4 Things Anyone Who Lives In A Warm Climate Knows To Be True



There are definite benefits to living in a warm climate. For one thing, you have the kind of year-round weather that most people have to go on holiday to enjoy. That’s a pretty huge benefit, along with the extra Vitamin D that you’re able to absorb. For the most part, it’s easy to enjoy living in a warm climate – but it can have a few less-than-wonderful realities, too.


If you live – or have lived – in a warm climate, then you might just recognize a few of these realities…


  1. All The “Get Ready For Fall!” Posts Mean Nothing To You


Sure, you know that the seasons change – kind of. But if you live in a hot state, then your fall is pretty much the height of summer weather for some of the most northern parts of the country.


It’s hard to get excited about pumpkin spice lattes when it still feels like summer through to October. When it comes to getting your house ready for fall, you don’t need to do anything. You’re still going to be calling out the likes of Kaiser AC so you can keep your home cool while everyone else is getting rid of drafts and anticipating snowstorms. It can make you feel a little left out, but then again, the sunshine helps to take the edge off that.


  1. Sometimes, You Wish You Had Recognize Seasons


The all-around summer weather might sound ideal, but the truth is it can be a little bit… boring, sometimes. It’s tough when you log onto Facebook and see friends in cooler states delighting over the snow, when your biggest concern weather-wise is the constant risk of bushfires.


Sometimes, you think it might be nice to have such defined seasons, rather than “quite hot” parts of the year and “very hot” as the main difference maker.


  1. You Miss Out On The Traditional Christmas Fun


Look through any selection of Christmas cards and you’ll likely encounter a number of different scenes that you’re never going to partake in, if you stay at home anyway. Building a snowman? Nope. Roasting chestnuts over an open fire? Only if you want heatstroke. Bundling yourself into hats, scarfs, and gloves to go caroling? Not so much.


There’s a lot of fun to be had in a warm Christmas, but sometimes, you can’t help but want to do all those ‘traditional’ weather-requisite Christmas activities.


  1. You’re Permanently Cold If You Travel Out Of State


If you live in a hot area of the US, then your body expects you to be constantly warm. The moment you venture further north, to visit family and friends or just to get some of that ‘winter fun’ you’ve always wondered about – well, you’re freezing pretty much instantly. While natives of the northern states might consider it a fairly mild day, you’re chattering your teeth with cold, because your body just isn’t used to it.


Living in a warm climate is a lot of fun and causes fewer problems when it comes to the seasons changing – but as the above show, sometimes it might be nice to experience a little change!

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