Add Some Drama To Your Bedroom With These Innovative Ideas



Our bedrooms can often be the one room in the home that we pay little or no attention to. We tend to focus any home decorating efforts on the rooms that we might entertain in, for example, a kitchen or living space. However, a bedroom is the place you retire to each night, and for that very reason alone, should become more of a priority for how it looks and feels. After all, getting a restful night’s sleep could transform your entire day, your thought process, and your mood. With that in mind, here are some innovative ideas to help you add some drama to your bedroom.


Add a feature wall that draws the attention


Drama in any room needs to be something that attracts your attention, and one way to do that would be to add a feature wall. There are many different things you could consider. Wall hangings such as posters or tapestries are fast becoming trendy, and often can be a huge talking point. Something more simple would be to add a different colored wall or even use photographs. They can be strategically placed and have a theme of their own. Such as black and white prints, for example.


Consider dramatic pieces of furniture


Sometimes drama can mean big, and one of the biggest things in a bedroom is the furniture. So don’t be afraid to be bold in this area. If you want a four poster bed and your room can handle it, then go for it. Big vintage style stand-alone wardrobes and matching sleigh beds are also a thing. Be dramatic and go for something you love. It will completely transform the room.


Do you have a theme for your bedroom


Not all bedrooms need a theme, but it can help in regards to the decor if you have something in mind. A theme could simply be a color palette, or you might want to add a subject like a beach, romance, or serenity. This about what you want to feel when you retire to your bedroom at night, this should help you choose the appropriate colors and design features.


Use natural light to create the sense of space


Natural light is a decorators secret weapon. It can completely transform a room. So when redesigning your bedroom open up the curtains or blinds, use lighter colored materials, and let the natural light in. If you can’t, then why not try and use artificial light to create the feel. There are plenty of articles online highlighting how to do it.


If you don’t have a big budget just change one big thing


Many of us don’t have big pots of money to spend on our bedroom decorating, so instead of focusing on the whole room, why not just change one big thing? Sometimes just changing a big surface area like the wall color or the flooring can make a big difference to how the room feels.


Consider the use of color to add drama


Finally, the use of color can be the drama you are looking for. So don’t forget to add pops of color with the accessories you use and the way you style your room with things like bed linen and cushions.

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