Achieve The Boutique Hotel Bathroom Look For Less

There is nothing more relaxing than apprehensively dipping your toes in a jacuzzi tub of hot bubbles before settling into the deep water filled the bath to soothe your aching muscles and groaning bones. Often, bathrooms are neglected or put to the bottom of the list when it comes to renovating a house which means they can often go for years without having the whiff of a facelift. It’s time to change all that and make your bathroom look as sophisticated and as modern as the rest of your wonderful home. Take a look at these ideas to help you achieve a boutique hotel bathroom look for less.

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The Configuration


If your bathroom is large enough, it might be wise to opt for the four piece suite. A separate shower cubicle allows you to have the option of installing a large rain head shower or separate power shower away from your bathtub. This way you bath is left solely for those long, deep soaks and your shower can be utilized for those short bursts of much-needed reinvigoration.


If your bathroom is particularly tiny, forego the four piece suite and invest in the smaller variations of bathroom necessities. Slim fit baths with showers over the tub and space saving basins can make your room look bigger.

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Boutique bathrooms tend to be very tile heavy. By using a high gloss tile for your bathroom walls, you’ll be able to bounce light effectively around your room. Add a mirror, and you’ll be providing even more much-needed light, creating the illusion of a larger space. Contrast the lighter tiling on your walls with a darker floor. A clever little way of saving money here is to use a high-quality linoleum substitute for flag stones or wooden floorboards. Lino is more resilient and a lot cheaper than tiling equivalents.

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You don’t want your bathroom to become a haven for clutter. Accessorize with a few scented candles, maybe a little bit of greenery and a mirror. Allow the luxury tub and fixtures and fittings do the talking. With soft, subtle spotlights, you can create an atmosphere of ultimate tranquility.

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Speculate To Accumulate


It pays to spend that little bit extra on your home renovations especially when it comes to your bathroom. Consider investigating a company like Snappy Payday Loans who’ll lend you the money you need to complete your renovation provided you pay it back from your next paycheck. This means your debt is repaid speedily and you can move forward without any financial obligations hanging over your head.  If you’re looking to sell in a few years time, the investment that you make in your bathroom now can see an increase in the list price of your property. You may also find that your home will sell quicker when the time comes as potential buyers venture into your humble abode and fall in love with your chic bathroom.


It’s time to banish the emerging mold, whip off the old tiles and get renovating to turn your dream bathroom into a reality.

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