Bouncing Bots #roosterfingames

Bouncing Bots was a blast to play. My friend’s seven-year-old grandson was even able to participate with bouncing the bots onto the scoring targets. What started out as a normal game soon escalated quickly into laughter and bots bouncing everywhere.

After one time playing, this game became our friends and families favorite game. We now pullĀ it out in the afternoons when our friends comeĀ over and we sit down and enjoy our time together with this game. Bouncing Bots has brought out laughter and fun for us in the evening and has brought our friend and family together to spend quality time.

This is a game I would highly recommend for any family with children. The game is based on a point system. You receive points by bouncing it on the numbers on the board. Whoever has the most points at the end wins so you want to try to bounce on the highest numerical values to receive the most points.

This game was invented by Joseph M. Balcuk who had a degree in mathematics. He created this game as an educational learning tool. He coupled it with his experience in teaching and his mathematics skill. This allowed him to make a unique game that encourages the children and adults to have a good time while learning. It helps with social development, mathematics, and tons of other educational skills.

This game contains eight creative bot characters (which the purple ones are my favorite), two platforms to bounce the bots on and a list of instructions to help understand how the game is played. The game is for 1-4 players and ages even through adulthood can play. I highly recommend you adding this game to your collection for family game night, you will not be disappointed.

This is a sponsored ad however these are my own personal thoughts and opinions on the product.


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