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Achieve an energy efficient home

Effective Ways to Save Energy in Your Home This Summer Season


While you might love the warmer months of the year and the many opportunities they provide you to get outside and bask in the sunshine, the summer season can also take a toll on your finances in the form of high energy bills because of your constantly-running air conditioner. Know that all it takes is a few good tips to achieve an energy efficient home and save money on your energy bills all while still staying cool.


Reconsider How You Use Your Thermostat


You might be most comfortable when your thermostat is set at 72 degrees inside your home, but that comfort comes at a price. See if you can adjust your thermostat to 75 degrees, or even 78, to cool down your energy use. When you’re away from home, you’ll definitely want to adjust your thermostat to a higher setting, but investing in a programmable thermostat is even more efficient.


Get Help From the Pros


If it’s been a while since a professional technician has come out to your home to inspect your air conditioner, ducts, and vents, now is the perfect time to change that. A simple cleaning or maintenance check can do wonders for the operation of your unit as well as your energy use. You don’t always have to wait until there’s a problem before you call an expert.


Use Fans


Homeowners who don’t already have ceiling fans in their home will do well to invest in them for the most commonly used areas and rooms of the home. Portable fans are a viable alternative if you don’t currently have ceiling fans or don’t currently have the budget for them and their installation. Ceiling fans can help keep you cool before you have to turn on your air conditioner, but make sure you bear in mind that fans cool people, not rooms. This means that you only want to have fans on when someone is in the room.


Keep Windows and Blinds Open and Closed at the Right Time


There’s nothing better than having a nice cool breeze blowing through an open window, but you’ll want to keep your windows, as well as your blinds, closed during those warm summer days. All that sunlight and heat allowed inside your home can stir up more heat inside, which can lead to you cooling your home longer and more than necessary. You’ll definitely want to keep south-facing windows and blinds drawn during the hottest part of the day, but feel free to fling them open at night when it’s cooler.


Be Aware of When You Use Your Appliances


Before turning on the stove or oven, be aware of the time of day. The heat that ovens, stoves and even dishwashers churn out warms up your home, causing your air conditioner to work harder to keep you nice and comfortable. You’re better off cooking early in the morning or after the sun has set and it’s cooled off. Any appliance that gives off heat or moisture should be used sparingly during the day.


If you have to cook during the day, it’s more energy efficient to fire up the barbeque grill outside. That way, you can enjoy a meal without heating up your home and your energy use.


Now you have a better idea of how to save money and energy this summer. Be sure to remember these tips for the next heat wave.


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