Thu. Jan 26th, 2023

About a year ago, I sold my business and became a stay at home wife. I have worked every since I was 16 so this was a shock for me. I knew I would have to find something to do to keep me and my mind busy.

So I looked into blogging, I had a site before but it crashed when e-rice closed down. This was something I was already a little familiar with. But, I wanted to take it to the next level, I decided to read, study and learn all I can about how to make money blogging.

It didn’t take long before I was making money. Each month, I have increased it a little more. I went from nothing in August 2016 to $1344.00 in May 2017. I realize this isn’t a lot but it keeps me busy and I enjoy it so I am happy!

Here is my first income report breakdown:

Affiliate Blogs: 624.00 (Companies who pay me to post their blogs)

Sponsored Blogs: 575.00 (Companies who pay me to write, publish and promote their product)

Companies who pay me to tweet or InstagramĀ – 145.00

Total: $1344.00

If you too would like to make money from home as extra income or doing it full time, I recommend these 5 tips.


  1. Set up your site. I loveĀ Bluehost, they have the best price (around 3.95 a month) and you get a free domain name. This is super easy to use and they have a step by step guide.
  2. Add Google Analytics to your site so you can monitor your views. Most companies want to see what your traffic looks like.
  3. Join blogging groups, this is the best way to promote your page.
  4. Sign up for all the social media & connect it to your site. This is really important to help you promote your blogs.
  5. Send pitch letters, after you have published your first blog, find companies that send you items for reviews. You may have to start out small but you will work your way up if you stay faithful and promote promote promote!

You can check to see if a site is available here:

I am excited this year because I am going to my first blogging conference and can’t wait to learn so much more. This has been fun, to receive awesome items and to make money promoting them.

So if you feel as though this is something you will want to do, find a nitch you love, I didn’t find mine until 8 months in, you can get as creative as you like and make it your own.






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