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Hello World!!



After a little over a year of having a successful review site, I recently went through a dreaded nightmare of waking up and realizing it was gone. Apparently all of E-Rice sites are gone. I was very upset about losing it but decided that I miss it too much just to quit.

So Thanks to my sisters Terri @  and Vicki @   I am up and running again. What they don’t realize is how important they are to me and I couldn’t have gone through my loss without them. You see we all three lost our sites. They have had their far longer than I had so after many tears an anger I realized since they have lost way more than I have and they can pick their heads up and move on, then I can too!!

So here I am starting over and feeling great about being back.

I am a mother of 3 and a Mimi to 2 amazing baby boys. I own and operate a teacher supply store and married to a wonderful man (most of the time). I have an amazing blogging support with my two awesome sisters and overall love reviewing products.

So it is time to say goodbye to the old, and hello to the new

Stay tuned for all of my giveaways and reviews coming soon!!

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