Bohemian Décor Ideas That Will Add a Splash of Color to Your Home

If you love life, culture, and interesting designs, then bohemian decor ideas will get you excited. With plenty of exciting patterns, unique markings, and warm earthy colors, it’s possible to create a bohemian household that will breathe personality like nothing you’ve seen before. To get you started with this unique and eccentric style of decor, here are a few tips that you should follow.

Colors to Use


Bohemian design is all about earthy colors. We’re talking different shades of brown, gold, and jewel shades like a bright red-orange or a deep red. One of the colors you’ll want to avoid in your decorations is white. White isn’t much of a bohemian color and it really has no place if you want to add true splashes of color to an otherwise dull home. Bohemian design is expressive as it is loud and complex. The clashing of colors isn’t simple and requires a lot of design and coordination.


When layering different colors in bohemian decor, try to use various patterns that come in bright, earthy colors. For example, look at Mandala Bedding with its colorful sheets and designs. These colors go well with other earthy shades which makes them perfect for wooden floors and tranquil wallpapers. Whatever you do, don’t allow the colors to clash with non-earthy shades.


Furniture Choices


Bohemian furniture is all about using vintage pieces that come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. A bohemian room is all about showing off your antique furniture, so don’t be afraid to mix and match pieces alongside some colorful upholstery.


However, it’s not just about buying antiques and vintage furniture then throwing them in your room. If possible, each piece of furniture should have a story to tell. You should keep pieces of antique furniture for as long as possible. Give them frequent repairs and maintain their quality so that they can serve you well for a long time. This is especially important for vintage pieces that have unique shapes and materials. The more secrets an item of furniture holds, the more interesting your decor arrangement will be.




Accessories are important in any bohemian home. Like the furniture, accessories need to tell a story to make them stick and be unique. For example, souvenirs that you’ve picked up from travelling the world can be a fantastic way to show off your adventures. Fancy-looking seashells that you’ve plucked from a beach should be on display, and pieces of artwork that you’ve collected over the years should be proudly shown.


There’s plenty of accessories that could give your home a more bohemian feel. Don’t be afraid to pick earth colors and don’t be afraid of mismatching decor. Remember that each accessory is put on display as decor not because it fits the overall theme of a bohemian room, but because it has a story to tell and so it becomes part of your home.


Bohemian designs and decor are wonderful and easy to add to your home. Follow these three tips and you’ll have a beautiful home that shines with unique colors and patterns.

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