Black Note Tobacco

I’ve read tons of articles about Black Note Tobacco and had it pounded in my head how horrible traditional smoking is for you. Having been a casual smoker for some years, when vaping offered an alternative that could fill my nicotine craving while the overall long-term effects were far more positive than the traditional cigarette, I jumped at the chance.

At first, the gimmick of it was cool. Here I was in public vaping and I didn’t have people glaring at me for smoking near them for fear of secondhand smoke, and I could even smoke indoors in certain areas for a while. Plus, you had all these various neat tasting flavors: cotton candy, blue raspberry, even pancakes, and syrup. But as with all gimmicks, eventually, I started to lose interest in actually vaping because I was craving the true-blue taste of a cigarette and the tobacco in it.

In an attempt not to fall back to cancer sticks, I looked for an alternative that could satisfy this craving. Black Note E-Liquids was my solution with a line of tobacco e-liquid that tastes like tobacco. It’s great, now I can continue my cigarette-free life while still satisfying the craving that causes me to want to go back. The juice also smokes like a premium juice although it has a 50/50 VG/PG. It smokes smooth with almost no kick, just a nice tobacco flavor. Through their process of filtration and manufacturing, they’ve gotten the true flavor of tobacco and you can try all kinds of different flavors of tobacco so you won’t get burnt out on a single flavor. You can try multiple flavors to find one you like and return those you don’t. Transactions are easy and you get the juices in just a couple of days. I’d highly recommend giving Black Note a try if you’re an avid vapor and are looking for something to fill that tobacco flavor craving or if you’re just looking for something different.

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