Car Shopping on Limited Time!

This is a sponsored post although this is 100% my own opinion.  #CarsCom #ad

I hate hate hate car shopping!!!

Every three to four years we get a new car and I dread it tremendously. To eliminate the dreaded hours spent at the car dealership having a bidding war, I decided this year to spend time checking out what I want and making sure it is reliable. I used to not only help me find local cars but to look at the reviews on the cars I was interested in. Not only did it save me a headache of having to haggle a price, but it also saved me from staying at a dealership for hours.

I knew what I wanted by making a list ahead of time of my requirements.

I realized by researching I not only saved time but made this experience pleasant. It also has where I can get my car serviced so I don’t have to worry about finding places!

I knew I needed one roomy enough to haul kiddos around and still be comfortable for me. I work as a real estate agent and had so many requirements to check off on my list. I was able to easily look and pick out a few that hit everything I was looking for without spending days or hours at a dealership.

I knew what I wanted, how much I wanted to spend, and what amount of time I wanted to spend viewing the ones I picked out. This saved me hours at the car dealership and helped my blood pressure stay in check.

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