Journals to Support Your Wellbeing

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Your wellbeing is vital to your happiness and the quality of your life. There are many ways to support and improve your wellbeing, from yoga and meditation, to exercise and dieting. One often overlooked practice for wellbeing is the journal. The journal can help with self-exploration, which can lead to new insights, more gratitude, and a greater sense of fulfillment. Below are five journal ideas to get you started. 

A Weight loss Journal

There are many ways to track your weight loss routine, including apps and programs, but one accessible and often underutilized form is the weight loss journal. A weight loss journal gives you space to note down your daily and weekly targets along with prompts, tips, and motivational quotes. If an app seems too rigid and a program too unavailable, then a journal is the perfect solution. Don’t forget a weight loss journal can be used in conjunction with other weight loss tools. 

Devotional Journals 

Are you a spiritual or religious person with practice goals and aspirations? Or is your spiritual life part of your daily life, something you need to keep track of? Devotional journals don’t have to be religious; they can also be secular. Often containing a quote or saying relating to an aspect of the tradition, these journals give you plenty of space for writing and noting down ideas, results, and intentions. If you find that your spiritual life is sometimes a little vague or difficult to quantify, then consider a devotional journal.

Wreck Journals 

The idea of journaling doesn’t suit everybody. It means setting time aside and sitting down with your thoughts, which can be unappealing for some people. Luckily there are as many different journaling styles as there are personality types. For those who prefer a more hands-on approach, there are Wreck Journals. Wreck Journals are quite dynamic; they not only have space to write and put down your ideas; they also have prompts and tasks. One day you might be asked to rip out a page and scrunch it up, for instance. 

Goal Planning 

The main purpose of journaling is to help you meet your goals, whatever your goals might be, such as visiting the Chiropractor. Whether they are fitness goals, spiritual goals, or writing goals, you will want to keep track of them and make adjustments where necessary. Goal Planning journals have this in mind and offer many chances to note down your goals and checklists to keep you on track, as with everything in journaling, you will get out of it what you put in. Have a dedicated routine for your practice, and you will meet your goals quickly.

Bullet Journals 

Bullet Journals are becoming more and more popular all the time and are set to be the next big thing in 2021. Like a miniature, every day, Lifebook, a bullet journal gives you time a space to let your imagination run free. Draw, sketch, doodle, write, add stickers, quotes, and insights – anything you feel will express your life and personality on the page. Bullet journals are far more engaging and creative than conventional journaling, so don’t forget your imagination and sense of playfulness. 

Gut Connections Kids from Country Life Review

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I know people say this a lot, but I have very picky eaters when it comes to my grandsons. They will not try new things and even getting them to take vitamins is usually a fight!

I noticed the boys were acting sluggish, since Covid they like most children, have been staying home since March and not as active as they were in school.  I knew when they announced the children will head back to the classroom next week, I needed to find something that will have my grandsons feeling 100% back to full speed.

I introduced them to the GUT Immunebalance a few days before, because of how hard it is for them to like or take new things. I assumed we were in for a fight. The boys from day one were willing to try them. They said these are sweet & sour chewable that were perfect. Smelled and tasted amazing with no after taste.


I also found GUT sleepbalance powder helps them fall asleep faster and stay asleep all night! They love me to make a small “hot chocolate” mix before bed, and drink it with no problem.

Hot Chocolate Recipe:

1 teaspoon GUT sleepbalance powder

1 cup of heated milk

1 teaspoon honey

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These products are picky eater tested and approved!

So fun facts on Gut Connection Kids by Country Life

One of the FIRST children’s formula containing clinically studies Epicor Whole Food Fermentate prebiotic shown to improve gut microbiome health.

Each product also includes clinically studies functional ingredients to support a growing child’s unique needs.

Which one is right for your child?

How To Renew Your Sense Of Self-Worth

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Self-worth is among one of the most important attitudes to curate in life. This is because in order to become a person who is confident in themselves, and who feels able to define their own self-worth, you need to earn it. Not in the eyes of someone else, but in your own estimation. We all know and cannot lie to ourselves if we fail to hit our goals, or make excuses to be lazy, and more. 


That’s one thing, and it’s good we have that, because it keeps us focused. That being said, it’s not hard for people to externalize this process and seek validation from everyone around them. When they do that, it usually provides them with a sense of constant searching, because no one can ever gain as much adoration as would be necessary. We see this in celebrities that seem to draw attention to themselves when they don’t need it.


So – how can you renew your sense of self-worth, in a manner that is healthy, sustainable, and effective? Let’s discuss below:


Understand Your Needs


We all have needs. You have them too. It’s important to not feel guilty about them, provided they’re justified of course. If you need to have your partner support you a little more, tell them. If you feel as though you need to go through couples counseling, tell them. If you know you need to give yourself a little tough love, then do that. We all have needs, and you shouldn’t feel as though moving forward to satiate them makes you selfish. It doesn’t.


Focus On That Which Weighs You Down


Many things can weigh us down in life, but if you let them define you, you’ll never move past them. For instance, coming out of a bad relationship can leave you feeling completely lost, and perhaps lesser than you were going into it. Of course, abuse must be dealt with through therapy and care, but it can also be that you chalk this up to a learning experience, and take your time to understand that it wasn’t your fault things turned out this way. This can help you relearn, step by step, that you can move forward and that you do deserve a beautiful future. That helps.


Make Things Simple 


There’s no need to make things too complex. Simplifying your life can be a fantastic means of measuring things, and taking a breather. For instance, you might use a blueprint, such as a debt to success system review, to help you move forward. You might wish to cut out some of your responsibilities if you’ve found yourself attending too many hobbies and measures over time. It could be that you just need to take some time for yourself, with a mini-vacation. These little elements can help you open up to yourself, and from there, better who you are, with less of the mental clutter to work through.


With this advice, we hope you can more easily renew your personal sense of self-worth. You deserve it.

Not Catching Flies? Try These Surprising Methods To Get More Sleep

Semi-insomnia is more common than you think. Nearly three-quarters of adults in the US say they suffer from a lack of sleep at least once a month. 11%, or around thirty-two-million Americans, state that they don’t get enough sleep every night. If you wake up tired in the morning, you’re not alone!


Apart from making you cranky and irritable, you can experience a ton of side-effects that you actively want to avoid. Whether it’s weight gain, memory problems, or a weakened immune system, struggling to rest soundly at night is a huge problem. As a result, you may assume that it takes a lot of hard work and effort to drop off and catch flies.


On the contrary, it’s surprising how accessible the methods are, even if you don’t know about them yet. Weirdly, even though a lack of sleep is an issue in the US and worldwide, most people are unaware of the solutions. Sure, you understand the link between your smartphone and REMS, but you’ve tried putting down the devices and it didn’t work.


Thankfully, there are other strategies that you have probably never attempted before that are useful. Continue reading to find out about the four most surprising and effective.


Put Your Feet Up


You’ll be doing it for seven to nine hours, so it seems excessive to prepare for relaxing by winding down and relaxing. By putting your feet up, you shouldn’t take it as a euphemism for chilling out; it’s meant literally. Go and sit down, and instead of planting your feet on the floor, elevate them.


If you’re wondering where this trick will get you, the answer is pleasantly surprising. When you stand up or sit down, the fluid in your body starts to pool in certain places. Your ankles are a hot spot, especially when you’ve been on your feet all day. As a result, when you finally go to sleep, the elevation of your feet and legs pushes the water back into your bloodstream.


Anybody who has to get up multiple times during the night to go and pee can put it down to this factor, among other things. By simply allowing the fluids to enter your bloodstream earlier, you can urinate before bed, removing them from your body and preventing you from waking up when you’re in a deep sleep.


Peeing a lot during the night may also signify everything from drinking too much water before bed to drinking too much caffeine. That includes tea!


Yoganna Love Breathing Exercises


Breathing – you can do it in your sleep! Well, you can when you finally drop into a deep slumber. Until that point, you can use the motion of your thoracic cavity to encourage REMS. The reason it works is down to the fact breathing is proven to reduce stress and improve the blood flow to your muscles and vital organs, two essential features of quality sleep.


However, learning to breathe may not be as simple as you may imagine. For one thing, the majority of people breathe to survive, whereas you want to do it to sleep. What’s the difference? The latter is about deeper, longer inhalations that fill the body with O2 and remove CO2, and exhalations that instantly put the mind at ease.


Don’t worry if it sounds a little specialized because yoga is on hand to help. Breathing is essential to all the activities included in the practice, particularly ocean breath or victorious breath, so learning the technique could transform your lifestyle. Studies show over 55% of people who did it found it helped them get better sleep.


It beats counting sheep!


Make Your Breakfast At Night


These tips get stranger and stranger! Yes, making your breakfast the evening before is counterproductive on many levels. For one thing, the milk won’t keep. For another, the coffee will go cold. And lastly, the cereal will be soggy to the point where it’s inedible. All in all, it appears to be a terrible idea.


Yet, when you choose breakfast foods that are ideal for soaking overnight, it can revolutionize your routine. The key is to make overnight oats and let them stand in milk in the fridge. When you do this, two things happen. The oats absorb the fluid, leaving it in a porridge-like state that’s ready to eat without cooking, and you don’t have to waste time in the morning.


This may not sound like much, but the extra twenty to thirty minutes you spend in the kitchen is negatable. With overnight porridge, you only need five minutes to eat your brekkie and leave the house, allowing you to stay in bed for longer and catch up on your Z’s.


Making your breakfast the evening prior is a very good tip if you miss your regular bedtime or struggle to fall asleep as it provides extra flexibility.

Do Something Different


The frustrating thing about insomnia is that you feel as if you have to stay in bed and wait for sleep to wash over you. It’s almost as if moving or getting up makes it worse, so you’re stuck in the same position hoping for something to change. Of course, nothing will be different unless you tweak your approach.


Although it sounds obvious, doing something different in real-time is something most people who can’t sleep fail to do. It’s sad since it’s very easy and effective. For example, sleep experts say that you should leave and go to another more relaxing space. You can read or attempt to drop off there.

Even if it doesn’t work, heading back to bed could encourage your brain to inform your body that it’s time to shut down for the night. As simple as it sounds, it’s well worth trying because the alternative is lying in bed, becoming increasingly annoyed that you can’t sleep, which only makes the situation worse.


Remember that moving around will improve your body’s blood flow and make you more tired, not alert.


Do you struggle to fall asleep? What are the surprising methods you have found to work?

Happiness Is An Important Part Of Staying Healthy

You might not realize it right now, but happiness is a super important part of staying healthy. The happier you are, the more likely that your health is going to be in a good condition in both mind and body. As such, it’s important that you try to do as much as you can to be happy in your life if you want to lead as healthy a life as possible. In this article, we’re going to be looking at some of the things that you need to remember when it comes to this, so keep reading if you want to find out more.

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The Mental Impacts The Physical


Something that you should be aware of is that the mental impacts the physical as well as the other way around. So, when you are happier, your body actually shows this off, and you feel better in yourself. You hear people saying all the time that believing you can is half the battle, and that couldn’t be more true. If you are positive and happy, then you’re more likely to get through any health problems that you do have. Mental belief is important when it comes to your physical health, but you have to believe this for it to be true.


For this reason, a lot of people think it is made up, but we can assure you it isn’t. Try changing your mindset, and look at all the physical benefits you see once you do this.


If You Want To Make A Change


If you want to make a change in your life, then do it. If it’s going to make you happy, then it is always going to be worth it. For example, you might be self conscious about your smile and decide that you want to visit somewhere like Sierra Dental Care in order to do something about this. Go for it, and we hope that goes well. Or, if you want to make any other positive change in your life, it’s all going to contribute to your health!


Do whatever you need to do in order to make yourself happy, and don’t worry about what anyone else says. The most important thing is that you are keeping yourself in a good mental space, don’t let others tear you down because they can’t do the same.


Try Something Completely New


Finally, if you want to try something new in your life that you’ve never done before, go for it. By this, we are talking about things like taking up a new hobby such as a sport or a creative activity. These are known to have a positive impact on our mental health and our mood, which is why it is such a good idea. You never know if you’re going to enjoy something until you try, and it’s always worth giving it a shot at least once. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to do it again, it’s as simple as that.


Hopefully, now you see that happiness is an important part of staying healthy and will do everything you can to achieve this goal. Take out advice, and keep our information in mind!

All Your Exercise Fears, Solved

Getting into exercise isn’t just a matter of summoning the willpower to sweat for half an hour on the treadmill. It’s also about overcoming your fears. And there can be many of them. 


The word “lazy” doesn’t apply here. It would be more accurate to say that you were scared more than anything else. 


So what are your exercise fears? And how can you solve them so that you can get the body you’ve always wanted? 


Fear Of Hurting Yourself

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If you’ve not done much training in the past in a gym, you can fear hurting yourself. You worry about feeling pain beyond the usual discomfort of exercise, such as a torn muscle or ruptured ligament. 


These fears are genuine. People do hurt themselves in the gym. But there are several ways around the problem.


The first is always to practice proper form. Doing an exercise in the right way dramatically reduces that chance you will seriously hurt yourself. 


Second, don’t use heavy weights. Go for more reps instead until you feel more confident. If you’re starting out in the gym, there is practically no reason to add enormous poundage to the bar. 


Third, warm up before you start training. Do a lightweight practice set if you’re doing resistance exercise. Sure, your gym session will take a little longer than usual. But that’s better than injuring yourself, right? 


Fear Of Looking Foolish

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Sometimes you can fear looking foolish because you don’t know precisely how to use a specific piece of equipment. 


The solution to this problem is easy: just watch what other people do. Most will get the technique right (or not radically wrong). Then you can copy them when it’s your turn. 


Fear Of Looking Bad


For years, brands have been empowering women and men in the gym by providing amazing clothes. There’s no reason, therefore, you have to turn up to an exercise class looking frumpy. You can adapt pretty much any look you like these days. Gym clothes look just as stylish as their regular counterparts. 


Fear Of Failing


Fear of failure is something that dogs a lot of people throughout their lives. They’re unwilling to take on new challenges, just in case they fail, and it reflects poorly on them. 


Fearing failure at the gym is no exception. You want to lose weight, but you’re unsure whether you’ll be able to do it. To avoid thinking badly of yourself, you avoid going altogether and never get closer to your goals. 


The trick here is to avoid setting the bar too high. You should set achievable, manageable objectives – things that you can do in a month or less. Then keep track of how close you’re coming to achieving them. 


Goals can be as simple as turning up to the gym three times a week or going for a 20-minute jog on the treadmill on a Monday evening. 


Long-term goals are always the result of short term objectives. So use that as your motivation to get to where you’d like to be.

Natural Ways To Alleviate Joint Pain

When we think of our fitness, we invariably think about our muscles, our body fat ratios, and, in some cases, our flexibility. But we rarely think about the condition of our joints… at least, not until it’s too late. Injury and chronic conditions like arthritis can be particularly punishing for our joints. And when we’re affected by joint pain, it spills out into every aspect of our lives. It prevents us from concentrating when we’re trying to work. It keeps us from playing sports with our friends or playing with our kids. It can prove a serious detriment to our physical, emotional, and mental health and wellbeing

Image by Nastya Gepp via Pixabay


The good news, however, is that you are not powerless to reduce the effect that joint pain has on your life, your work, and your relationships with friends and family. You don’t need to run into the expensive arms of big pharma, either. Here, we’ll look at some natural ways to alleviate joint pain.


Make strength training part of your fitness regimen


If you’re spending your workouts on the treadmill or elliptical machine, you could potentially do more to rid yourself of joint pain. Strength training can help to alleviate the swelling, pain, and stiffness of conditions like arthritis. By strengthening the muscles that support the joints, they experience less stress when going through their range of motion. 


Use hemp-based topical creams


Massaging sore joints with a topical cream can also help to alleviate the pain, swelling, and stiffness of injured or diseased joints. Hemp is a wonderful plant with many nutritional and medicinal uses. And one way in which it can be especially helpful is when applied as a hemp pain relief cream. The inflammatory compounds of the cannabidiol (CBD) have been linked to joint pain relief.  


Take a CBD oil supplement


There’s been a great deal made of the healing properties of CBD. It has been linked to reduced stress, the alleviation of anxiety and depression, and a wealth of skin problems. However, as much as topical CBD-infused ointments have been linked to reduced joint pain, preclinical studies indicate that taking CBD in the form of drops, tea, or vape fluid can also fight inflammation and reduce joint pain. 


Eat an anti-inflammatory diet


Finally… inflammation is at the core of many of our nation’s most dangerous chronic diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, and even some forms of cancer. And the body’s natural inflammatory response can exacerbate joint pain, even though it’s a necessary part of the healing process. Our sedentary lifestyles can enhance inflammation, as can our over-reliance on processed foods. Combined with the above measures, a naturally anti-inflammatory diet can help to make joint pain a thing of the past. Avoid processed foods, especially processed meats which are type 1 carcinogens. Eat more fresh foods (mostly plants), healthy fats, lean proteins and green veggies. These are all linked to a natural reduction in inflammation which will, in turn, give you more mobility and less pain in your joints.  


5 Ways to Improve Your Well-Being

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Nobody wants to feel lethargic and out of shape, but this can quickly happen if we don’t make the proper effort to look after ourselves. Our well-being is very important to the quality of life we have; if we feel unmotivated, it can become a downward spiral of eating and obsessing that is hard to get out of. On the other hand, a balanced and moderate lifestyle will support happiness, fulfillment, and productivity. Here are five ways to make sure you’re getting what you need.    


Do Something Creative 


As the old saying goes, the creative adult is the child who survived. You might not think you’re very creative because you couldn’t draw in school, but everyone has creativity, and we use it all the time – we need it. Think of the job you do, how good would you be at it if you weren’t creative? Channeling your creativity into a new or existing hobby like painting, drawing, or writing can be inspiring, relaxing, and productive. You don’t have to be Picasso to pursue your creativity and improve your wellness. 


Learn How To Meditate 


This is a biggy! Many people don’t learn how to meditate because they think there is a special trick to it, or that it’s only for religious people, or yogis. There are indeed some techniques for it, but they mainly involve following your breath and can be learned easily online. The benefits of meditation are huge, everything from lower stress and anxiety to better lifestyle habits that can improve your mental, emotional, and physical health. What are you waiting for, close your eyes, and dive in! 


Have A Cosmetic Treatment 


Cosmetic treatments divide opinion. For some people, they are entirely unnecessary, they cost money, and the results aren’t always that obvious; for other people, it’s all about how the treatment makes you feel – happier and more confident. Cosmetic procedures include facelifts, neck lifts, tummy tucks, breast enhancements, and implants from cosmetic dental services. If you are unhappy with something on your body, it can affect your mental and emotional well-being, which is not healthy for you. In this case, it might be worth considering a cosmetic treatment.   


Eat A Nutritious Diet 


A poor diet is one of the fastest ways to knock yourself out of balance and slow down your wellness progress. Too much fat and oily foods adds to your waistline, but it can also make you feel mentally sluggish, contributing to unhealthy lifestyle patterns. Conversely, the opposite is true. If you eat a diet rich in fresh fruits and raw vegetables, with lean protein and complex carb, your brain – the organ that needs the most fuel – will run like a well-oiled machine – you will find that you are much sharper and that you have more energy.    


Take A Walk In Nature 


Sometimes we don’t realise the effect that nature can have on our mental and emotional well-being but go without it for a few weeks, and you will soon notice that you have a craving for some fresh air and the outdoors. Don’t let it get to that stage, as it’s a sign you’re neglecting that aspect of your life. Try to walk or sit in nature daily if you can. 

Transforming 2020 Into A Year For Growth & Self Love

With 2020 heading down a path that no one could ever have envisioned, personal growth and the achievement of goals have been put on hold – new careers, home moves, and travel plans have gone out of the window. Such a stunt is likely to have an impact on your ability to be optimistic, as well as your motivation levels too.

Luckily, it’s still more than possible to transform 2020 into a year of growth and self-love, despite the risks and restrictions that are ever-present in society. So, if you would like to find out more about some of the best top tips and tricks that you can implement to expand your horizons whilst becoming your own main priority, then read on!

Image Source – Pexels 


Eating A Nutritious Diet 

One of the most beneficial changes that you can make to your daily life involves the food that you eat, as opting for a nutritious diet that’s rich in fresh fruit and vegetables, lean protein, and complex carbohydrates will provide your mind and body with the fuel required to perform at optimum capability.

A healthy diet should consist of 3 meals and 2 snacks per day, along with at least 8 glasses of water to ensure you can stay sufficiently hydrated. Keeping sugar to a minimum can also be of real benefit, as sugar provides no health benefits or nutritional value whatsoever and causes mood swings and potentially even diabetes. There are many healthy recipes online that detail exactly how you can start to revamp your diet for the better, so don’t be afraid to get in the kitchen and start experimenting with fresh produce. Aim to consume at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables each day, as this should provide you with a good boost of vitamins and minerals! 

Make Your Voice Heard

It can be extremely detrimental for your mental health to keep your thoughts and worries to yourself, as it’s so important that you can make your voice heard. Make those around you aware if you are feeling uncomfortable, and remove yourself from a situation if you no longer feel as though it’s working for you.

You must become your own main focus, and achieving a healthy mental state is a huge contributing factor. A great way to uncover productive communication methods and coping mechanisms is to attend counseling therapy, as an experienced, qualified professional can support you through the whole process. Growing and evolving mentally to reach more sustainable levels of calm and positive can change your life completely, but it might take a little hard work and a lot of self-reflection to meet your goals. 

Transforming 2020 into a year for growth and self-love has never been so simple when you are able to utilize the ideas and concepts that have been detailed above. It’s never too late to make a change for the better, so take these tips and tricks on board to make sure this year is one to remember for all of the right reasons.

Second Wave: Preparing Your Family For Autumn

If you have been following the news lately, you will have noticed that there is worrying talk about a second wave regarding the novel coronavirus. Well, this second wave will come in the wintertime. It will begin in the fall and it could wreak havoc. Not to worry you, but there are some health experts that say, the casualty toll could be worse than we have seen so far. Why is this a concern on so many levels? Well, firstly, the virus is merely a strand of the flu. But, we also stand a high chance of getting the flu in the fall and winter. It’s a kind of double one-two punch. You could get the flu and the coronavirus at the same time. This is very dangerous. So who can you prepare?



Get a flu shot


Obviously, you should go about getting the flu shot as you normally would. For your children see a pediatrician who has a trusted history of giving flu jabs to children. It’s not easy in and out job. You cannot walk into the office and then walk out after getting your children the shot. The doctor has to assess the health of your children. He or she makes sure that the strength of the flu virus is just enough to not make your children too sick but give them a lot of protection from the common virus. Speak to them about your concerns regarding covid-19 as well. The pediatrician will give you some tips on how to avoid the virus and also, prevent getting the flu. After all, the flu shot isn’t absolutely 100% protection all the time.


Practice makes perfect


Because you want your children to get into the habit of being safe, you should start these safe practices at home! Begin by having dinner at your dining table, with gloves on. This can be simple rubber gloves for the entire family, like the type used for cleaning, but it could also be dedicated surgeon’s gloves which are plastic and they have more dexterity to them. 


You should also practice eating 1-2 meters apart. This is so that when your children go to school, they remember to keep their distance and never put their fingers into their mouths. If food from the plate lands on the table, do not pick it up and eat it! Practice really will make perfect, so start at home.



Safety among children


Your kids must be taught to be cautious about other children, but not in a mean horrible way they simply have to remember to stay their distance even while playing, make sure that they are reminding their friends to not put fingers into their mouths and reporting any signs that someone might be unhealthy. Spotting the signs of difficulty breathing, excessive coughing and general weakness of energy, are all things we can spot very easily.


Let’s begin to prepare for the fall and the winter, so we’re not caught out. Start by educating your children about the viruses and giving them flu shots.

Dealing With IBS: What You Need To Know

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IBS is one of the most uncomfortable and annoying conditions that affect a significant percentage of the population. Some people suffer from IBS their entire lives, and others only feel the discomfort occasionally. 


However, IBS affects you; the tips and tricks on this page should help make sure you deal with the matter as effectively as possible. You should always seek professional medical advice if your symptoms persist for more than a couple of days, but the information below should also make a massive difference to the way you feel. 


Eating a healthy diet


Planning your diet is the first thing you need to do if IBS has become a problem for you. The condition affects different people in varying ways, and so there is no strict routine you need to follow. In most instances, you just need to slowly cut different things out of your diet and assess the results. 


It would help if you managed to work out which foods cause the worst symptoms, and so you can then plan a diet that doesn’t include them. Creating a meal plan for each week should help ensure you can eat healthily without ever making your IBS worse. 


There is a wealth of information online that you can use for meal planning, and there are thousands of useful recipe websites if you get stuck for ideas. 


Avoiding caffeine and sugar


Many people who suffer from IBS will find that reducing the amount of caffeine and sugar in their diet can significantly impact the way they feel. So, avoid drinking cups of tea or coffee five times each day, and try to leave those sweets on the shelves when you visit your local supermarket. 


You can also choose to buy zero-sugar and low-caffeine versions of your favorite foods and drinks if you think that will help. 


It might be the case that your IBS does not become worse if you consume lots of caffeine and sugar. However, those are the two ingredients in the food that tend to cause the most issues across the board. 


Taking supplements 


There are lots of specialist products on the market today known to help people with IBS. With that in mind, you might like to take a look around at your local health store or shop online.  


Take the time to read reviews to find out what other customers think of the products before you spend your money. Some people say the best lectin blocking supplements offer the most noticeable impact. Others suggest that vitamin supplements can improve their condition. 


At the end of the day, you just need to read as much information as possible and make an educated decision. 


Now you know a little more about the best strategy for dealing with IBS, nothing should prevent you from making some progress. There is nothing worse than feeling bloated and uncomfortable all the time, and so it’s best to get started as soon as possible. Just remember to speak to your doctor if the symptoms persist for too long.

Things You Need To Take Care Of But Often Overlook

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There are so many different areas to your health, and that is why a few often get overlooked. You’ve got to make sure that you are checking every part of your health, and ensuring that you are healthy in every way possible. If not, then you could find parts of your health soaring, while others are crashing and burning. In this article, we’re going to be looking at some of the areas of your health that you should be taking care of, but that we bet you often overlook. Keep reading if you want to find out more.


Your Vision


First, we’re going to look at your vision. We know that plenty of people go to the opticians to get your eyes checked, but you would be surprised how many people don’t. There is a high number of people who have never even had an eye test, or haven’t since they were in school. Even when people start to experience issues such as headaches, pain in the eyes and so on, they still don’t deem it necessary to head out and get checked. The problem with this is that the longer you leave it, the more damage you could be doing to your eyes. If you need glasses and don’t have them, you’re going to have to strain every time you want to look at something, or you’re going to end up with severe headaches.


If you notice any of the symptoms we talked about, or blurred vision then you should see a doctor or an optician to get checked out. You never know, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


Your Ears


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The next thing that we’re going to look at is your ears. Your hearing health is something that a lot of people forget about, and it’s not well talked about so it’s easy to see why. But, the fact is that a lot of people face hearing loss at some point in their lifetime, and if they don’t look into hearing loss treatments, then it’s only going to get worse. There are some things that can be done to try and prevent any further damage to the ears and help regain some level fo hearing, so it’s worth getting checked out.


If you’re not sure whether or not you should see someone, ask yourself these questions. Does it constantly sound as though people are whispering about you? Do you have to have your TV turned up extremely loud just to be able to hear it? Do you find yourself often having to ask someone to repeat what they just said? If so, it could be time for a hearing test.


Your Mental Health


Another area is mental health. While this is becoming more talked about on social media, people still aren’t seeking out the treatment that they need. It can be embarrassing to talk about your mental health problems, or feel as though they aren’t valid, or that you can’t talk about them. All of these are common, but your mental health is extremely important, and if you’re not taking care of it you’re going to end up in a bad place.


There are medical professionals who are there to help you with whatever you need, so don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Don’t isolate yourself and think that you’re better off on your own, because you never are.


Your Teeth


Finally, we know a lot of people are scared of the dentist, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect your teeth or your mouth. There are some pretty serious conditions that you can have in your mouth, and you don’t want them. If you do have them though, it’s important that you know about them so treatment can be administered sooner rather than later. We want you to know that no matter how scary the dentist is, your health has to come first. It’s common knowledge that one part of the body can impact the other, and the mouth is no different. If you think there is a problem, or you’re in any pain, speak to a specialist as soon as possible. Trust us when we say it is going to be worth it when everything is all fixed and back to normal.


We hope that you have found this article helpful, and now have a better understanding of some of the areas of your health that you need to take care of, but probably are overlooking. Make sure that you get these checked out ASAP if you have been neglecting them.

Simple Living Reduces Stress

Simple living reduces stress. It has been proven. When you have less and want less, you stress about less. First, you have to understand what simple living really is. No – you do not have to live in a run down home to be “simple.” That is far from true! What I mean by simple living is a lifestyle that minimizes consumption and maximizes those things that bring you the most peace and joy. Here are a few ways that simple living can benefit you: 

  • More freedom to create the life you desire, instead of feeling stuck in a job or a life just because you have no other choice.
  • Allows you to appreciate what you do have instead of constantly craving what you don’t have.
  • Provides you with a better work/life balance because you let go of pushing yourself to work longer and longer hours to maintain an over-consumptive lifestyle.  In other words, Work SMARTer not harder!
  • Help you clarify what is most important, meaningful and what really matters to you, and let go of the rest.
  • Allows you to seek quality not quantity in all things.
  • Helps you de-clutter and let go of everything in your life that is messy, busy, over-complicated and unnecessary.
  • Introduces you to the importance of all your true relationships—including a deeper connection to your community.
  • Frees up your time to do the things you love and that makes you happy.
  • Provides you with a deeper connection to nature by giving you the time to take walks, garden and appreciate being outdoors.  In other words, spend time in nature.
  • Slows you down and allows you to enjoy the moments of your day.
  • Leads you to become more self reliant and internally focused instead comparing yourself to others or using others to determine your worth.
  • Guides you to making better health choices for yourself and your family.
  • Provides freedom from maintaining or fussing about your possessions and instead spend that time doing things that make you smile.
  • Offers you better and sounder sleep and times of rest.
  • Gives you ease and agility when making life choices, decisions, exploring opportunities.
  • Allows you to spend the rest of your life on a greener and healthier planet along with others (including your kids).

Reading all of that, I hope that you can see how and why simple living can reduce stress and instead, bring more happiness into your life. And, I hope that it makes you want to start your simple living journey. Here are a few ways to live simply, in order to increase happiness and reduce stress:

Manage Your Finances

If you are in debt, I bet your stress levels are through the roof. It is hard paying all of your monthly bills and then paying bucket loads towards high-interest credit card debt. If you have a business of your own, I bet that it’s even more stressful – especially during this time. If this sounds familiar, you probably need to get your finances in order. One way to do so (especially as a business) is to get rid of high-interest credit card debt and replace it with low-interest loans so that you are able to pay them off faster. One way to do this as a business is to get an Atlanta small business loan from Chapes-JPL. Chapes-JPL is a company based out of Atlanta, Georgia, in the heart of Buckhead that provides low-interest asset loans on your valuables. In addition, they also buy valuables from their customers. This is a fast and easy way to get cash when you need it. If you have old jewelry around your home, sell it or get an asset loan in order to pay off your high-interest debt. Chapes-JPL was established in 1980 as an alternative to banks and traditional pawnbrokers. They provide low interest loans on gold, diamonds, jewelry, watches, and more. Since the loan is strictly on collateral, they do not require credit checks, tax returns, job verification, or personal references. Plus, the typical loan is done in minutes!

Reduce Processed Foods

Reducing processed foods is a fantastic way to live simple, reduce your stress, and also improve your health. When you reduce processed foods, you are getting rid of added sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and other unhealthy additions. As they say in Italy, slow eating is simple eating is healthy eating. Slow, unprocessed, and “good-for-you” foods are the foods that connect you with the people around you (at the dinner table), the land, and the animals.

Say No More Often

When you do not want to do something, say no. If it is going to cause you a lot of stress, say no. When it will not bring you happiness, say no. If you say no more often, you will be able to say “yes” to the things that bring you joy instead. Say “no” more often in order to reduce stress!

There are so many things you can do to live a simple lifestyle and reduce stress, but these are just a few of them. What is your favorite way to live simply? I’d love to know!

Coping With The Changes That Getting Older Brings

Getting older can be difficult for many people. If you begin noticing changes and don’t know how to deal with them, then it can become even more stressful. There are many treatments, lotions, and potions that can help you to attempt to recapture your youth, but knowing how to cope with the changes will prepare you for the future. Here’s how you can cope:

  1. Start Exercising

First, make it your mission to find a type of exercise you really enjoy – even if it’s just walking. Walking is a great exercise and just because it’s not in the gym, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do as much of it as possible. Exercise will improve blood flow, strengthen your bones, and put you in a better mood among other things. Find something you enjoy and try to get into a good routine. 


2. Look After Your Skin

Your skin will begin to lose elasticity, so start looking after it. You don’t need to buy expensive products, as there are many great budget brands out there now that can do you the world of good. At the very least, apply SPF every day to protect your skin from sun damage. Even when the weather isn’t great, SPF is essential! 


3. Break Your Bad Habits 

Habits like drinking too much and smoking are going to begin to make you feel much worse in your later years, if they haven’t had an impact on your health already. Breaking habits can be hard but it can be done as you change your mindset and replace bad habits with good habits.



4. Book More Regular Health Appointments 

Make sure you stay up to date with health appointments such as eye tests, dental exams, and hearing tests. A professional will be able to spot any changes long before you do. You might find that you can improve your quality of life with the help of Hearing aids, for example. 


5. Get Into Good Eating Habits 

When you get older, eating junk tends to catch up with you much faster. Try to eat a diet high in protein, fiber, vegetables, and whole grains. Fiber can help you with energy. Supplements are also important, especially those like Omega 3 and Vitamin D. Drinking water, even when you don’t feel thirsty is another important step. 3-5 glasses a day will ensure you stay hydrated all day long. Arranging lunch with another person can also help you to stay healthy and can ensure that you don’t skip any meals. 


6. Keep Your Brain Active 

On top of everything else, keeping your brain healthy and active is important. The last thing you want to do is notice a decline in brain function. Read books, do puzzles, and challenge yourself. Stay sharp and aim to continue learning whatever age you are. We should never stop learning or trying to better ourselves! 


Coping with changes that getting older brings won’t be easy, but it’s something we all need to make peace with. Leave your thoughts below.

All Your Most Annoying Body Problems, Solved

Our bodies are wonderful machines. Nothing else in the universe, except other animals perhaps, can direct its actions, repair itself, and think about the external world. But as with any complicated device, things can go wrong from time to time, and it is incredibly annoying! 


Here are some of the most annoying body problems you can experience, solved: 


Waterlogged Ears


The human is a highly sophisticated piece of biological engineering, capable of capturing sounds and even telling us the direction from which they came. With that said, their performance can be a little disappointing in the water. Liquid gets into the ear canal and become stuck there, disrupting your ability to hear. 


If you have this problem, tilt your head to the side and then jerk it slightly. Usually, this will release any lodged water. Failing that, you can use a hairdryer on a low setting. Be careful not to burn yourself. 


Dry Mouth


Dry mouth occurs when your body ceases producing sufficient saliva to keep everything moist. Often it occurs after taking antidepressants or antihistamines. 


The solution is pretty simple: drink more. Also, reduce your intake of alcohol and quit smoking if you have a longstanding problem. You can also use many over-the-counter sprays and gels to alleviate the symptoms. But please be warned – these won’t eliminate the underlying cause of the condition. 




Blisters are one of the body’s defences against infection. If it detects that the skin is about to be breached, the immune system will create a layer of fluid between layers of skin to allow the body time to heal. 


If you have a blister, leave it alone. It’ll go away naturally once the underlying skin heals. Try to resist the temptation to pop it. Blisters get infected easily. 


Ringing In Your Ears

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Ear ringing or tinnitus is an annoying condition in which the brain hallucinates sounds that aren’t there. Usually, it develops in people with un-diagnosed hearing loss. As the auditory center of the brain receives less stimulation, it starts to create its own reality, leading to annoying ringing, whirring, and whooshing noises. 


Getting rid of tinnitus usually relies on a variety of techniques. The most powerful intervention is to wear a hearing aid to restore normal levels of stimulation to the auditory cortex. Some people also try cognitive behavioral therapy to help them think differently about the condition, making it more bearable. 


Sneezing Fits


Sneezing occasionally is normal. It’s the body’s way of getting rid of pollutants and irritants from the airway. Some people, though, can experience fits of uncontrollable sneezing where they can’t stop. Usually, this is the result of a viral infection of some type. For others, it’s an issue with nervous signaling that affects the sneeze reflex. 


If you have regular sneezing fits, you often need to take steps to control your environment. If allergies drive it, you’ll need to remove these from your home, if possible. Pet dander and pollen are the most common culprits. 

5 Top Ways of Taking Care of Your Hearing Health

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Imagine if you couldn’t hear the people that you love and care about speaking to you anymore. Or, what would it be like to not be able to enjoy your favorite songs anymore? 


Hearing loss is something that can affect anyone at any age. You may think that it’s just a sign of aging, however, if you don’t take care of your ears, you may find that your hearing will deteriorate.


But there are things that you can do to protect your hearing


Here are the top five ways of looking after your hearing health. 


  1. Get Your Hearing Tested 


If you need to ask people to repeat themselves because you mishear them often, this could be a sign that you are experiencing hearing loss. If you’re having to turn the TV or your music up especially loud, then you should probably get your hearing tested. 


Whether you’re experiencing hearing loss, or not, it is a good idea to have your hearing tested occasionally. 


When booking an appointment for hearing loss testing, you can expect to have a few simple tests to test your hearing. This will include listening to and identifying sounds that are played to you. 


Following a hearing test, an audiologist may recommend that you wear a hearing aid, have ear wax removed, or that you have an underlying infection treated. 


  1. Stop Listening To Music Loud


One of the more common causes of hearing loss is listening to music at a high volume.


Many modern devices designed for playing music will have recommended volume settings when using headphones. Make sure that you stick to these volume levels. If needed, use noise-cancelling headphones so that you cannot hear anything other than your music. 


Prolonged exposure to loud noises and music could cause physical damage to your inner ear resulting in hearing loss. 


  1. Get Ear Infections Treated 


If you get an ear infection, you may be tempted to just see if it goes away on its own. While it might do that, you may be left with blocked ears or a lingering infection that could cause you damage. 


Head to the doctors when you get earache and get yourself checked over. 


  1. Wear Protective Earwear


Do you work in a noisy environment such as a factory, or a construction site? If so, you should be supplied with protective wear such as earmuffs. Make sure that you use any protective wear supplied to you. 


If there is no earwear supplied to you, speak with your employer and see if they will get you any. 


  1. Don’t Put Things In Your Ear 


If you have a build-up of wax in your ear, you may be tempted to try and work this out using a Q-tip. However, putting small items such as this inside your ear canal can cause you serious damage. 


Your ear has some very delicate piece, and you may irreparably break them. If you have a build up of wax, use ear drops to break this up instead.

Hidden Health Issues You May Not Even Realize You Have!!

When it comes to our health, it’s always good to be diligent. However, there are problems and illnesses that many people have but aren’t always aware of. Unfortunately, when this is the case, the person affected misses out on treatment and management strategies that can vastly improve their quality of life. With that in mind, check out our guide to recognizing some of the most common health issues and what can be done about them below. 

Hearing loss

First of all, one of the most common health issues that are often hidden is hearing loss. This is because it is something that can often happen gradually over time. So the full extent of the issue isn’t so noticeable. 

The good news is that it is straightforward to diagnose and treat hearing loss problems, as all you have to do is go to a specialist and get a test. You can even do these online now, so you won’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to get a check-up. 

Of course, if your specialist does find there is an issue, then there is a range of treatment options to consider, including inner or behind-the-ear hearing aids. In some cases, surgery can restore a good amount of hearing. 


Allergies can come in many forms and range from inconvenient to very serious. In fact, some allergies can result in a condition known as an anaphylactic shock, which can be life-threatening. Also, allergies can show up at any time, even if you have not experienced them before. 


The good news is some things can be done if you are suffering from allergies. Of course, if you have a severe kind, then it’s vital that you see a specialist right away, as they will be able to provide you with an epi-pen that can save your life.

However, even if you have less severe allergies, they can impact on the quality of your life. With that in mind, seeking out a diagnosis and treatment is a good idea. Something that may include being patch tested, taking antihistamines, or even cutting out the things you are allergic to from your life.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

CFS is another term for the illness of myalgic encephalomyelitis, and the main symptoms are feeling exhausted and ill a great deal of the time. However, CFS can cause a range of symptoms, including headaches, sore throat, dizziness, flu-like symptoms, mind fog, and sleep issues.


CFS is also a chronic condition, which means that it rarely ever disappears entirely and that treatment is based around managing it and providing the best quality of life possible despite having the disease. 

CFS can be particularly problematic because no one test can show you have it or not. In fact, the process of diagnosis consists of ruling out other similar conditions. However, despite this complication, some treatments can help those with CFS, including medication to help with sleep and pain, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and graded exercise therapy (GET). 

Do You Know How To Take Care Of Your Health As You Get Older?


One thing that a lot of people really don’t want to think about is the fact that their body is going to change as they get older. Sure, right now you might feel totally invincible but that’s not always going to be the case. The biggest mistake that a lot of people make is that they leave those kinds of concerns for the future. The issue is that, by that point, the things that you can do are a whole lot more limited. With that in mind, here are some areas of your health that you might want to start thinking about more as you get old.


Your eyesight


If you’re spent your entire life with practically perfect vision, the idea of your eyesight deteriorating as you get older can be pretty scary. However, there are always plenty of things that can be done to deal with issues with your eyesight, from the obvious stuff like glasses to more drastic options like laser treatments or even surgery. Of course, to help to avoid doing any added damage to your sight, the best thing that you can do is to try and reduce the amount of strain that you put them under. This means that it’s a good idea to take a break from staring at screens from time to time.



Your hearing


There are few things more fun than going to a concert or even just blasting loud music in your car but the truth is that those things can have serious consequences if you’re not protecting your ears. Experiencing hearing loss can be pretty scary but the truth is that there are plenty of things that can be done about it, from surgical options to rechargeable hearing devices. But, as with so many other things, the best solutions are preventative. Protecting your hearing with things like earplugs can make your life a whole lot more pleasant further down the line.


Old Conditions

Some of us will have been experiencing an ongoing issue for years, but have ignored it as we feel we can manage it. This shouldn’t be the case, though. You need to consult a doctor to diagnose the issue. They will then be able to put it right. Worried about the costs? If the issue is a result of someone else’s wrong, you could seek compensation through Dennis Hernandez, which will cover the costs of your treatment.


Your lifestyle


There’s something wonderful about being young and feeling like you can do anything you want without any consequences and that often extends to your health. People feel like they can eat what they want, drink what they want, stay up all night, and do all kinds of things that are pretty terrible for them. However, as you get older, these kinds of things start to have more and more of a negative impact on both your health and your life as a whole. Learning to moderate your lifestyle when you’re younger is an essential skill to help you stay healthy as you get older.


It might feel like all of these things are issues that won’t become serious until well into the future but the truth is that a lot of these things can impact people who are pretty young as well. The truth is that, no matter how invincible you might feel, the best thing that you can do is to take the best possible care of your body no matter what stage of life you’re at. That way you can live the longest, healthiest, happiest life possible.

The Doctor Said It’s Twins. Okay, Now What?

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Having one child is scary enough, but when you find out you’re having twins, it takes it to a whole new level. Expecting one baby and getting two requires a massive psychological shift and a lot of extra preparation. 


Fortunately, a lot of mothers have been in your position. They go into pregnancy, believing that just one baby is on the way. Then, a few weeks in, they discover that they are responsible for two new human beings, and it changes everything. 


For some mothers, the idea of having twins is exciting. It means getting their family ambitions out of the way in a single stroke and introducing two new beautiful babies to the world. For others, it’s a little unnerving, especially for first-time mothers. Looking after one child is a challenge. But taking care of two is a massive task. 


Researchers have identified several trends associated with having twins. In general, it tends to be more common in older mothers in their thirties and forties. At this age, the ovaries are more likely to release more than one egg, increasing the likelihood of double fertilization. 


It is also more likely to occur in people who are twins themselves or have a history of twins in their family. Interestingly, only non-identical twins run in families. Identical ones don’t because that involves the chance separation of a single egg into two distinct people. 


Twins are also much more likely if you’ve had IVF fertility treatment. When doctors do IVF, they typically attempt to fertilize many eggs, hoping that one will eventually grow into a child. Sometimes, though, they do the job too well, and you wind up with twins or even triplets.


Finally, women who have twins really do have bigger bumps to contend with. For a few months, you might have a backache. 


There are several ways that you can prepare for the arrival of twins. Here’s what to do. 


Take A Deep Breath


First thing’s first: take a deep breath. It’s okay to be a little shocked after the doctor delivers the news that you’re going to be having two babies instead of one. Remember, you don’t have to process all of the emotions at once. In fact, it is probably best if you don’t. If possible, try to sleep on it and see how you feel in the morning. Once your brain has had time to process events, you’ll feel in a stronger position to take on the new responsibility. 


Get Reading


If you’re planning on having a baby, you’ve probably already learned a lot about how to parent effectively. Raising twins, however, involves practical issues you don’t experience if you’re raising one baby at a time. For instance, how do you organize feeding and bedding? 


Blogs should be your first port of call. Here you can get twin nursery ideas, tips, and tricks and learn all there is to know about caring for two babies at once. Remember, there are a lot of mothers out there who have already been through what you’re going through and can show you the ropes, so you don’t make the same mistakes as they did. It turns out, for instance, that you don’t actually need to buy two of everything – just the essentials. 


Separate The Cribs

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As newborns, your babies won’t be particularly adventurous. As they grow older, however, they’ll start wanting to climb out of their cribs and into that of the other twin. Many experienced parents, therefore, recommend that you separate the two cribs. Either put them on opposite sides of the room or put your children in separate bedrooms if you have space. 


Spruce Up Your Diet


When you’re pregnant with twins, you’re not just eating for two – you’re eating for three! 


Professionals, therefore, recommend that you eat a healthy, nutrient-dense diet, full of vitamins and minerals. You’ll need to ensure that you get an adequate intake of iodine, folate, calcium, and iron to help your children grow big and strong. 


Consider Your Birthing Options


Single babies are usually born around forty weeks into pregnancy. Twins, however, typically arrive slightly earlier, generally between 37 and 38 weeks. Your children, therefore, will come sooner than a standard pregnancy. 


You’ll want to consider your birthing options with your midwife. You can absolutely have a natural birth when having twins, but undergoing a Cesarean may be better in some cases. Remember, Cesareans are twice as likely when having twins than with a single baby. 


Having twins can be a worry, but it is also a lot of fun.

How To Tell If Your Mental Health Is Improving Or Not

Keeping tabs on your mental health is tricky. You live “inside your brain,” so evaluating it from the outside is no easy task. You hope that you feel better, but knowing whether you do isn’t always easy. 


Fortunately, there are some simple questions you can ask yourself to get a better picture of how you’re doing. Take a look at the following: 


Are Your Sleeping Habits Returning To Normal? 


When you have a serious mental health condition, like depression, it can adversely affect your sleeping habits. You can sometimes find yourself struggling to get any rest at all. Alternatively, you can sleep too much – all the way through until lunchtime on occasion. 

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However, if you notice yourself getting back into your old pattern, it could be a sure sign that you’re on the mend. Once you get back into your rhythm, it is a sign you’re on the path to better health. 


Are Your Relapses Becoming Less Frequent?


Keeping track of your relapses is essential if you have mental health problems. You want to know how often they happen so you can document trends. If you’re getting better, relapses will become less frequent. But recording them in a journal is essential. If you don’t, you can wind up believing things aren’t getting any better, even when they are. 


Are You Able To Function In Your Daily Activities? 


Mental health problems can make it difficult to function in your daily activities. Going to work or even getting out of bed can feel like a monumental effort.  The whole point of things like Midwest Behavioral Health telehealth services is to help you through these difficult times. Professionals support and coach you, helping you deal with the root of the problem and get on with your life. 


If you feel that getting out of bed is becoming easier, it is a good sign that you’re mending. Mental health problems don’t last forever. They ebb and flow throughout your life. Having a spring in your step in the morning is a sure sign that things are getting better for you. 


Are Your Symptoms Getting Better?


Knowing whether your symptoms are getting better day to day is difficult. Improvements tend to occur slowly through time – so much so that you can find it hard to notice. 

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Using objective measures to track your symptoms, therefore, is essential. The Wakefield Questionnaire, for instance, is a crucial tool you can use to judge where you’re at with your depression. You just fill out the answers, and then it will spit back a numerical score, telling you your current situation. If you score more than 15 on the test, the designers of the questionnaire recommend that you seek professional guidance and help. 


When you know your mental health is improving, it helps a great deal. It shows you that the worst is over and that you’re on the path to recovery. It is a bumpy road, but one that you must tread if you want to see these difficult times through.