Add Some Cheer To Your Home With These Festive Décor Tips



When it comes to filling the house with festive cheer, most people add the usual Christmas decorations. You know the kind of things: a Christmas tree, a wreath on the front door, and some pretty lights in the windows. But decorating your home isn’t the only way you can add some festivity to your house or apartment. There are some cute tweaks to the decor you might want to consider as well.


Whether you are sick of the usual Christmas decorations or want to add some extra seasonal touches to your home, here are some great festive decor tips.


Mix Up Your Bookcase


It’s easy to forget about bookcases and ignore them when it comes to adding some seasonal spirit to your home. But these are great areas to jazz up with some pretty decor touches. One nice idea is to wrap some of your books so that they look like Christmas presents. If you have some ornaments and photo frames on your bookshelves, you might want to swap them for some Christmas prints and trinkets.



Add Some Festive Fragrances


There are some scents that we instantly associate with the Christmas period. For instance, scents like mulled wine, cinnamon, and fir. Why not add one of these scents to your home? If you click here, you can find out about modern scent machines that release fragrances into your rooms. You can choose the scent that you put into it, so it’s worth getting one that evokes some festive cheer!


Get Some Poinsettias


Flowers are great in the home at any time of the year, but there is one specific type that is closely associated with Christmas, and that is the Poinsettia! Bring in this beautiful flower and it will certainly brighten up your rooms. However, they can be quite difficult to care for, and you might find that yours dies pretty quickly without the right attention. There are plenty of guides that can help you care for your plant, though.



Ditch The Red And Green


If you want your Christmas-inspired decor to be different from all your friends and family’s homes, then it’s a good idea to ditch the reds and greens. Everyone’s decorations will be red and green! Instead, you should use gold and silvers. These may not be traditional Christmas colors, but they can bring some real style and sophistication to your rooms.


Add Glitter To Fruit


The Christmas holidays are the perfect time to get the glitter out! You might notice that lots of wrapping paper and Christmas cards now come covered in glitter. Did you know that you can now get edible glitter? Why not sprinkle this over all the fruit in your fruit bowl? This can help you turn your fruit bowl into a great, decorative focal point. And don’t worry about all that glitter on the fruit – after all, it’s safe to eat!


So, why stick with the tree this year when you can use these decor tips to add more festive cheer to your home!

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