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It is not every day that I get to speak to some 90’s fan favorites Jodie Sweetin (Full(er) House), Beverley Mitchell (7th Heaven) and Christine Lakin (Step by Step). Yet Friday this actually happened! I had the pleasure of speaking to them on the phone and got to some questions about their upcoming show “Hollywood Darlings”. This is a comedy series that focuses on their unique childhood actor sisterhood that has bonded them as real life friends. They play exaggerated versions of themselves as they navigate motherhood, careers, and life in LA. You can find it on PopTV April 12th at 8:00 p.m. ET.

Check out a clip of their upcoming show: Hollywood Darlings Clip

This is such a cute and funny series that includes the three friends dealing with their daily issues. I asked about their children being included and they informed me that we may see them, but that this show is intended for adults, due to some language and actions, that their children will not be in every show. But they are going to have some guest appearances from time to time.

It was awesome hearing how they were really friends in real life and how although their life gets hectic that they enjoy making time and spending time together.  After watching several clips of this show, I felt like I related to them from the first show, yes they were the young star that has grown up in the front of the camera but their daily activities are really no different than yours or mine. They have the same struggles as all of us mothers have. They share their experiences together such as purchasing a minivan and going to a very interesting spa for the day.

HOLLYWOOD DARLINGS will feature cameos from Soleil Moon Frye (“Punky Brewster”),Andrew Keegan (“10 Things I Hate About You”), Tamera Mowry (“Sister, Sister”), Lance Bass(NSYNC), Andrea Barber (“Full House”), Nicholle Tom (“The Nanny”), Heather Tom (“Y&R”),Patrick Duffy (“Dallas,” “Step By Step”), Staci Keanan (“Step By Step”) and Wanya Morris(Boyz II Men).

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  1. I remember these shows seems like a very long time ago I was watching them. My how we have all grown and aged. Will have to keep a look out for this new show.

  2. This looks like a fun show! I would have totally nerded out over meeting Jodie Sweetin – I’m such a fan from Full House!

  3. Going to have to check this out! I love fun shows that go through real life scenarios. And I miss Punky! So, will check it out just for her too! lol

  4. I am sure I would have loved to have known what the conversation was like between you and the stars of the show. I am not really big on reality TV but these were all stars of my youth so it does make me curious.

  5. I remember watching Beverly Mitchel on Seventh Heaven. I think I’d really like to see this! How fun! Also a huge fan of Jody Sweetin.

  6. Oh my goodness!! I can’t believe you got to speak to Beverly!! I’m so jealous! I can’t wait to check out this show

  7. Another chick-drama thingy on the tele. I mention this to my partner. Not my cup of tea mind you. 😛

  8. Oh wow! That is crazy how grown Beverly is! I remember her from 7th Heaven as just a little kid! Looks fun!

  9. Oh how awesome. I adored Beverly back in the days of 7th heaven. I will have to check it out!

  10. Seems like a fun. Have to check this out.

  11. I was a a year or too old for these shows but I remember little cousins used to watch. I can’t wait to share this with them!

  12. I’m glad to see Jodie Sweeten in a show besides Full House. I’m glad that Fuller House is made, but I like her as an adult.

  13. I have never heard of this show before. It sure sounds interesting and it’s nice to see what the stars do daily and how “normal” their lives actually are. I think it’s a great show to watch.

  14. Debra Hawkins says:

    I haven’t heard of this before but I think I will watch. I have really enjoyed Jodie Sweeten in Fuller House and would love to watch her in something else!

  15. Sounds like a very fun show.. never heard of this before, i would love to see it!

  16. I remember a lot of these shows! Unfortunately the comedy and heart that you saw just doesn’t seem to be found nowadays!

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