Alternative Ways to Give Your Home an Interior Improvement

Has your home long been calling out for an interior improvement? If so, then maybe it’s time to take an alternative route with your home designs and styles. To find some styles that could be classed as an alternative, make sure to read on.

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Wood could be the answer


If you’re looking to give your home’s interior design a new lease of life, then you’re going to have to go against the grain. Specifically, you’re going to have to go against the gain and bring as much wood into it as possible. You see, an abundance of wood would give your home the interior improvement it has been crying out for by simply being something different.


The first wooden improvement you should be making t your homes interior design is timber cladding. Cladding your walls in timber will get to work right away in making the room, whatever room it is, look much bigger than it actually is. And when it comes to deciding exactly what room in your home should be clad in timber, let it be the hallway that your front door leads to; by doing this, you will create the illusion to any first-time guests in your home that it is bigger and grander than it may seem to be or they think it is. If taking advantage of such an illusion is your design dream, then make sure you chose to clad wide timber boards — horizontally or vertically — up the stairs.


Or if you’d rather give your home an interior improvement in regards to its grandeur, rather than its size, then consider having wooden crown molding fitted and your wooden furniture refurbished. By doing so you will be able to make your home look definitively high-end, even when it is blatantly not. When it comes to the latter, consider having a professional in the painting and decorating sector, such as Rise Painting interior painting, paint your wooden cabinets back to life and give them a new lease of life. When this is done your wooden furniture wouldn’t look out of place in a Regency-style stately home, seriously! And, whilst you’re at it, why not spend big and invest in some lacquer coated timber furniture? By doing so you will be taking your desire for a grand design within your home to the absolute peak of which it can go.


And, bare in mind, the wooden look sits perfectly with unconventional Bohemian decor styles; if that’s not enough to sway you towards taking the wooden route, then what is?


Minimalist designs make a big impact


Minimalist designs may never have crossed your mind as being a style that would suit your home, but you’ll find that they probably would! Why? Because minimalist styles can fit — both specially and style wise — in any home.


Specifically, the minimalist design is best suited to the bedroom. It is best suited to the bedroom because, typically, this is going to be a room that easily looks overcrowded, even when it really isn’t, because of how much the bed takes up in it. So, if you want to truly embrace a minimalist makeover in your home, then do it in your bedroom. Specifically, don’t be afraid to suspend tables and hand bedside cabinets from your ceiling rather than have them sit on the floor. Yes, you heard that right: have tables and cabinets be suspended and hung from your ceiling. By doing so you would be truly embracing the minimalist look and saving an abundance of space in your bedroom at the same time.


And to further this space saving and style inducing, you should seek to keep not only your bedroom but your whole home as clean and as tidy as possible. This means making sure everything has a home. This means ensuring laundry is not left to rot on the floor. This means hiding wires and tucking them away. And this certainly means no hoarding! No, hoarding is the enemy of the minimalist, so make sure everything that serves as no importance to you and your family is gotten rid of, pronto!


Don’t have contempt for the contemporary


Contemporary styles don’t just consist of styles that are seen as ‘in’ or even ‘modern’. No, contemporary styles are futuristic. Contemporary styles consist of everything from LED lighting to silver chrome finishes. Contemporary styles include decor that wouldn’t look out of place on a spaceship!


When it comes to contemporary styles, they are best embraced in the kitchen simply because of how many high-tech appliances are found in there. And, when it comes to knowing where to start when giving the kitchen a contemporary style boost, it is best, to begin with, the lighting. And, one contemporary piece of light fitting that should be attracting you is the ColoredSHAPE; this should be attracting you because it is completely futuristic in its design yet it pays homage to the classic bedside table lamp shade style (it does so because it mimics the silhouette of this look but it is wall mounted). Other contemporary pieces of lighting that should be on your radar are any that are LED because LED is the way to light up any contemporarily styled room.


But it’s not just the lighting of your kitchen that you should be paying attention to when it comes to giving it a contemporary makeover. No, you should also target all the day-to-day appliances found in there. For instance, you should most certainly replace your old bread bin with the sleek and stylish Space Master; by doing so you will be embracing the contemporary whilst still yielding to the demands of everyday kitchen usage.


Whatever alternative stylistic choice you go with when it comes to giving your home and interior improvement, just make sure you go all in with it. Well, if you go in on any of the styles above half-heartedly, your home will just look tacky and, frankly, unfinished. So, it’s not just about being brave enough to choose an alternative style for your home, it’s about being determined enough to see the job though!

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