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Lots of us are trying to live a little more frugally these days. Certainly, the days of excess and waste seem to be long behind us. Do you even look at your monthly outgoings and think that those bills might still be a bit excessive? You’re not alone. The cost of living has definitely gone up, and most of us have yet to see pay rises keep in line with it. So what can you do? Fortunately, some of your bills might still be trimmed a little more than you thought:


The Car

Most of us simply cannot live without a car. Public transport is quite poor in many places, and if you don’t work from home, you can’t usually get to work any other way. Electric bicycles can get you about ten to fifteen miles without you having to break a sweat. This reduces your fuel costs, parking fees, and wear and tear on the vehicle. You don’t need to be physically fit because the electric motor helps you out. Using the car less, or simply trading it in for a cheaper model could save you on all your car-related bills, including the insurance!

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The Mortgage

This tends to be the biggest bill for most households. If you have a variable rate mortgage, you never can tell the exact amount that will be taken from your bank account each month. Did you know you can move your mortgage to another lender? According to the articles at, this could help you achieve a more favorable interest rate, and even reduce the number of years left to repay. If you need to reduce your monthly repayments, then you might consider a change. Make sure you’re comfortable with the new terms and total repayable sum.

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The Home Improvements

Many of us add the cost of improvements like extensions or conversions to the mortgage. Most renovations and refits can be done by companies that might offer you interest-free repayment terms. This is obviously more favorable than adding it to your mortgage! Next time you need to make some changes to the house, consider your contractor carefully. Alternatively, try to save up in advance to avoid interest or financing fees.

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The Groceries

Eating less doesn’t suit most of us. But you can eat for less money. You can eat more healthily too! Frozen vegetables might not sound appealing, but it’s important to consider the benefits of using them. You’re going to cook them, so you won’t notice they were frozen. They last longer so there is no waste. Best of all, the cost per pound is substantially cheaper. Ditch the snack bars and make your own like oaty biscuits and fruit chews.

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The Lights and Heat

Even if you’re careful to turn off the lights and only heat the house when you’re at home, these bills can skyrocket. Add solar panels to your home, and you might find the national grid is paying you! Check the best deals around at the moment for your area. Then simply try to use your biggest power drainers when the sun is shining. How much can you save each month?

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