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Are you a passionate home cook? Do you love nothing more than spending your spare time in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes? Baking can be a great outlet for stress and worry, and a fantastic way to express yourself – in fact, baking is so good for health and wellness that many stress and wellness specialists recommend baking therapy as an effective outlet for stress and other mental health problems.


Bearing that in mind, cooking the same things day in, day out will become boring. That’s why if you want cooking and baking to remain an effective outlet for the day to day stresses that come with life, it’s important to get creative with your food. One way to do that is to try cooking and baking with alcohol – believe it or not there are some fantastic recipes out there that include alcohol.


Love the idea of adding a dash of alcohol to your cooking to add a little pizazz to your food? Then read on for all of the best ideas – just remember that the suggestions below are for adults only and aren’t child-friendly.

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Add a little liquora to your cakes and bakes


Have you heard of Pimms traybakes? Or whiskey and chocolate tarts? What about Jamaican rum cake? All of these sweet treats have one thing in common: they include alcohol. Pimms cakes are becoming more and more popular – these are a light, citrus-flavored sponges topped with a zesty icing with a hint of Pimms, and a pipette of Pimms to inject into the cake just before eating it. Whiskey and chocolate tarts are a popular choice for slightly more upmarket desserts – they’re rich and indulgent, and much easier to make than you would think. All it takes is a delicious chocolate tart recipe and a quality whiskey, such as Kikori whiskey, for instance – you can read a Kikori whiskey review online. Or, if you’re not a fan of whiskey, you can always substitute it for rum.


Channel your inner Willy Wonka and create some sweets


Got a sweet tooth? How would you feel about channeling your inner Willy Wonka and creating some sweets? They’d have alcohol in, of course. Whether you love boiled sweets or traditional lollipops, you can make some delicious alcohol infused ones. From peach prosecco boiled sweets to raspberry mojito lollipops, there are so many different recipes that you can try. Just make sure that if you have little ones, you make some alcohol-free sweets too, else you will have some very upset children.


Revamp your main dishes with alcohol


You may already add alcohol to your savory meals, or you may not, but either way, it’s worth mentioning. The fact is that a dash of red wine or a glug of ale can bring a dish to life, whether it’s a stew, pie, or risotto, adding a little alcohol can really add to the flavor. Many of these dishes can be consumed by children because the alcohol burns off while the taste remains, giving the dish that little extra flavor boost.


So there you have it, a guide to baking and cooking with alcohol, and some ideas for the kinds of things you can make.

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