9 Ways to Stop Your Home Interiors Feeling So Dark

Are you tired of being in the dark when you’re in your home? There’s nothing worse than a dark home, especially when it doesn’t have to be that way at all. Even if it means doing some work and making some big changes in your home, it’ll be worth it if you manage to make your home a lighter and brighter environment for yourself and your family. The point is that you don’t have to settle for a dark and dull home.


So which changes do you need to make in your home for you to make those interiors lighter? That’s a question with so many different answers, and we’re going to talk about them today. Some of these tweaks are very minor and can be carried out in any home almost immediately. And others are a little bigger and take more effort and implementation. Read on to find out about all of them.


Replace Heavy Curtains


First of all, you should try to take the heavy curtains out of your home. These only end up blocking light from entering your home, even when they’re open. That’s because they block light at the sides. It’s a much better idea to replace these heavy curtains with lighter curtains or, ideally, blinds. It’s a simple thing to do but it will immediately help the amount of natural light flowing into your home during the day. So start by making this change.


Use Numerous Light Sources


Of course, natural light is the most ideal form of light and this is what you should be looking to make the most of in your home. But it’s far from the only type of natural light that you should be making use of. By using natural sources of light, you can make sure that every area of your home is given the light it needs. Small lamps and spotlights can add something new to the lighting setup in your home, so these options should be considered.


Let the Space Flow


By opening up the space in your home and helping each room flow into the next, you will make the whole place seem lighter and generally more welcoming, which has to be a good thing. When you have each room flowing into this next, you will also find that you can share the light between the rooms, preventing anyone’s room from feeling too dark. It’s something that you should start to work on an experiment within your home as soon as possible.

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Don’t Obstruct the Natural Light With Storage


One of the big problems that people have in their homes is that they want natural light and then they design their room layouts in ways that directly get in the way of that light. So you should be particularly careful with any storage furniture you have in your home. It will become more of a hindrance than a help if it’s stopping the natural light from getting around the spaces in your home adequately.


Have Light-Blocking Trees Removed


If you have trees outside your windows, they may be blocking sunlight that would otherwise enter your home. You can get these trimmed or even removed from outside your windows. Companies like ABC Home & Commercial will be able to help you with that, so don’t be put off by the prospect of getting this kind of work done. It could be one of the best changes you make regarding the natural light entering your home every day of the week.


Be Careful When Choosing Artwork


Choosing art for your home’s walls can be tricky because you don’t want to choose the kind of art that’s going to make the room feel dark. That’s why you should probably reject works of art that have deep and dark colors dominating them and find artworks that are generally lighter and brighter in tone. You’re sure to find something that’ll be suitable for your home. You just need to think practically when buying art, which is admittedly not always easy to do.


Choose Light Furniture and Decor


The furniture you choose in your home is going to have an impact on how light or dark the place feels, so try to choose light-colored furniture if you possibly can. This will help you to make sure your furniture and decor don’t drag down the overall aesthetic of the rooms and make them darker than they need to be. It’s a simple shift, but you’ll be surprised by how much of an impact it can have on your home’s appearance.

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Keep Your Windows Clean


This is another very simple and basic idea, but it will certainly have an impact on how much natural light can get through the windows. You should ensure both the inside and the outside of the windows are cleaned regularly. This will prevent the sunlight from being blocked. Two layers of dirt really can prevent a significant amount of light from getting into your spaces, so don’t let that happen. There are not many simpler jobs to do in the home than this one, so start doing this ASAP


Hang Mirrors


Hanging mirrors is a good way to make space feel better than it is. And it can also be great when you want to reflect a limited amount of light around the spade. So if you’re struggling to find sources of light, creating more of them is rarely as doable as having more mirrors hanging on the walls of your home, so go for it.


No one wants to spend their time in a home that feels like it’s always darker and duller than it should be. If this is something that’s becoming a problem for you in your home, you need to take action as soon as you can. All of the ideas that we’ve talked about here will help you to make your home lighter and brighter, so put them to work in your home.

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