A Stressful Family Vacation? Let’s Debunk The Myth



Family vacations can be exciting. They can be a fantastic way to bond. They can create memories which last a lifetime. The stigma is they are argumentative affairs full of constant moaning which leads to exhaustion. Lots of grown-ups avoid them like the plague because they can’t be bothered with the hassle. Others go on them yet fret all the time which negates the point of the holiday.


When you hear the words “stressful vacations are a myth,” you won’t believe them. You’ve been on a few before and you understand what to expect. Well, sorry but you’ve been doing them wrong. Let the following tips help debunk the myth.


Open The Lines Of Communication


Parents want their kids to spend less time on mobile devices and more time speaking face-to-face. So, the temptation is to ban iPhones, iPads and any other tablet and bond as a family. One hour in and you realize it was a huge mistake. Yes, it’s nice to communicate and interact as a traditional family, but the usual ideals are slipping away. Like it or not, sending a text message or an email are acceptable ways to talk. You don’t have to do it all the time, but keeping these lines open will cause less tension between the generations.




The novelty of business-class seats on an airplane or a train is exciting. Keeping kids occupied is a must, and having extra legroom and fancy chairs with entertaining are two excellent tools. But, what about a car journey? How do you stop them driving you around the bend? The answer is with Auto.Loan. Upgrading your car might seem over-the-top yet it’s perfectly acceptable. Not only will it help keep everyone quiet and occupied, but the money won’t go to waste because you’ll use it every day. Avis.com is an alternative if you want to hire rather than buy.



Decompress Alone


Family vacation – the clue is in the title. Spending time together is a must or else it’s a waste of seven, ten or fourteen days. Still, people can grate on you and that includes your kids. Everyone knows the other half is annoying as hell, but parents are more diplomatic with their children. Realizing and accepting that you need a break is an excellent way to decompress and avoid arguments. A relaxing spa day or a session by the pool should release the tension and keep you as cool as a cucumber.


Don’t Pack The Schedule


An itinerary is square, man. Kids haven’t got time to wake up early and see the sights. They don’t want to get dragged around soaking up the history of culture; they want to go with the flow. That means eating junk food, spending a day doing nothing and saying yes to opportunities. For example, “mom, can I go surfing?” shouldn’t be met with “you can’t because you’ve got to have a nap in ten minutes.” Get your money’s worth by being spontaneous.


Is a stress-free family vacation a myth? It’s up to you to decide.

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