2017 is the Year about ME!! #healthy #fitbit #walking



I started about three months ago walking my 10000 steps a day. This has really changed my life. I have lost 10 pounds and now have set a new goal. Each day I do the steps, I make a conscience decision to not only eat better but drink plenty of water.

I am going to share my list of how and what I did to become healthier and my goal to continue it for this year.

  1. I wake up each morning and thank the Lord! I am always in a better mood after I say my morning prayer. I love spending a few minutes a day on my knees thanking the Lord for allowing me another day.
  2. Get dressed and get moving. I have realized if I don’t get up to an alarm clock and immediately get up and get moving, I tend to start trying to make excuses to not do my morning walk.
  3. Have a group of friends to compete with. I found some of my Facebook friends that also have a Fitbit and we challenge each other to daily showdowns, weekly showdowns and even weekend showdowns.
  4. Drink water. This is one of those I hated at first. Now I love it, I received a yeti cup for my birthday and I keep it full of water. This helps me reach my daily water goal.
  5. Do not eat or drink anything other than water after 6:00. This isn’t that hard, I chose to do this because I found that my husband and I love to snack at night and that was not helping me reach my goal!
  6. Keep moving, I use my fitbit to challenge me to move so many steps each hour. This keeps me active all day long.
  7.  Walk somewhere safe and beautiful. I choose to walk along the beach road because the water is so soothing.

These are the steps I took to help with my healthier me! Although I am not anywhere near where I want to be I am heading in the right direction. Now I have another goal this year and that is to be more involved in the church. I want to be a better Christian. I will be sharing this in a later blog!