After That Professional Finish?

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Many of us would like to immerse ourselves in DIY. How better to create the perfect home than to quite literally…well, create it? But, many of us avoid taking the plunge because we’re too house proud. We want furniture with that professional finish, and who can blame us? Our homes say a lot about us. Furniture that’s only just standing isn’t what we want the world to see of us. But, more people would do it themselves if they knew their attempts would turn out like the designers. The good news is, it’s completely doable.  Here’s how!


If you want professional finish DIY projects, you need to spend time planning. Even when you think you’re done, pick apart what your progress and identify any holes you find. This is the only real way towards success. You need to draw yourself an instruction manual, much like you would get when making a flat packed piece. It may seem tedious, but this is an essential step. Your project will fail if you don’t plan enough.

You need to know what goes where, and when you need to worry about it. You also need to know exact measurements and take the time to work out whether they correspond. This is no quick afternoon project. This should be a labor of love. You can be sure the professionals don’t whack designs together the first time around. This kind of thing takes time!


Often with DIY projects, we fall at the last hurdle. If all is going well, we may rush at the end, or fail to finish off properly. This is a fatal mistake. Your piece may look fine when you finish it, but it won’t stay that way for long. The worst case scenario is that it’ll collapse. But, even if that doesn’t happen, there’s the risk that your piece will start looking dated fast.

So, how do you finish off properly? For one, it’s important that you sand any rough edges. To save yourself hard work, it’s worth investing in a benchtop sander. This will save you lots of time and effort and will ensure you achieve the professional image you’re after. If you’re unsure which sander would be best, something like these benchtop sander reviews will point you in the right direction. Bear in mind, too, that you need to varnish products after you’ve sanded them. You may also want to treat them, to ensure they last as long as possible.




If you want any chance of creating amazing furniture, you need to measure every step of the way. Your original plans will help you keep track of each piece, and what length they should be. But, you need to keep returning to this point throughout the assembly process. And, you still need to measure once everything’s come together. You can never be too careful, so keep that tape measure and spirit level in your hands at all times!

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