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I love love love Shoplet products. I am so excited to review their Adjustable Monitor Stand and Mouse Pad with Gel Wrist Rest. First let me brag on the Monitor Stand. I have to check my computer probably every 30 minutes a day. To make sure I don’t miss an important email or post something by the due date. So having this Adjustable Monitor Stand has saved my back. I can now decide if I want to sit or use it standing up which is my preference since i am usually on the go. This is heavy duty and works great with even my laptop, not just a desktop monitor. They have a ton of office supplies,  cleaning supplies, 3M (which are some of the products i am reviewing today), medical supplies, and office furniture.  This amazing adjustable monitor stand can be used multi ways and saves my back from sitting to long!


I would also like to brag about my new Mouse pad with gel wrist rest. As a person with carpal tunnel this works amazing to help my nightly pains in my wrists and hands. I have noticed a huge improvement since using this mouse pad. It feels really comfy and makes my job as a blogger a lot easier! I can sleep at night without out being wakened up with my wrist and hands feeling numb. Check out this mouse pad with gel wrist rest!


If you are in the market for any of these products you should check out Shoplet, they have such a variety of quality materials that you wouldn’t be disappointed!! Their prices are very reasonable. Especially with back to school coming so near, you can save a ton by shopping them first! It can be your all in one shopping place. They even have furniture!!

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