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Unique Natural Crystal Salt Lamp Review

This is a sponsored post, although it is 100% my own opinion!

      Upon receiving my unique design of a natural crystal salt lamp, I was oblivious to the benefits of them. One of my friends has one and I always thought it was pretty but after being able to have one for myself I have learned so much about them. I received a natural crystal salt lamp with a hummingbird design on it.

      The hummingbird is in front of flowers, so it looks very elegant. It is about 5-10 pounds which makes it very sturdy. One of my favorite things about my hummingbird natural crystal salt lamp is the ability to adjust the light. The low light gives just enough light for me to be able to see at night making it very peaceful to fall asleep. The brightest light has enough light to brighten up the room for me to be able to read comfortably at night. Now the natural crystal salt lamp is not all about the soothing glow it gives off, it also helps improve the air quality.

     The natural crystal salt lamps attract pollutants in the air and can even help to neutralize the effects of electronics in the air. Another great benefit to highlight about the salt lamp is the ability to attract water. Salt by nature is hygroscopic which means it attracts water to its surface, so the salt lamps help to illuminate the water in the air causing less humidity near the salt lamp.

     I have found my air to be “fresher” making my allergies better and making it a great lamp with amazing benefits. This lamp can be purchased for 49.99 with free shipping.

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