Ways To Get Back On Track After Health Scares

Health scares happen to us all at many points in our life. They can even change as we get older, and so dealing with them is essential know-how in navigating life’s mysterious ways. Don’t get bogged down in a worry circuit if you receive a scare or think you have one. Here are a few tips on how to combat a health scare with some personal recovery.

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Do what you need to recover from the fear


Your heart is pounding, your hair is all standing on end, and you have this sense of overwhelming dread. Sound familiar? Fear responses take a toll on our mental health as much as our repeated stress does on our physical health.


Health scares affects us all in a similar way, and recovering from the initial shock of one can take time and often is done improperly. Talk to someone about your fears as soon as you can, whether it be a friend or professional. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.


Use rehab centers if necessary


This option is for the more serious health scares you’ve experienced. For example, being told you need to stop taking a certain tablet as it’s severely damaging your health but you’ve become dependent on its use. It can seem a little taboo or unnecessary, but using a rehab center such as The Recovery Village after receiving this kind of information or after consulting your doctor on ways to get off of a treatment is one of the best ways to recover from a health scare in the long term. Any withdrawal symptoms can be combatted in an environment specifically designed to get through them.


Rehab is hard to go through and involves a lot of difficulty with adjusting to life when it comes to coming back to the real world. It’s important to know that everyone can accomplish it, however. It may sound scary to go through something like a medical detox, but you can take as much time as you need with well-trained people on your side. It’s a big step to undertake, but it will be worth the time and struggle.


Depend upon advice from trained professionals


It’s extremely easy to go online and find all sorts of unverified information that will scare you in an instant. If you’ve had a health scare and need more information on symptoms or what to do, or if you simply don’t want to have a health scare, keep away from this kind of online boards.


Depending on your doctor’s advice is always the best route forward. Book an appointment and get your fears assuaged or assessed by a professional.


To succeed in life, we have to face challenges that scare us. But we don’t have to do them alone. Look for and use the support you need to get through a health scare and don’t be afraid of what lies ahead. It sounds easy to talk about, but the doing doesn’t have to be difficult either.

The Signs Of Eye Disease Before It’s Too Late

No matter how healthy our lifestyle, we all face certain threats to our health as we age. It’s part and parcel of life, and something we have to face head on. Some of these risks, such as back issues, difficulty walking, and increased risk of heart attacks, are at the forefront of most of our minds. But, those are far from the only issues we need to consider. Something we think less about in relation to aging is our eyes.

Of course, we all know that eyesight deteriorates. But, what we don’t all realize is that age opens us up to a variety of eye diseases. And, if they strike, we stand to lose our eyesight altogether. Issues such as glaucoma and cataracts can cause huge problems in older patients. If we go about things right, there are plenty of ways to prevent such issues or at least lessen their impact. Here are a few points you should take forward with you when it comes to your eye health.


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Know Your Family History

We all know that genetics play a huge role in health. As such, parents always pass on significant health histories, such as cancer, or diabetes. But, most of us know less about our family’s eye health. Most of us don’t even consider it. That could cause issues. When you go in for an opticians appointment, they will always ask you about your family history. If your gran has glaucoma, but you fail to mention it, you may well suffer for it. So, take the time to find out these things. Call around anyone who can give you information. A step like this may well save your sight.

Check You Out

Who here goes to the dentist every six months? With a bit of luck, most of you. But, fewer people realize the importance of regular eye checks. We should attend these throughout our lives, but they’re especially important as we age. These checks are the only real way to spot the early signs of eye disease, thus allowing you to take action. In the early stages, there may be no symptoms you would notice, but an eye check could reveal the issue. You should book an appointment at your local eye center at least every two years, more if you already wear glasses. It’s the only way to be sure of your eye health.

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Know The Symptoms


You also need to be aware of the symptoms. How else are you going to know if eye disease strikes? In extreme cases, sight loss will, of course, be the main noticeable symptom. But, there are often signs before things get to that level. Some things look out for include:


  • Redness or swelling around eyes
  • Blurred, or double vision
  • Pain in eye
  • Any sudden changes in sight
  • Clouded appearance


As soon as you spot any of these things, you should book yourself an appointment with a professional. Even if it turns out to be nothing, it’s better safe than sorry!

Healthy Aging: The Biggest Threats To Your Health and How to Beat Them

As we age, we tend to be increasingly concerned about our health. It’s a different story than when we were young and rebellious teenagers, sniffing at the patronizing advice from our elders, and basking in the confused belief that we’re going to live for ever. Someone has yet to prove that this is possible, and all we can do in the meantime is to try to take care of the vessels we have been given.


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Coming to terms with one’s mortality is one thing – but realizing that we can actually do something to prolong our lives is an entirely different, and altogether positive feeling. So, here it is; the top things you can do for your health today, to enjoy the sensation of an active body and a sharp mind for as long as possible.


Keep your friends close


An amusing and eye-opening article in Boston Globe tells the story of a middle-aged reporter who was assigned a task because he was ‘perfect for the story.’ It was supposed to cover the topic on how the lack of a stable and rewarding friendship has become one of the biggest health concerns for men. Needless to say, the reporter tried in vain to convince himself that he was indeed not the perfect candidate for the story.


As we grow up, establish a family and suddenly feel the time-crunch closing in, we tend to spend less time with our friends rather than decreasing the time we devote to our children – which makes sense. The only danger is that when you get older, and the kids leave the nest, many middle-aged men find themselves quite alone.


One study even found that the long-term risks of being lonely can be as severe as those of smoking cigarettes.


Even though we can try to fool ourselves all we want, the verdict is clear. Loneliness is seriously dangerous to your health and can increase the risk of strokes, cardiovascular diseases, as well as Alzheimer’s – which could all have been prevented if we just put aside a bit of time for our friends.


Leave your bad habits behind


Now that we’ve covered the effects your mental well-being can have on your physical health, it’s time to get down to business. Smoking and obesity are, of course, the biggest health concerns for us in old age – right next to loneliness. It’s not enough to continue to make the same new year’s resolutions, trying to quit smoking, or befriend your scale – you need to dig deeper than this to beat the bad habits.


It’s difficult to cover everything you can do to change your brain patterns and form healthy habits, so let’s keep it simple; to change your ways, start by visualizing the benefits you’ll enjoy by cutting down on smoking, for example. Write it down, memorize it, and try to compensate by moving over to e-cigarettes instead – especially if you’ve been smoking for a long time.


Have a look at this article for an in-depth read on changing your habits and remember that to succeed, you need to make a conscious choice every day to change the patterns in your brain.


Why not team up with some of your friends and embark on a new and rewarding lifestyle together? It will be good for all of you, that’s for sure.

Shopping for Nature Made probiotics at Kroger

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I love being able to get everything I need at Kroger instead of having to shop at multiple stores. I’m a full-time blogger, a full-time student, and a real estate agent. I’m a busy Mimi. One of the products I shop for at Kroger on an ongoing basis is my Nature Made Advanced Probiotics. Several years ago I started having issues and after a visit to my physician’s office, he recommended that I start taking Probiotics daily. I’m so glad I listened to him about this because quite frankly, I don’t have time for digestive issues.

There are several reasons I decided to take Nature Made probiotics over the rest. Word of mouth was one reason. There are many in my family and circle of friends that use this brand and highly recommended them. Because I’ve also had a good experience from using Nature Made products in the past, it didn’t take long for me to realize that this was the best brand out there for what I needed. They have clinically studied strains and are gentle enough for everyday use. Several years ago I was diagnosed with a condition that would require I use a gluten free diet. I had never heard of this before and to be honest, I wasn’t even sure what a gluten free diet would include.  What I did know is that even with supplements, I have to be so careful about what I ingest. Thankfully, Nature Made Probiotics are 100% vegetarian, gluten & dairy free. There are 15 Billion live cultures per serving*.  Advanced Dual Action Probiotics works in your small intestine and large intestine. † It helps support digestive balance and a healthy gut flora.

I love being active and living a healthy lifestyle.  Nature Made Advanced Dual Action Probiotics are helping me live my dreams and accomplish my goals by helping me to remain the active, healthy person that I strive to be.  Please leave me a comment telling me what you do to help you live a healthy lifestyle. 

Formulated to provide at least 5 billion live cells per capsule (Bifidobacterium lactis SD-5674) and 10 billion live cells per capsule (Lactobacillus plantarum 299v) if continuously stored in a cool, dry place at or below 77°F (25°C) and consumed prior to expiration date. Storage and handling conditions can vary, and may affect the total amount of cells delivered at time of consumption.
 These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Repay The Love: Caring For Mom Or Dad As They Get Older

Your memories of growing up are idyllic. You remember the lavish thanksgivings, the Christmas’ spent eating the perfect meal that your mom had spent hours preparing, and the Sundays spent fishing with dad. The love and support that your parents gave you were unconditional and have made you who you are today. Now, as your parents creep into old age, those memories seem further away, but they are as vibrant and happy as ever. It’s time for you to repay that support and care for your elderly parents in the most loving way possible.

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Living Arrangements


You may wish to invite your mom or dad into your own home to live with you. This is the ultimate way of caring for your elderly parent and gives them the security of living with loved ones. You will also feel safe in the knowledge that their care will be of the highest quality as you will be the one in charge of it.


If you have kids, having grandparents living under your roof can be enriching as your children grow up. They’ll be able to reel off stories of the olden days, fascinating your kids and getting them enthralled by historical tales of life before the Internet and social media. At the same time, your kids can enhance your parents’ lives through their youth and vitality.

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When Your Parents Can’t Live With You


There may come a time when the medical, social, or emotional needs of your parents become too much for you. This can heighten feelings of guilt and shame especially when you can see that your parents do not wish to leave the security of your home. However, there will come a point when you must make a decision that puts the needs of your immediate family first yet still ensures the care of your mom and dad. You cannot perpetuate a situation that sees you being on hand twenty-four hours a day to look after your parents to only then see this causing friction with your spouse and limiting the time that you can spend with your children.


Sourcing potential homes for your elderly parents can be daunting and seem like an impossible task. Broach the subject with a parent early on, so that they have time to get used to the idea and, after some resistance, there will be a possibility that you can work together to decide on the best residential care.


You might be able to come to a mutual decision that can benefit everyone. For example, there is home care for the elderly in their own homes which means they won’t need to go into a care home. But it depends on the situation because if they need help with medication, a care home might bring more peace of mind and will guarantee they are taking their medication. 


If your mom or dad requires medical care, it’s vital that the care home you choose is confident in administering their medication. You don’t want to visit mom or dad to find out that you have been paying for a service that has not been delivered. This would require you to turn to a medical whistleblower to expose the fraud and ensure your money is returned to you. More importantly, you would have to find another home for your parent which is hugely disruptive and upsetting.

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Constantly Show Your Love


Having an aging parent can be fraught with difficulties. You may see a shift in the mood of your kind and loving mom resulting in bad-tempered episodes and tearful conversations. This can be heartbreaking to witness but also frustrating and upsetting for your mom. It’s up to you to remain patient, reassuring, and loving towards your parent. By working together, you can ultimately ensure the best possible care for your mom and dad.

October RSV Awareness Month #LittleLungs

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Having a child in daycare, I became very aware of RSV. Last year right before Christmas we experienced this first hand. Our son was 4 months old and came home from daycare with cold-like symptoms. We noticed a persistent cough and fever. We took him to the doctor to find out he had RSV. This was scary to go through, but since we caught it early we were able to just treat it with medication and go home.

Before this, I hadn’t even heard of RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus). I found out all I could, you can check out all about it here:

We were fortunate to not have a severe case. Being proactive this season is the only preventative you can do. Especially if your baby was born prematurely. Premature births are more at risk because their lungs were not fully functioning. But all children are susceptible to getting RSV.

We have learned steps to protect our little one for this season, including washing hands regularly and keeping toys sanitized. We are working hard to make sure not to go through this again this year. I even checked to make sure these are also followed up at daycare as a preventative measure.

 Check out more information here: http://bit.ly/2bvRxSm

 It is better to be aware and prepared than to be shocked like we were.

Somnis Natural Sleep Aid

Somnis Natural Sleep Aid

I am one of those people who has a hard time stopping at night I work had all day and have several things going on at one time all day long. I guess I was mad like that because I have noticed even when I try and sit my legs keep moving. They do the same at night when I finally lay down at night I feel like my body is extremely exhausted but my mind, eyes and legs can not shut down.

This has been a problem for me for a long time. This is why I was excited to give the Sominis natural sleep aid a try. I loved the idea that it was all natural because I hate taking medicine and fight it as long as I can. I started taking these about a week ago and immediately could tell my sleeping habit has changed. After I take it I wait about 15 minutes and lay down, I feel relaxed, not like in a daze, but more like in a relaxed state. My legs don’t jump and my eyes start to close quickly.

I can’t tell you how happy my husband it because I keep him up tossing and turning so much. I love how I feel in the morning, completely rested with no drowsy feeling. Check this out here, if you have trouble sleeping you will love it:

Somnis Natural Sleep Aid


Santamedical Mini Penguin Massager

Santamedical Mini Penguin Massager

Although we have a king size bed I always wake up on the edge between my husband and my dog I always get pushed to the edge. The dog is a small dachshund so there is no reason other than they are both bed hogs! Needless to say I wake up to a neck crick and aching shoulders almost every morning! I usually have to take pain medicine every morning. This massager has been a life saver. I use it in the mornings to losing up my tight muscles. It works amazing, I am able to get those kinks out without medicating myself.

This massager has two speeds low and high. I usually only need the low speed. It has a lot of power in a small hand held item. It is light weight and fits in my hand perfect. I love how quick it works! Check it out here:

Santamedical Mini Penguin Massager

Product Description

Santamedical sleek mini penguin massager delivers a steady, relaxing massage to tired muscles. your neck, shoulders and face will sigh with relief when you sooth them with the Santamedical mini penguin. The mini penguin’s small size is perfect for a woman’s hand but powerful enough to bring relief to the tightest muscles. mini penguin massager come in white color. A perfect gift!Santamedical sleek mini penguin massager delivers a steady, relaxing massage to tired muscles. Your neck, shoulders and face will sigh with relief when you sooth them with the Santamedical mini penguin. the mini penguin’s small size is perfect for a woman’s hand but powerful enough to bring relief to the tightest muscles. mini penguin massager come in white color.

Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract Cleanse Detox

Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract Cleanse Detox

I have an extremely sensitive tummy! I have to be careful when eating or trying a new medicine. This pill was amazing for me. It worked immediately and helped me jump-start my healthy eating and lose weight! It helped rid my body of all those nasty poisons and give me a boost of energy. But not like those other pills, this one didn’t make me jittery. #justifiedlabs

Product Description

All Justified Laboratories products are made in the U.S.A. under the highest quality laboratory conditions. We also follow strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), and each supplement is precisely analyzed to guarantee the highest quality and purity. Our facilities uphold strict standards and are in compliance with all FDA rules and regulations. Our proprietary formula of Detox Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract Cleanse is manufactured using all-natural ingredients and makes you look and feel great! This product is a purifying cleanser that removes waste matter from the digestive tract. This waste can accumulate in the human body over a period of years. Our proprietary formula leaves you feeling healthy and fresh. In addition to Green Coffee Bean Extract, this product contains ingredients including Fennel Seed, Cascara Sagrada, Ginger Goldenseal, Pumpkin Seed, Buckthorne Root, Licorice Root, Rhubarb, Citrus Pectin, Acidophilus, Cape Aloe, Bentonite Clay, Aloe Vera, Cayenne Pepper, Senna, Oat Bran, Prune Juice and Flax Seed Oil, ingredients that support effective cleansing and detoxification.

You can check it out here:

Omega-3 Supreme 1400mg Fish Oil with +75% Omega-3


Omega-3 Supreme 1400mg Fish Oil with +75% Omega-3

Getting older has not been fun. I really never appreciated my youth like I do now. I was carefree and didn’t have to be tied down to anything especially pills. The older I get the more I realize how lucky I was. I now have to take medicine all the time. This is why I was excited to find the Omega Fish Oil, it helps  with a few different medications so I only have to take one! I have seen a change in several factors especially my high cholesterol. This pill has been amazing and none of that nasty fish oil after taste!!

Life & Food Omega-3 Supreme Advantage 
○ Highly concentrated and pure, pharmaceutical grade (above 75% Omega-3)
○ 644/336 EPA/DHA levels (Meeting GOED standards).
○ Fish Oil concentrate made from IFOS 5-star certified fish oils (raw material).
○ Contains the minimum recommended 1,000 mg (1g) of Omega-3s per serving.
○ Sourced from wild Alaskan caught Pollock. Sustainable and certified operation by MSC.
○ USA Manufactured and laboratory tested in FDA, GMP, NSF certified facilities.
○ Molecularly distilled, clean refined and tested. ○ Easy to swallow soft gelatin capsules.
○ Enteric coated for max absorption and no fish burps.

These are just a few of the wonder attributes this pill offers! Check them out here:


If you are needing the perfect pill to help with all your illnesses, this is the go to one! #lifefood