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Basement Conversion: Busting The Misconceptions

Most of us are familiar with the idea of an attic conversion. It’s the perfect solution when you’re short on space but don’t want to go through the horrors of moving into a new home. Take advantage of the existing space in your attic and you’ve got a new, bright room that is the envy of anyone who sees it.

So if people are willing to look up, is there a possibility for making use of unused space by looking down? The mere idea of a basement conversion isn’t something that many people will feel comfortable considering; the subterranean nature seems to instinctively put us all off. However, you could be overlooking valuable square footage for reasons that don’t really stack up.


Let’s examine what people think about basement conversions – and why they’re wrong…


Assumption: Basement Conversions Will Be Dark


To an extent, it’s hard to argue this one. Given how much time we all spend obsessing over a need for natural lighting, the mere idea of expanding your home into an inherently dark area can seem like madness.


However, basements are not necessarily entirely dark. Many will have some windows, which can provide a source of natural daylight. You can also try and angle the entranceway to the conversion so it’s opposite a large source of light. While you’re still going to need some artificial lighting, you could try and see this as an opportunity to choose decorative, statement lighting that you’ll delight in seeing turned on.


Assumption: Basement Conversions Will Be Wet


Dark, damp – these are pretty standard words you’ll hear when people think of basements. While there’s no doubt that there is always the threat of dampness in a basement due to their subterranean nature, it’s by no means a guarantee that you can’t avoid. To avoid this, you just need to ensure the conversion is done to the adequate standards to make it livable; you can visit Helitech online to find out how this can be done.


As an essential rule, if your basement is wet, then it’s likely to be a problem with the structure of the basement. Properly handled, you won’t notice any difference whatsoever to any other room in the house.


Assumption: Basement Conversions Won’t Feel Like Proper Rooms


Finally, a matter that is more about feeling than reality. Most of us are very used to a room is a certain way; there’s a door, a set of windows – recognizable features that make it feel familiar. Without these, it can seem like a basement conversion just isn’t going to ever feel like a normal room.


Conquering this is all about decorative touches that make space feel more livable. Mirrors, for example, can create the illusion of windows and help to spread any light throughout the room. Wall art, in general, can help space feel more like a living area while keeping decorative colors light will also have an impact.


So while you may ultimately decide that an attic conversion is more to your taste, don’t overlook basement conversions just yet. You never know, going down might actually be the best way to lift the value of your house up.

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