Are You Making the Most of Your Basement?

The basement is one of those parts of your house that is either forgotten entirely or used for a great number of things. Far too many people neglect their basements and they eventually turn into pest and insect infested areas that are difficult to clean out and usually not worth your trouble. The typical scenario goes like this: the basement is difficult to reach or too cold for anything productive outside of dumping your storage there, and you’ll rarely ever use it. It’s dark, cold, occasionally damp, and needs a lot of work until it can be useful.


If you want to make the most of your basement, then you may want to consider renovating it. This will help to repurpose the basement into something desirable. This will give you more functionality in your room, more amenities to play with and also increase the value of your home should you want to sell it in the future. The basement isn’t a very pleasant room to be in until it’s fully renovated, so here are a couple of considerations to keep in mind when trying to make the most of your basement.

Cold, dark and creepy basements aren’t exactly desirable, so why not change it into something that you can be proud of? (Source: Pexels)


Add carpets and walls


To start with, clear out the basement and add some carpets and walls. The idea is to turn it into a blank room much like an empty bedroom or a storage room. This will turn it into a blank canvas that can then be edited and changed depending on your needs.


Consider windows


Next, add windows in your basement to make it safer and to let natural light in. If you already have windows installed, then consider expanding them and digging up the earth around the window to let even more light in. This will naturally brighten the room and make it look far more appealing.


Ask yourself what you need


Of course, we can’t forget about the purpose of the room either. Ask yourself what you need first. Would extra bedrooms be good, or do you think you could use a home office? Perhaps you want to install something luxurious such as a basement pool, or maybe you need an open space for your new hobbies. Whatever it is, it helps to have your basement cleared so you can see how much space you have to make your ideas work.


DIY vs contractors


The last question you need to ask yourself is; “do I phone a contractor or do it myself?”. DIY has the advantage of being more cost-effective assuming you’re willing to put the time and effort into it. However, it’s incredibly time-consuming and will require several weeks, if not more, just to get it done. You’ll also need to spend time learning how to renovate your own basement, so for this reason, it’s recommended to hire a contractor unless you’re ready to spend time learning and studying.


Hopefully, these tips have given you some idea on what you could turn

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