obvious essentials here. Don’t forget a phone charger and some hand sanitizer too. Pocket tissues are very handy while you’re traveling. Last, but not least, pack a spare camera if your phone is running out of storage space.


Packing is great fun when you’re excited about having a vacation. It’s not great fun when you’re trying to squeeze lots of “essentials” into a tiny carry-on case. Wearing everything really isn’t practical. For a start, all of your wardrobe essentials will smell of the plane before your vacation has even begun! Keep it fresh in a case. Tuck underwear into shoes and tuck the shoes into each other. Tiny toiletries are better than the big bottles, and inflatable travel pillows can deflate into tiny bags too. Do you love surprises like this?

Throw an Un-brie-lievable French Dinner Party

Would you describe yourself as something of a Francophile? If you can’t resist all things French, one of the best ways to indulge your passion is through food. French cuisine is one of the most highly regarded in the world and found all over in fine dining restaurants. But you don’t have to go to a restaurant to enjoy French food, especially if you love the homely and hearty stuff over the tiny, refined plates. For your next dinner party, why not give it a French theme and inject a little je ne sais quoi into your evening? Try these ideas for some French fun.

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Design the Perfect French Menu

For any dinner party, it’s always good to start with what you want to cook. There are so many options for a French menu that you might not know where to start. If you’re not sure what to do, perhaps begin by choosing which courses you want to serve. You probably don’t want to do too many, so perhaps try to stick with three at the most, possibly with canapés to start or cheese to finish off the meal. Look through French cookbooks and food websites for inspiration and choose something that doesn’t need too much attention on the night, so you can still be there for your guests. Try Delish for some good ideas. And don’t forget the wine!

Get the Table Dressing Right

If you’re going to eat French food, you might as well have a French theme around the dining table too. You can dress your table for a fun French evening with just a few simple touches. Try a red and white checked tablecloth, or perhaps a table runner for a slightly simpler look. Some bistro-style napkins from Richard Haworth will make a nice addition to your place settings. You don’t have to worry too much about having a perfectly Parisian dinner set, but you could get some accessories for the table, like silver dishes or some French water jugs.

Source: Public Domain Pictures

Add in Some French Atmosphere

Another way to make sure you’ll be singing je ne regrette rien when your dinner party is over is to add some French atmosphere. Music is the perfect way to do it so, whether you prefer Edith Piaf or Daft Punk, get some French music playing. Edith Piaf might be slightly more appropriate for a dinner party, though. Some other ways to up the atmosphere include lighting some candles and maybe even hanging some French art for the evening.

Be Super Social

Your earlier selection of your menu is crucial for the rest of the evening. A French dinner party might be partly about being a good host, but it’s also about the food and spending quality time with friends and family. So it’s important that you don’t abandon your guests to spend the whole evening in the kitchen. Try to either prepare your meal in advance or have something you can just put in the oven and leave so that you can talk into the night without worrying too much.

Put on a beautiful French evening for your friends, and everyone is sure to have an incredible time.

Tips for Surviving a Family Visit Over the Christmas Holidays

It’s not uncommon for people to do things they don’t like, and visiting family during Christmas is one of those situations.


Let’s face it unless you have a great relationship with your relatives, the yearly Christmas holiday visit probably isn’t something you look forward to. The trip to visit them might involve several hours of driving, the food might be terrible and you probably won’t have much to show after it’s all over. In fact, most people would rather just stay at home so they can enjoy Christmas in the comfort of their own home surrounded by close family and friends.


Sadly, it’s still something we do for the sake of family so here are a couple of tips that will help you survive the grueling experience and perhaps make it a little more enjoyable for yourself.

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Be Open to Visiting Your Family


Make sure you open yourself up to the idea of visiting family. Try and find the positive parts and keep the negative ones away. For instance, focus on the fact that you’ll be visiting parents, relatives or even distant friends to catch up. If you haven’t seen them for a while, then they could be a little different and perhaps you’ll find them more bearable.


Make the Car Journey More Bearable


If you’re going to drive to visit relatives, then make your car journey as bearable as possible. If it’s going to be cold, make sure the heating in your car works so you don’t freeze on the road. Keep the tank filled and make sure you carry some de-icer in case your vehicle frosts over during the night you spend there. In addition, keep your kids occupied by bringing a charged laptop, tablet or smartphone so they can have some fun in the car instead of nagging you. Make sure your kids are safe in the car if they decide to take a nap as well. Look at this review of the Graco Nautilus car seat if you need a booster seat that will keep them safe and comfortable when they fall asleep in the back. For your own enjoyment, bring some music, a podcast or an audiobook to play in the car to keep you interested during a long drive.


Don’t Overspend for Their Sake


You shouldn’t show up to your relative’s home without presents, but you also shouldn’t overspend. Save your money and get simple gifts instead of expensive personalized items. In addition, you shouldn’t be forced to pay for expensive transport tickets or accommodation if you can’t afford it or simply don’t want to spend too much money. Keep an eye on your wallet and don’t overspend just for the sake of seeing family if you don’t think you’ll enjoy it. Make the effort, but don’t overdo it.


Consider Sleeping at a Nearby Hotel or Inn Instead


If you find it difficult to sleep under the same roof as your relatives, then consider booking a room at a nearby hotel or inn. This is especially useful if the relatives you’re visiting have a small home, and it will allow you to partake in celebrations without worrying about driving home while under the influence of alcohol.

Depend® Silhouette Active Fit Briefs #OwnYourGreatness

This is sponsored content written by me in partnership with Depend®. All opinions are my own.

Depend® Silhouette Active Fit Brief is my secret lifesaver. I use them when I know running to the restroom quickly may not be an option. I notice the older I get, the quicker I need to make it before I have those dreadful “leaks”. Trying to plan events around a restroom was no fun. I would have to know prior to accepting invites if I would be close to a restroom.

I live in Rockport and after the hurricane, I had to make sure the store had a working bathroom before I could even go.


These are comfy and very thin, no one even knows you are wearing them. The appearance and feel of the panties help me to be confident in public. I can attend events with my grandsons and not have to worry about if a restroom is close by.  I am able to pay attention to the grandsons and not have to stress for the first time in a while.

I feel like I have regained my life and there is no stopping me now, I even started a new career, after 50. I am finally able to enjoy life without the stress of accidents. For the first time in over a year, I have been able to plan a no stress road trip with my husband, we are going sightseeing in the hill country and then traveling to Louisiana.



If you haven’t tried Depend® Silhouette® Active Fit® briefs and Depend® FIT-FLEX® underwear yet, now’s your chance! Now through the end of the year or while supplies last, you can get $2 off at Not only are these comfortable and a fit great, but they look and feel like real underwear while giving you the protection you need. Plus there are now two extra products in each pack! Try them for yourself and let me know what you think.

For more information about incontinence, Depend® products and for product coupons, please visit:  and follow Depend® on: kc10dependchannel and


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Depend®. The opinions and text are all mine.

Dealing With Overnight Guests At Christmas

The festive season is quickly approaching, and it’s likely that you’ve already decided what you’re going to be doing Christmas day, and whether you’re stopping at a family member’s house, or if they are coming to you. If it’s your turn to host the Christmas meal and you have family coming to stay overnight for the Christmas period, here’s how you can deal with the pressure of being a good host, while keeping everyone happy.



The fact that the bedding and towels should be fresh doesn’t even need to be mentioned, but to make your guests stay as lovely for them as possible, you could add a sprinkle of Christmas magic to the room. Adding decorations and fairy lights for them to have on if they choose will really add to the Christmas festivities for them, and also create a lovely warm glow in the room.


Other things that you could add to the room are:

  • Cinnamon scented candles.
  • Potpourri.
  • Dressing gowns and slippers to relax in.
  • A television to watch.
  • Bedside lamps and alarm clocks
  • A lockable door to add privacy for them (you might want to consider that on your bedroom door too!)


Making the effort to add little details like this will make their stay away from home as comfortable as possible, and your guests will appreciate the extra effort.


One of the biggest things for hosts to think about is the food that they are serving. You may be choosing to have a traditional turkey Christmas lunch, but there’s no reason why the other food that you serve shouldn’t be out there and impressive. Crawl your local grocery store to see what unusual delicacies they have on offer for you to serve to your guests. Be sure to check for any allergies or preferences so that you can tailor to them as much as possible.


Another route to go down would be to serve a family favorite in your household so that they can see what kind of food you would regularly eat. Of course, you will need to plan accordingly to time, budget, and amount of people.


You could always get everyone involved in cooking a meal (including your guests) so that you’ve all contributed to the meal that you’re about to eat. Everyone will finish their meal pleased that they’ve helped create a lovely meal, and it will also help your guests feel like they’ve helped you rather than sitting around waiting for a meal.


At Christmas, many people around the world choose to exchange gifts with their loved ones as a token to show them how much they mean to you. Instead of the usual tube socks and chocolate, why not go for something a little out of the ordinary? It will add to their day and also spark conversation. Not only that, it will show that you put thought into your gift(s) to them. If you’re stuck for ideas, here’s a great article from giftbeta that has everything covered, so you’re sure to find the right gift for everyone.


Remember though that Christmas isn’t all about the gifts that you give, it’s about spending time together as a family during the festivities so if you’re on a budget, don’t panic too much because there are loads of gifts available that won’t break the bank!


Like if you were staying at a family member’s house for Christmas, you should hold up your Christmas traditions for them to experience and welcome the possibility of their being included too. Traditions almost make Christmas special by themselves, because the actions we take remind us of a special time of year with our families.


Another thing to consider would be to create a tradition for this occasion so that if it ever happens again, you could use it as a family. For example, if you decide to take your family out to the bar for a few festive drinks on Christmas Eve, yet you wouldn’t normally do it, save that tradition for when they stay again!


Lastly, don’t forget to ask for help if you need it. The responsibility of cooking and preparing for a lot of people can add unnecessary pressure to you. Remember to enjoy your Christmas too otherwise you will end up dreading each year that you’re the host. Enjoy your Christmas as a family unit, whatever you’re doing!

Overcoming the Seven-Year Itch

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The seven-year itch is a term used to describe the decline in relationship satisfaction that occurs when a couple has been together for a while- typically around the 7-year mark. Most couples, no matter how happy they have been in the past, will experience at least a brief period of dissatisfaction within their marriage, and it can be pretty tough! However, the seven-year itch doesn’t have to spell the end for a couple – there are lots of ways to put the magic back into your relationship, recover the same happiness you had in those early years and have a long and happy marriage. Here are some of them:

Rekindle Your Friendship

Most great relationships started as great friendships too, and if you want to rekindle the kind of happiness you had in the early days, you need to spend more time doing what best friends do like you did back then. Start going on movie dates, telling jokes, hitting the bars and enjoying mutual hobbies together again, and you might just feel that spark returning.

Remember the Little Things

It’s often the little things that can make or break a relationship, so if you’re looking to overcome the dreaded seven-year itch, you might want to start making those little gestures of love that were so common in the beginning, but are now pretty rare, again. Things like sending flower, surprising him with a romantic weekend away or simply kissing her before heading off to work in the morning can all go pretty far towards repairing a dwindling romance.

Avoid Arguments

If your relationship is going through a rough patch, it can be all so easy to start arguing about the issues instead of sitting down and talking about them calmly, but that is only likely to inflame the situation and make it worse. What you should do is sit down and agree to discuss your problems as rationally as possible, each listening to the others’ point of view and doing what you can to understand each other better.

Try Counseling

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Many couples who are experiencing something akin to the seven-year itch find that christian counseling or couple’s counseling can really help because discussions are less likely to descend into arguments when there is a neutral third-party present and because counselors can help them to see things in ways they may not have thought of before. It might feel uncomfortable speaking about your problems with someone you don’t know, but if you’re struggling, do give it a try!

Admit Wrongdoing

If you have done something wrong, and you know that has negatively impacted your relationship, if you really believe that your marriage is worth fighting for,you’re going to have to suck it up and admit what you did was wrong. So many couples will go to great lengths to try and be right, destroying their relationships in the process! Don’t be like them.

Have More Intimacy

Last, but not least, if your relationship has lost its spark, why not try increasing your levels of intimacy? Spend more time kissing, canoodling and enjoying each other’s company in that way and don’t be afraid to try new things. It could work wonders!

Honest To Blog! Making A Career As A Blogger Is Easier Than You Think!


A lot of people find themselves fantasizing about a job where they get to have total control over everything from their working hours to where they work. Of course, for a lot of people, it doesn’t seem possible that it could ever be more than a fantasy. However, since the rise of the internet, a lot of things have changed in regards to just how much control you have over your career. One of the most significant ways in which people have been able to take control of their careers is through blogging. Blogs are becoming more and more popular and show very little sign of slowing down anytime soon. Because of that, it’s easy to want to look to blogging as a way to earn money doing something you care about. However, it can often seem like a bit of serious challenge. With that in mind, here are a few things that you can do to get a leg up on the competition and start making money as a blogger.


Get your tech chops up


Blogging is, first and foremost, a digital platform. Sure, things like magazines involve a lot of the same writing skills, but there are a lot of other things that you have to consider pretty carefully. Whether it’s learning more about the platform that you’re using for your blog, or taking some Microsoft Excel training classes, it’s important that you’re as computer literate as possible. Being aware of how to use these kinds of software is going to help you in everything from your accounting to promoting the blog itself.


Learn to promote yourself


You could have the best blog on the planet, but it’s not going to matter one bit if no one knows about it. Promoting your blog and getting it out there can be one of the biggest challenges that you face as a blogger. Luckily, there are a few simple things that can help you get people reading your blog without spending huge amounts of money on a large scale marketing push. Social media is one of the very best tools in your arsenal. Being able to promote your blog for free in a way that can potentially reach millions of people all over the world is something that you simply can’t afford to ignore.


Make your writing engaging


Unsurprisingly, there’s one thing that is more important than just about anything else when it comes to building a career as a blogger: you have to be able to write. Now, this isn’t just a matter of making sure that your spelling and grammar are correct at all times, though that is important. The most important thing is to make your writing as engaging and dynamic as possible. Every sentence to make the reader want to move on to the next one. Ever post should take them deeper down the rabbit hole of content on your blog. If you can’t use your writing to connect directly with your readers, your blog is never going to succeed.


Of course, just because you do these things doesn’t mean that you’re going to find instant blogger success. But if you’re willing to put the work in, you’re going to be able to find a career path that offers you far more freedom and control over your life than you ever expected.

Top Tips To Save Yourself Some Cash This Christmas



As magical as the Christmas Period is, it isn’t half expensive at times. You may not want to think about it yet, but Christmas is right around the corner, so you may want to start thinking of ways to save yourself some cash during the festive period. The most expensive parts of Christmas are the extra energy we use to heat the house, the extra food we buy for Christmas dinner, and, of course, the gifts. Hopefully, the tips below will help you to avoid spending too much money during the winter months.




Shop Around – The most obvious way to save money will always be to shop around (which is why this tip is going to be featured a lot). You might want to consider doing some research on different energy companies to help you to find ones that are the best value for money. There are lots of comparison website online that should be able to help you out. While gas is the most obvious place to save some money, due to the extra heating, you must remember that you will also start to put up Christmas lights soon, and the earlier nights will mean that you have your normal lights on more, so you need to try to save on electricity too.


Add Insulation – It’s a well-known fact that heat rises, meaning that most of the heat being lost from your home will be being lost from the roof. To lower the amount of heat loss, you may want to consider having some roof or loft insulation installed. This will mean that you have to use less gas, as less heat will be being lost from your home, which is certain to save you a lot of money. Similarly, you might also want to consider double glazing windows, to avoid heat loss through your windows.


Only Use What You Need – Are you one of the many people that turn the heating on for the whole house, rather than simply the room that you’re sat in? If you are, you may want to stop doing this, as it’s a waste of energy and money. Similarly, avoid leaving on lights that aren’t in the same room as you, and unplug appliances that you’re not using, such as televisions and games consoles, as they continue to use power, even in standby mode.




Use Cheaper Alternatives – Turkey may be your go-to bird for Christmas, but it’s not the cheapest available. Instead, consider buying a chicken or duck, or simply buy a turkey breast, instead of the entire bird. You might also want to consider making a smoked salmon pate, and serve it with breadsticks, either earlier on in the day, or later at night, when you’re watching the Christmas TV, instead of the smoked salmon that you usually serve with dinner.


Shop Around – It’s back again! Search through the websites of several different supermarkets to try to find the best deals on Christmas food essentials, such as the bird, the vegetables, and even a bottle of wine or two. You’d be surprised how big the price difference can be from one store to the next, so it pays to put in a little extra effort.


Buy A Bigger Bird – This might seem counterproductive, as a bigger bird is sure to cost more than a smaller one. While this is true, you should think of the bigger picture. People tend to cook a lot of vegetables for Christmas dinner, most of which is wasted, as it’s hard to reuse vegetables. Your bird, on the other hand, can continue to be reused a few days after Christmas day. You could have it on a sandwich, in a curry, with salad, and as part of a variety of other meals, which saves you money on other food.




Stick To A Budget – It can be incredibly easy to overspend on gifts at Christmas, so it’s important to come up with a budget and stick to it. If you have more people to buy for, you will have to spend a little less on each gift. If you have fewer people, you can splash out a bit more. You might want to save up throughout the year so that you know that you have enough money to cover all of your gifts. This will make budgeting a lot easier, as you can see exactly what you have to spend.


Encourage Secret Santas – If you have a group of friends to buy for or a lot of siblings, bring up the idea of Secret Santa. This means that you will only have to buy one gift, so not only will you be able to save a lot of money on all of the other gifts, but you will also have the money to be able to buy that individual a more elaborate gift. This will also reduce the stress of having to come up with ideas for gifts for a lot of people.


Shop Around – This is the last time, I promise! Like with you Christmas food, you’d be surprised how many stores sell the exact same thing for completely different prices during the Christmas period. That bath set that you were thinking of getting your Aunt is probably a lot cheaper elsewhere and is sure to be even cheaper online. Start thinking of Christmas gifts earlier on in the year, as stores sometimes raise the prices during the Christmas period.


Christmas is expensive, there is no doubt about that, but you need to remember that it’s not money that matter during Christmas. If you don’t have the money to go out and buy elaborate gifts, then don’t. You could always do a Rachel and Monica and bake cookies instead, which is much more meaningful and much cheaper. Your loved ones will be much happier to spend time with you, than having you spend your money on them, so enjoy your family time, and follow these simple tips if you need help saving a little cash here and there.

Reasons I love living in Rockport, Texas #Mytownproud

This content is sponsored by the Monsanto Fund’s America’s Farmers Community Outreach programs, but views and thoughts are my own.

I live in Rockport, Texas and I have never been prouder of my town than I am right now. We survived Hurricane Harvey and although we are not 100% yet and probably won’t be for a long time, we do have pride and we do care about our neighbors and are willing to help each other out. Rockport, TX is a small rural town on the Gulf of Mexico in South Texas, prior to the hurricane we were known simply as a quiet retirement kind of place.

We have farmers, business people, families, and churches that were all affected from the storm. We didn’t mind rolling up our sleeves and helping each other out for days, even weeks to try and get some type of normalcy back to our town.

We have lost our crops, our stores, our restaurants and even our homes, but we haven’t given up. Our farmers are back at work, people are rebuilding our stores and restaurants and homeowners are working nonstop to make their homes livable again.

I am proud of my community and even my state of Texas for everything they have done to help us rebuild. We have never had a disaster like this and we did what came naturally. We fed our neighbors, gave clothes to the needy, took water to strangers and even offered our homes and showers to those who had none.

Days after the storm, we delivered free eggs to our neighbors. We were all without electricity and since we had chickens we had fresh eggs, no stores were open, nor gas stations, so a lot of time, that would be all they would have to eat. We made do and we shared with each other. We had a home full of refugees and no one complained.

This is what makes me proud of my hometown!!

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Living Through Increasing Costs Of Living

There’s no doubt about it, the costs-of-living are rising, as they always do. However, the current fear for many is that wages are stagnating while those costs continue to go up. The same household that might have been manageable five years ago might be stretching any family’s budget further and further. There’s no point waiting for the situation to fix itself. Instead, it’s worth thinking about taking the time to make the cuts and even the investments that can help you make household costs a lot more sustainable.


Shopping smart

Let’s start with the most active way that households tend to spend their money. Rather than figuring out the inner-workings of bills, there are a lot of comparatively direct ways to reduce your grocery costs. The single best way is to shop according to the sales. Visit the store in advance, figure out what the weekly sales are and start making meal plans around those. In general, if you plan to make use of them through various different meals, buying ingredients directly instead of processed and prepared meals can save you a lot of money, too. If you’re a lover of fresh produce, then learning when your favorites are in-season is a must. When food is out of season, it’s a lot scarcer and thus a lot pricier.

Don’t be afraid to speak up

Now, onto the matter of those dread house bills. It may seem like they’re all fixed costs, but the truth is that you might have more wiggle room than you think you do. There are bills you can negotiate, including cable/satellite TV, internet services, medical bills, credit cards, and your car insurance, just to start. The best way to go about it is by doing your research first and foremost. Find the average costs on the market and use them as a basis to keep your requests reasonable. Negotiating with the right person is just as important. The average clerk of those services that don’t work on commission won’t have any need to drop prices. However, a manager or salesperson whose job directly depends on keeping you as a customer might be more inclined to offer some help.

Bundle them up

There are a lot of service providers who provide more than just one service, too. Many insurance companies handle more than one kind of policy, just as many of the media and communications moguls have reached over TV, internet, and phone lines or some combination of the three. Mixing and matching individual services between different providers is a smart way to pick and choose the best deals on the market. But the biggest overall savings can be made if you choose one provider for several services and specifically request a bundle package with them. Go to each telecom, insurance, and banking service to see who offers the best value bundle.


Loyalty rarely pays

Companies say they value loyal customers all the time, but they don’t necessarily show it. Time and time again, we see that they offer the very best packages to new customers. A lot of people stick with these same companies not out of loyalty, but simply because it seems like the most convenient option at the time of a contract renewal. It’s time to get out of that mindset. Study the market every time a contract renewal is coming up. For instance, most oil and heating companies offer a discounted rate for a whole year. While it’s worth sticking around with someone if you find their service superior to anyone else you’ve used, it’s worth bouncing around the market a couple of times.

It’s time to go green

Sustainable living has come to a lot further in the past decade than ever in the past and it’s benefiting homeowners almost as much as it benefits the environment. It’s an investment to start installing features like solar energy panels into the home, but it can reduce your energy costs by replacing traditional fuel usage at an average of 84%. Given how many local and state incentives there are to help homeowners make the switch to a greener way of life, the costs of the initial investment might not be as much as you think, either. It’s worth getting in touch with the services that can make sustainable energy changes to the home just to check.

Give yourself some protection

The costs of a household don’t only cover the day-to-day or month-to-month expenses, too. Planning for a frugal life also means planning for those situations that might call for a lot more spending. We’re talking about all the little and big incidents that can damage your home and property and the need for insurance. There are a lot of ways to save money on home insurance, too. While you want to make sure you’re not underinsured, you should take a closer look at the offered policies and discern how prevalent the different risks cover really are and whether you’re not paying for something that you’re not going have any reason to use. Again, you can consider bundling different coverage policies with the same provider to take advantage of bundle deals they have, too.


Sit down with your money

We don’t always notice all the costs that come out of our bank randomly. Direct transfers can be convenient, but they’re an excuse to be complacent, too. In particular, with the rise of digital subscription services, many of us are still signed on and paying for things we don’t use. Every three months, take a closer look at your bank statements. Beyond spotting places where you’ve spent too much to be more cautious in future, keep an eye out for streaming services, gym memberships, music services, and other subscription programs you’re not using anymore.  Hundreds of dollars are wasted every year because these costs just slip a homeowner’s mind.

It’s worrying time for the spending power of the average family, so learning to become frugal is becoming a talent more important than ever. The tips above can help you manage some measure of control over your finances once more.

Child Friendly Home 2 – Parents Fight Back



OK, so the premise of making a home safe might not sound like the next Hollywood blockbuster. But then again, neither does the idea of a kid adapting his property to keep out two useless burglars… 27 years later, Home Alone is weeks away from appearing on the festive TV schedule once more.


We’ve already discussed the basics of creating a child-friendly home in a previous post. This covered ideas like home security and handling natural disasters. However, the family home can pose a number of other threats. Thankfully, we have the simple tricks below, winning the war against those problems has never been simpler.


Preventing Germs Entering The Home


With the winter months fast approaching, there’s every chance that germs will enter your home. Having hooks in the hallway for kids to place their coats and scarves when getting home, followed by a quick wash of the hands, will work wonders. Likewise, utilizing the front porch for storing shoes can be very useful too.


It’s not all about the humans in your home, though. Advecta 2 flea prevention treatments can keep your furry pets in far greater health. In turn, this can go a long way to stopping the kids from suffering too. Apart from anything else, your pets deserve to be comfortable. Meanwhile, good air circulation is another key factor.



Preventing The Silent Killer


Mother nature can be a cruel mistress This is why jobs aimed to upgrade safety before, during, and after natural disasters is key. However, problems can also start from inside the property too. Most leaks are more dangerous to the building rather than your health. Still, this damage can generate unsafe environment, so you must not overlook those issues.


Nonetheless, some elements are more dangerous than others. Carbon monoxide poisoning can be lethal, which is why installing detectors is arguably even more vital than having fire alarms. The chances of suffering this type of issue due to a bad boiler is quite slim, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.   


Preventing Unwanted Departures


We all know the importance of keeping intruders out. However, it’s equally imperative that you learn to keep children in. Locking the doors goes without saying, but this is only just the start. You must also ensure that all windows prohibit curious youngsters from escaping. Otherwise, they could be in for very nasty falls to the floor.


Garden gates and fencing should also be considered. It’s impossible to keep your eyes on their every move, which is why you must always go the extra mile in these areas. Aside from the physical benefits, this will give you far greater peace of mind. As a parent, that sense of organization may be the greatest tool in this ongoing battle for safety.


The Last Word


Ultimately, you’re probably doing a fine job just as you are. Nonetheless, taking those additional steps for a safer home will have a hugely positive impact on your happiness as well as your child’s. If that doesn’t give you the incentive to take note, what will?

A Curious Case Of Teen Anxiety


Parents with teenage boys or girls understand the fragility of their self-esteem. One word, no matter how benign, is enough to send them into a hissy fit. Moms and dads tend to put it down to hormones and continue without a second glance. However, sometimes the reason is more profound than puberty. When a teen suffers from an extreme case of anxiety, it can ruin their life. Just walking down the street is enough to get the wheels turning in their head.


As their parent, it is your job to support them through this challenging period. Below are four things you should try to help.


Encourage Them With Words


Everyone knows how useful words are. One nice comment from a stranger or a friend can make your day. Kids are no different. The thing is their peers are emotionally immature and won’t help. So, it is down to you to make sure they feel loved and valued. Saying “I love you” is a start, as is “be safe” or “enjoy your day!” But, the comments which make them feel special are the ones which are specific. Telling them they are talented or gifted is an excellent way to encourage them as it has nothing to do with love. Kids know when their parents use mom and dad logic because they aren’t stupid.


Push Sports Clubs


Now, the prospect of asking them to perform in front of a crowd of people will seem stupid. But, stage fright aside, being a member of a sports club has lots of rewards. To begin with, they will begin to develop self-confidence if they have success. Then, they won’t care about wearing 2-piece doublets and wrestling in front of dozens of people. The physical benefits are clear, but the personal advantages less so. Well, confidence is contagious. Once they feel it in one aspect of their life, it will spread like a disease. Instead of the anxious boy or girl you know, they will bloom into a confident young adult.


Reward Good Behaviour


No, it is not a bribe if you don’t establish a treat is up for grabs beforehand. When kids know there is a treat, they will do whatever to get the reward. Although they did it, their behaviour won’t be a real test of their self-esteem. Rather than tell them about a treat, wait until they build up the courage to act. Getting on the school bus on the first day of term is scary. So, letting them choose dinner when they get home is an excellent compromise.


Let Them Let Go


Anxiety is a build up of emotion which gets worse and worse until it explodes. The key is to release the tension and deal with it healthily. Kids don’t know how to do this because the culture tells them to be narcissistic maniacs. Admitting they are uncool is a hanging offence in a child’s eyes. But, behind closed doors, what they say never leaves the house. Once they know they can talk without repercussions, they will start to let go.


Everyone experiences anxiety, but kids don’t deal with it appropriately. As a parent, it is your responsibility to help.

Simplify Family Life By Knowing the Ingredients To Success

There’s a school of thought that says humans and families are too intrinsically complicated ever to be simple. But let’s think about that: is that the case? It might be that us human beings have just over complicated our lives too much. If we simplify our family dynamic, then things are liable to run a lot more smoothly than if we try to do too much. Below, we take a look at five key ingredients you need to a happy and prosperous life at home with the family.


Setting Time Aside

We know, we know: you have a lot of responsibilities, and before you know they’re all piling on top of each other. If you let yourself be caught up in the currents of life, then it’s challenging to pull yourself to shore and appreciate all the simple pleasures of life. That’s why it’s important that you don’t just make family time something you fit in when you can; you have to make it a priority. We’re all guilty of taking on too much in our lives. It might be time to start saying no and keep those important family get-togethers in your diary.

Taking Care of the Essentials

Everyone is at their best when the basics of life are watertight. That means having a tidy home, eating well, and making sure the kids have got all the essentials provided for. With all these things taken care of, our family will have the best possible springboard from which to dive into the wider world. If you don’t have time to perfect these things, rope in some help. This article on Blog by Donna will give you some tips on making sure your family is eating well, while you can also hire a cleaner to help out around the house if you don’t have the time. A well-organized home life is an important factor when it comes to how children will be as their adults, so don’t overlook its importance.

Remember the Individual

It’s always nice to have the family all together as a unit, enjoying each other’s company. But remember that you’re not all the same; you’re individuals, who also happen to be a loving family. As such, it’s key that you make space for everyone to grow individually in the home. Give your family space to work on their hobbies and interests, and support them as they go. It’s what being a family is all about!

Tech-Free Evenings

If life moves too fast, why not slow it down a little? It’s easier than you think. Technology has been shown in studies to speed up our perception of time. Induce a moment of calm into the home by going tech-free in the evenings. It’s much more enjoyable to spend time playing a board game together rather than everyone being lost in their smartphones.

Love, Love, Love

Finally, don’t forget to bring the love! Studies have shown that it’s impossible to show too much love to a child (it’s other things that make them bratty, like too many presents). Spread the love, and you’ll have a loving home: simple!

Fall DIY Projects For A Cozy Festive Season

There’s nothing better when the weather turns cold, and you’re beginning to think about the holiday season, than snuggling up in a warm, cozy, and comfortable living space with your loved ones. However, all those little (or big) DIY jobs that you’ve put off during the summer and beginning of fall aren’t going to fix themselves. Taking on the tasks around your home, or getting a partner or friend to help you, will ensure that you can enjoy the festivities ahead feeling organized and comfortable.


There’s no better time to roll up those sleeves and spend a weekend getting your house in order so that you can enjoy calm movie nights, dinner parties with friends, and your free time relaxing in your dream home. The following are some tips, ideas, and inspiration for those who are ready to take on the DIY efforts in their interior space because they can’t wait for a stylish season ahead.

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Get That Shelf Up


You may have bought that wood and wall fixtures with great intentions back in July, as your living area needed some extra surfaces to display your books, photos, and decorative items. However, a busy life may have resulted in it lying in the garage, waiting to become a functional area of your home. Now is the time to create that storage solution, and get that shelf up on your wall. Look into the best reciprocating saw on the market, and invest in your tool belt full of quality equipment and fixtures; you’ll be all set to get going on the first tasks on the list.


Pop up all the picture and artwork you’ve said you would for months now, and if a wall or room needs a fresh coat of paint; there’s no better time to dig out your brushes and rollers. New colors, interior decoration, and completing jobs will give any home an instant lift, and you can begin thinking about how you’re going to decorate when the holidays arrive.


Build That Storage


Your home probably already has plenty of items to keep it full; however, the festive season seems to bring even more stuff into even the most organized of family homes. Therefore, you might want to think about creating some clever storage solutions for your living and bedroom space. You’ve already got your tools and wood out, so you can begin building, repurposing, or upcycling useful pieces of furniture.

If you’re not a natural carpenter (who is); you can still make an old chest of drawers, found in a second-hand store, look fresh again. A little sanding, staining, and painting will do the trick, and you can line each drawer with paper or fabric of your choice; the perfect space to store Christmas crafts, cards, wrapping paper, and all those items you’ll need to grab in the coming months. Adding an extra shelf or two into and above cupboards is another way to update the space in your home and ensure that it’s clutter-free for fall and winter. The more DIY efforts you put into your home now, the more comfortable you and your family will be in the future, so what are you waiting for?

4 Ways Winter Does A Number On Your Life

Winter might be the season of goodwill and peace to all mankind, but it’s also a problematic time of year. The coldest months of the year tend to take their toll in a number of unexpected ways, and no matter how much you’re ready for the change, it still always manages to come as something as a shock.


At the moment, you’re probably still enjoying the benefits of fall and looking forward to Halloween and Thanksgiving. However, winter is lurking on the horizon, waiting to pounce and sew discord into your usually ordered life. If you generally follow the advice on Mom and More and always try to live a healthy and beneficial lifestyle, you might be surprised by how much winter can change your outlook and experience. While it’s likely you’re still going to find yourself pulled under winter’s spell, being aware of the areas of your life that might require a little more attention over the winter period could make all the difference for you this year.


Winter vs. Your Mental Health



Winter can take a real toll on your mental health. Even if you don’t have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), most of us have a tendency to react poorly to the lack of daylight and plummeting temperatures. Even during the busiest winter period, Christmas, try to take some time for yourself to ensure your mind is in good condition. Self-care and giving yourself a break can be key to this.


Winter vs. Your Motivation


We all tend to suffer from a lack of motivation in winter. It’s cold, the days are alarmingly short, and you’re not going to want to go outside for fear of frostbite. This can mean you spend a lot of time putting off tasks; there’s a reason why last-minute Christmas shopping is such a constant feature for most of us. Give yourself the time to work through a to-do list and don’t have any unreasonable expectations of yourself; slow and steady definitely wins the race on this one.


Winter vs. Your Eating Habits


A tendency to overeat during the winter months is not surprised; our bodies want more fat to help protect us from the cold. If you find yourself struggling with a seemingly ceaseless appetite, then add nuts into your diet. Nuts are a proven appetite suppressant, meaning that you will be able to maintain a healthy diet, and forgo the need for the traditional January weight-loss efforts.


Winter vs. Your Time Management




When the days are shorter, it can feel like you have less time– even though the number of hours in the “day” hasn’t changed. Time management during winter is all about perception; get yourself acclimatized to running errands in the dark, so the short days of winter are less of a shock to your system.


Thankfully, winter is not a time of nothing but misery, discomfort, and feeling out of sorts. There’s plenty of fun, glitter, and family excitement to see you through to spring. By keeping an eye on all of the aforementioned areas, you stand a good chance of getting through with a smile still on your face.

Make Yourself A Priority: Be Kind To Your Mind

As a busy woman; it’s often challenging thinking about your own wellbeing at all. You may have kids to consider, a career, a partner, and even a pet that seem to come before you in the pecking order. Juggling an array of tasks during daily life can be difficult, and by the time you’ve sorted out everyone else’s happiness; it’s time to go to bed then get up to do it all again the next day. However, by not making yourself a priority and neglecting your needs; you’ll soon suffer the effects of burnout and stress, and it will become even more of a challenge looking for anyone else.

The key to a successful life for many is regular time to relax, recharge, and focus on their wellbeing. Therefore, it’s a smart idea to get into the habit of self-care and you-time as soon as possible. Little breaks away from your routine and having things to look forward to are often enough for people to take the rest that life has to throw at them. By looking after yourself properly and ensuring you’re happy and healthy is by no means selfish; you’ll become a better person for your loved-ones and gain the strength to face both your own and their struggles. Young minds often learn by example, so you’ll also be teaching your kids how to take care of themselves and others in the future, which is a valuable lesson you’ll want them to learn. The following are some ideas for those who need to take better care of themselves and take time out to be kind to their mind.

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Time Away From The Routine


A great way to release any pressure that’s built up in your mind is to step into a fresh and enjoyable situation. You probably don’t have the time or opportunity to go traveling for weeks on end. Therefore, you need to incorporate regular and feasible breaks into your weekly, or everyday routine. If your head for a coffee each day, great; you’re already getting the hang of treating yourself. However, you can still mix things up and head somewhere new for coffee, lunch, and a break away from your office or home life. You’ll have the chance to be in new surroundings, take in a fresh environment, and even meet new acquaintances that might just become your friends.


If you have an hour lunch break in your contract; take that hour. It’s the time that you’re entitled to, and an important chance to recharge your batteries and gather your thoughts before heading back to work. Try to fill up on food and drinks that will nourish your body; sweet treats can be part of a balanced diet, but eating them every lunchtime will only make you crash later in the afternoon and you’ll struggle with your work. Slow release carbohydrates and plenty of protein, and vitamins and minerals will ensure that you’re fuelling your body and your brain for a successful day ahead. You can mix it up with your meals; perhaps take your homemade lunch to work some days, and eat out on others.


If you have friends who are colleagues, or perhaps your favorite people are other moms that you met through your children’s school; make an effort to meet up in your free time. Firstly; you need to give yourself that free time. Much like that lunch hour that was previously mentioned; it’s vital as a mom that you stop feeling guilty for not rushing home after the school run and doing a list of jobs you’ve given yourself. Head out to that new cafe that’s opened in town with your friends, enjoy your time with them; then you can head home again and get on with your chores. That hour or so that you gave yourself will give your mind the boost (and caffeine) it needs to tackle the rest of your busy day, so don’t skip or ignore it.

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Communication And Sharing Feelings


Another essential element to relieving the worries and stresses that are in your mind is to ensure that you’re able to talk to someone about how you’re feeling on a regular basis. Looking after your mental health is a vital part of leading a successful life and the only way you’ll truly have the ability to take care of others. You might be struggling with a current situation or an event that’s recently impacted you, or you might have had a difficult past and weren’t able to imagine a self before trauma in your life. Whatever issues are in your mind and affecting your everyday life, abilities, and happiness need to be addressed as soon as possible.


Finding someone that you trust, who is qualified in counseling and therapy, is the best way to begin to treat the problem and move forward in a positive manner. Mental health issues are nothing to be ashamed of as many women suffer with them in varying degrees. They will only get worse if you try to ignore them, and those around you may begin to suffer, as well as yourself, as a result. There are an array of resources available; you might not feel confident enough to visit a therapist in person so that you can discuss things over the phone or through email. You’ll feel a weight as lifted the second you open up about what’s happened, what is happening, or how you’re feeling about life. As soon as a problem is out there; it’s shared and halved, and you’ll only receive help, compassion, and guidance in return, so it’s always worth being brave and making contact.


You may not have suffered a severe trauma, or be going through any serious mental health issues; however, it’s still crucial to your wellbeing to share your thoughts and feelings regularly. Whether it’s your mom, spouse, or best friend; they all know you and care about how you’re feeling. Therefore, make sure that you make time to talk to people if something is upsetting or troubling you; you’ll receive enough care and advice to feel much better about things, and it’s a chance to catch up with those you love the most. You never know; they might start asking you for advice, which is another way to refocus your mind and alleviate your own issues.

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Learning To Appreciate The Little Things


When you’re busy and stuck in your routine every day; it can be easy to forget all those little things around you that can make you smile, and give you a positive outlook on your day. Taking time out for yourself, as discussed beforehand, is the first step in being able to take in your surroundings and think about what you have to appreciate. Feeling thankful and having gratitude for memories, situations, people, and things will help to keep your mind in a balanced and positive state. Therefore, it’s important that you become more aware of what’s happening around you. Perhaps the barista put extra sprinkles on your spiced latte, or the colors of the fall leaves in the park today are more beautiful than yesterday. Whatever sparks that bit of joy in your head and brings a smile to your face is going to be great for your mind, body, and soul, and often those are the things that come for free.


Always be kind to others; you’ll reap the rewards and welcome even more positivity into your life. However, put yourself and your happiness first, and ensure that you’re being kind to your mind so that you can continue being wonder woman on a day-to-day basis.



Tips For Being a Money Smart Millennial

Without a lot of doubt, some of the main problems and anxieties that people in their twenties have are over finances. From student loans to working from paycheck to paycheck; whatever money comes in can quickly leave again. There are many things you want to be doing in your twenties as well. From traveling to saving money to buy a house; money is important at this age, yet it can be a time when you have very little of it. So how can you get your finances sorted in your twenties? If you set yourself a good foundation for your finances in your twenties, it will help to set you up for life. So here are some tips and tricks to getting smart about your finances. Don’t just bury your head in the sand.



Be Realistic


When it comes to sorting out your finances, then it means facing facts and being realistic. You aren’t going to be able to do everything all at once. You might dream of traveling the world for a year after college. But if you don’t have a way to fund your travels, then it can’t happen, at that time at least. The site could help give you some ideas on this. But just be realistic. Don’t spread your money too thinly. Set goals for things to save for, but make sure that they are achievable.


Aim To Clear Debt


If you are in college or have just left, then you’ll know how much debt can take over your life. A large student loan can be a blessing to get the education that you need, but it can also be a burden to pay back. So look for ways to set money aside to pay off any debts in you have them. If you have credit card debt then it could be worth looking at the site to see if there are any cards that will offer a balance transfer, if a lot of your debt is on cards. Make a plan to get out of debt and it will mean that it is much more likely to happen.


Live With Your Folks


If you can stand it, and you’re in employment that is close enough, then living with your parents for a little while can help you to solve the two points above. It can help you to get out of debt, as well as help you to save some money for the things that you want in life. It isn’t going to be an ideal scenario in many ways. But it can help to get your finances in check, for sure.


Embrace Frugal Living


If there is ever a time to embrace frugal living, then it is going to be when you are in your twenties. Looking for ways to cut the costs of your grocery shopping can be fun (there are many reasons why people get into couponing, but they stick at it because they enjoy it). Embrace simple DIY projects and living on a budget. You can still have fun without spending a lot. So embrace it and have fun!