2-in-1 Nursing Cover and Car-seat Canopy

2-in-1 Nursing Cover and Carseat Canopy


We have been blessed with two grandsons so far and one on the way. My daughter in law and daughter both breast feed. We feel in love with this nursing cover and car seat cover. As expensive as babies you get two items for one price with this cover. It is light weight enough to put it over the car seat to keep those bugs and sun off your little one, yet light and breathable enough to keep the baby from getting to hot.

This attaches securely to the car seat and is well made. It is safe enough to keep those bad germs off your baby when you do have to go out in public. When you are out and the baby needs to eat you can always transfer the car seat cover to a nursing cover. It is big enough to cover with out having to worry about flashing anything!


This would make an awesome baby gift for that new mom!! Check it out here:

Click Here!!

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