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I remember when I was young hearing adults mentioning their age. I thought wow they are 50, how can they still be walking?? That is old!!

When my parents turned 50 I remember worrying they wouldn’t be around much longer….

Yes, they are still around and guess what?? This year I turn the big “50”. I have changed my mindset, as now I realize 50 isn’t that old. I am excited and ready for it!

I decided to just enjoy this point in my life and not dread it. My husband and I are empty nesters now, so now we can have fun doing more things together, like travel, dinners, and even getting healthier!  We are determined to live a long healthy lifestyle. To be around to watch our grandchildren grow up!

I’ve included vitamins in my daily routine and the only ones I can and will take are the Nature Made Multi Adult Gummies. They are easy to take and yummy, I have trouble swallowing most vitamins!! I don’t mind taking these daily. They help me stay balanced in my active lifestyle that I am determined to live!



Nature Made Multi Adult Gummies are two a day and have some great flavors: orange, cherry, and mixed berry. They are a great addition to your healthy lifestyle and can be located at most of your drug or grocery stores! I bought mine at Walgreens, they have an amazing variety of Nature Made products to choose from and they are close to my house!


Don’t forget to enter the sweepstakes for your chance to win a spa vacation and the Facebook Promotion for tons of great prizes!!

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  1. I’ll check out that sweepstakes. I’d love to win it. I also take Nature Made vitamins and supplements. I trust this brand.

  2. Brilliant way of making taking vitamins fun, even for us oldies! My husband would love it, he is happy to chomp on a sweetie but grumbles about swallowing vitamins!

  3. robin Rue says:

    We love the Nature Made brand in our house. These gummies are going on my shopping list right now.

  4. I know it’s crazy but, I won’t have my vitamins in any other form. Has to be gummies, it’s the kid in me. 😛

  5. I take a multi vitamin every day. I like the gummy ones because I hate swallowing pills!

  6. Those look great. I never take pill vitamins anymore – only gummies. I’ll have to check out these Nature Made ones.

  7. I take them daily too! In fact, I need to go take mine right now! They are so good I feel like I’m having a snack! I hear you on aging! I am 47 and I remember thinking how OLD that sounded back when I was younger too!
    By the way you are SO pretty! You do not look a day over 30!

  8. I definitely need some more vitamins in my diet especially as I am a veggie. Are they suitable for veggies, they do look rather good!

  9. Very well-known vitamin supplement company. Would like to win this!

  10. These are the same vitamins I take! Small world, huh?

  11. Nature Made vitamins have always been a part of my everyday routine. I remember not being able to swallow pills as a child and having to add some jelly to it. Now, there are gummies everywhere! Glad to see a favorite brand has them as well!

  12. It is important to get your vitamins. I try to get most of mine in through my eating. This can be hard to do and sometimes I suppleement.

  13. I love gummie vitamins! We have a bottle in the house, but I usually forget to eat them. It’s like having candy for breakfast when I do remember.

  14. I should be taking more vitamins! I love the fact that they now have them in gummy form like they do for kids.

  15. Ali Rost says:

    I know exactly what you mean about age. Now that I’m getting older .. 60 and even 70 doesn’t seem that old after all! I love these gummy vitamins .. anything that will encourage people to take them is a good thing!

  16. Elizabeth O. says:

    Once you turn that age, you realize that it doesn’t make you feel old at all! But it’s really important that you take good care of your health. I think it’s awesome that Nature Made has multivitamins for people our age!

  17. It’s nice to have multivitamins that will help you take good care of your health as you age! How awesome of Nature Made to host a sweepstakes like this!

  18. Those are the exact gummies I take and I love them. They are easy on my stomach and tasty, so I get to have my gummy vitamins along with my kids!

  19. thanks for the sweepstakes! I really am a fan of the gummy vitamins, because I can not swallow pills – I have an enlarged thyroid due to hypothyroidism and choke on TicTacs, so pills are dangerous for me. But taking a multi-vitamin is so essential. Thanks for the insight in this brand, which I have not used before. Blessings!

  20. I could definitely use some good multivitamins. And it’s great that they have them available as gummies.

  21. Gummies are much easier to take than regular vitamins!

  22. My Teen Guide says:

    I’ve heard this brand before, I think this is amazing and we all know that gummies are yummy and easy to take!

  23. I haven’t heard of this brand before but I love that they are adult gummie vitamins, so much easier to take!


  24. I love gummy vitamins. It’s so much easier to take them for some reason. Maybe because I’m a big kid at heart. lol

  25. I do love that more and more vitamin companies are trying to make it more enjoyable to consume vitamins and minerals. I just wish they were made without sugar!

  26. I’ve never taken any vitamins or supplements! But I’m always curious to learn about new products. I’ll check gummy vitamins!

  27. I probably should be taking more supplements. The gummies would be a perfect solution to ensure that I am getting all the nutrients and minerals.

  28. This morning i was thinking “what will i do once my boy (he is 8 years old) leaves the house?” my heart got small. But it is just how life works, watching you so happy and full of life, give me hopes, and its true, we have to take care of ourselves in order to enjoy more of life with our loves ones. Thanks for sharing. It is nice to know, im not the only one who worries about it.

  29. Nature made is my go-to! Noticed the difference it made in just a month. I am joining. Thank you!!

  30. Nature Made multi vitamin gummies are one of my faves. They taste great and give me all the vitamins that I may not get throughout the day with food and drinks.

  31. These seem like a good idea for people who can’t swallow pills. My Vit c are SOOOO small you’d barely know they were going down, so I’ll stick with no sugar for now.

  32. I take a viatmins every day very important, my daughter is 3 soon and I just bought her own little tub for a few weeks.

  33. That’s a really nice prize to win, especially in the same time as you keep healthy by taking the vitamins. Who wouldn’t want to win a spa vacation?

  34. I’m going to grab Nature Made next time. I do take vitamins daily, but they’re not gummies. Would love to try this. 🙂

  35. I would love to try this next time. I love Nature Made products. Thanks for sharing!

  36. Ooooh! I love nature made items ! Always pick them over the generic store brand ! I love gummy vitamins and took them religiously until my herbalist professor pointed out all the excipients, I dare not to take them anymore! But the pills make me nauseous !

  37. Never tried gummy vitamins for adults before. This sounds like something I might want to try. I like that it’s convenient and reminds me to take it as a treat.

  38. I didn’t know they made adult gummy vitamins!! I need to check these out!!

  39. I entered the sweepstakes because who couldn’t use a spa getaway? I too take adult gummies. I hate the size and taste of regular vitamins so gummies are the way to go for me.

  40. Supplements are a great way to support overall health and nutrition, and I could use that spa trip for my ‘mental health’ 🙂

  41. You’re right, 50 is just a number, and you look great! Maybe it’s the vitamins you’re taking?! 😉 How do you stop at just one-two though?!

  42. I take these vitamins too! They’re great and really do help with my energy each day!

  43. I’m taking multivitamins too, but mine has added iron. I would love to try this out. I’m a sucker for gummy candies and this will help me take ny vitamins with glee and anticipation. Question though, is the vitamin supplement complete? Which specific vitamins and minerals does it contain? Just curious. 🙂

  44. I love Nature Made, its such a good and trusted brand! I need to start taking vitamins! I just haven’t gotten around to researching which one would be best for me! Thanks for the doing the work for me! <3

  45. aziel morte says:

    Let’s face it — ever since outgrowing Flintstones chewables and gummy vitamins, we’ve been looking for a replacement that’s just as fun and tasty. Apparently, mom and dad got jealous — now, gummy vitamins made for adults are widely available from many different (well-known) brands.

  46. i love gummies! and this seems the best way to take vitamins! gummy vitamins looks so cool to carry too

  47. These are amazing esp because they are gummies!! Love them!!

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