Thu. Jan 26th, 2023
Google Pixelbook

As a real estate agent, the first thing I learned was the necessity of staying organized while working out of my car. This included what to do with the 100000 business cards I received daily. Part of my getting organized was researching what small portable computer would work best for all my needs. This is when I found the Google Pixelbook.

Google Pixelbook



  1. The size is perfect! At just 10.3mm, Pixelbook is Google’s thinnest laptop ever, with a lightweight aluminum construction that enhances portability.
  2. With the Pixelbook Pen, I can write the name business, and number and throw away all those business cards! Pixelbook is the first laptop with Google Assistant built-in. It’s easily accessible via the dedicated Google Assistant key on the keyboard, or by using the “Ok Google” wake word you’re already familiar with. You can even access it with a Pixelbook Pen press and hold the button, then tap the pen on Pixelbook’s screen to get help from your Assistant.
  3. I have peace of mind with the security the Google Pixelbook provides. With Chrome OS, you’ll always have the latest security and features with software that automatically updates in the background. Pixelbook’s ready to go when you are, too: it starts in under ten seconds, stays fast, and has a fast-charging, all-day battery that gives you up to ten hours of going from a single charge.
  4. The Flexibility of the Pixelbook. The 360° touchscreen and versatile 4-in-1 design will seamlessly adjust to whatever you’re doing, too. You can sketch or edit photos, stay productive with GSuite apps that Drive automatic backs up to your device, and enjoy on-or-offline access to movies and TV shows with apps like Google Play Movies and YouTube Red.
  5. Of course the price!! This computer is priced very reasonably!




If you are in the market to make your life easier and more organized, you need to give the Google Pixelbook a look!


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