A Stressful Family Vacation? Let’s Debunk The Myth



Family vacations can be exciting. They can be a fantastic way to bond. They can create memories which last a lifetime. The stigma is they are argumentative affairs full of constant moaning which leads to exhaustion. Lots of grown-ups avoid them like the plague because they can’t be bothered with the hassle. Others go on them yet fret all the time which negates the point of the holiday.


When you hear the words “stressful vacations are a myth,” you won’t believe them. You’ve been on a few before and you understand what to expect. Well, sorry but you’ve been doing them wrong. Let the following tips help debunk the myth.


Open The Lines Of Communication


Parents want their kids to spend less time on mobile devices and more time speaking face-to-face. So, the temptation is to ban iPhones, iPads and any other tablet and bond as a family. One hour in and you realize it was a huge mistake. Yes, it’s nice to communicate and interact as a traditional family, but the usual ideals are slipping away. Like it or not, sending a text message or an email are acceptable ways to talk. You don’t have to do it all the time, but keeping these lines open will cause less tension between the generations.




The novelty of business-class seats on an airplane or a train is exciting. Keeping kids occupied is a must, and having extra legroom and fancy chairs with entertaining are two excellent tools. But, what about a car journey? How do you stop them driving you around the bend? The answer is with Auto.Loan. Upgrading your car might seem over-the-top yet it’s perfectly acceptable. Not only will it help keep everyone quiet and occupied, but the money won’t go to waste because you’ll use it every day. Avis.com is an alternative if you want to hire rather than buy.



Decompress Alone


Family vacation – the clue is in the title. Spending time together is a must or else it’s a waste of seven, ten or fourteen days. Still, people can grate on you and that includes your kids. Everyone knows the other half is annoying as hell, but parents are more diplomatic with their children. Realizing and accepting that you need a break is an excellent way to decompress and avoid arguments. A relaxing spa day or a session by the pool should release the tension and keep you as cool as a cucumber.


Don’t Pack The Schedule


An itinerary is square, man. Kids haven’t got time to wake up early and see the sights. They don’t want to get dragged around soaking up the history of culture; they want to go with the flow. That means eating junk food, spending a day doing nothing and saying yes to opportunities. For example, “mom, can I go surfing?” shouldn’t be met with “you can’t because you’ve got to have a nap in ten minutes.” Get your money’s worth by being spontaneous.


Is a stress-free family vacation a myth? It’s up to you to decide.

4 Ways To Keep Your Children Entertained This Summer!

It’s the time of year which every child across the land looks forward to – the long summer holidays! Only Christmas rivals the delight of the school gates shutting for the next six weeks. Although summer is a fantastic way for families to spend quality time together, it is also a time which fills many a parents hearts with trepidation. Thoughts of “how will I cope?” springs to mind. There is also the inconvenience of work, most people in employment don’t have the luxury of taking six weeks off work, unless you are a teacher!


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The summer holiday gives everyone the chance to rest and recuperate. It is well documented that the pressure children are under at school is immense, they are tested at every opportunity and the early mornings and after school activities can take their toll, resulting in grumpiness and tiredness. Lazy mornings during the summer gives children the opportunity to get their full allocation of sleep, how much sleep kids should get depends on their age, activity levels and the child as an individual. There are guidelines according to age, but there are considerable variants. Children need varying amounts of sleep according to life stages. If they are entering a growth spurt, more sleep is necessary which is one of the reasons why teenagers appear to want to sleep 24/7!


Unlike older people, to relax children do need activity. It is good to be bored on occasions as long as there is lots of opportunity and stimulation around them. Being bored actually stimulates the creative nature in children.


Most people book a holiday during the summer holidays, which will break up the weeks, but you still have a few weeks to fill. The remainder of this article will look at ways of entertaining your children through the summer break.


Free activities in your local area

Often local towns and villages put on free festivals and activities during the summer holidays. Try to look for a programme of events and book your days around them. Perhaps your town has a free puppet show at 2pm in the market square, you could pack up a lunch to eat in your local park, followed by the show, an icecream on the way home and that’s one day ticked off the calendar!


Visit your local library and see what events they have over summer. Often libraries have storytelling sessions followed by a craft session, visits by local authors and summer read schemes.


Some country parks and stately homes are run by the council allowing free access in the summer. Privately owned visitor attractions also have a couple of days allowing free access.


Arts and crafts

Before the summer break starts, try to collect a stash of items that can be used for arts and crafts. Cardboard boxes, scraps of wool, silver foil, paper, pens and paints can all inspire creations. Don’t forget plenty of glue and sticky tape!


Some art and crafts ideas could include creating homes for dolls, making pom pom creatures, painting and drawing. Your child will probably make their own plans as they have a tendency to have oodles of imagination.


Games and jigsaws

Remember all those games and jigsaws your child got for Christmas, only to be played with once? Summer is the ideal time to dust them down and get playing with them. Long lazy days mean that jigsaws are likely to be completed in time before bed and the extra long game of Monopoly can be accommodated!


Games and jigsaws are perfect for rainy days.


Go to the beach


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If you live fairly close to the beach – fantastic! If not get the train and make it part of the fun. Lakes are also lovely to visit in the summer. A trip to the beach can be as expensive or cheap as you like. Head to a more deserted spot, well away from the amusements to do some beach combing and sculptures. Pack all your loose change and divide it between your children for a fun hour or two in the amusements – making it clear that once the money is spent it’s gone!


A packed lunch will make the trip more affordable and pack a big picnic rug to prevent sand in the sandwiches!


Try to create fabulous memories for your children’s summer holidays. If you try to get out of the house once a day, even for just a short walk the summer will be less likely to be filled with squabbles and grumpiness. Children are naturally inquisitive and they love to learn and experience new things.


Have fun and have a wonderful summer!


First Aid Kit Review Surviveware


This is a sponsored post but these thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Vacationing with Teens

When we have kids many of avoid taking long vacations including travel until they are a little older. Traveling with babies and toddlers can be a nightmare. Then, they get older, and you realize that traveling with teens might actually be worse. They want nothing less than to be on vacation with their parents. They want to be left alone, they don’t want family time, and they can refuse to have fun, just to make a point. But, if you plan well and involve them, vacationing with teens doesn’t need to be tough. It can actually be wonderful.

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Let Them Help


One of the things teenagers hate more than anything else is being treated like a child. One of the reasons they hate going away with their parents is that they are still pushed into the child bracket. The plans are dictated to them, and they are expected to go along with everything and do as they are told. You may also be stricter than you are at home because you are worried about their safety in a new place.


The best way to get them excited about the vacation is by letting them help you plan it. Ask for their help. Make sure they understand that when booking a trip, you need to think about the needs of the whole family, but that their input is valued.


Plan Activities


Another way to get them excited is planning activities for while you are away. Spend some time online together researching the area and looking for things that you want to do. Things like Snowmobiling in Yellowstone can be great as they are fun, but a little more grown up. Try to let them pick things, even if it involves you doing something that you wouldn’t usually. Remember, it’s their holiday too.


Give Them Space

Image Credit – https://www.pexels.com/photo/adult-beautiful-child-cute-289825/


Teenagers hate to be crowded or forced to participate. They need their own space and freedom. This will help them to relax but also show that you trust them. If at all possible book accommodation that allows them to have their own room. If that’s not possible, they may prefer sleeping in the lounge to sharing with a younger sibling. Ask them what they want.


Then, when you arrive, trust them to go off on their own sometimes. Explain the boundaries and ensure they know where everything is and how to reach you. Then let them go and have a little freedom. How far you go will depend on their age and maturity, it’s up to you to decide.


Think Back


Teenagers hating going away with their parents isn’t a new thing. Think back. I bet you hated it at times too. Even if you enjoyed family holidays, there were probably times when you were bored or felt babied. Remember how you felt, what it was like and try to be as understanding as you can. Don’t try to force them to engage or do anything that they don’t want to; it will only make things worse.


Be Prepared

Don’t forget to choose the perfect bag to take along. Check out this duffle bag, it will meet all of your needs!


Family holidays don’t last forever, so try to make the most of it while you can.

Cheap Adventurous Family Holidays Abroad

The ease with which so many people can travel nowadays means that more families than ever are deciding to go further abroad for their family vacation. Travel to exotic locations is becoming much more affordable, and budget airlines and competitively priced travel companies make this process a lot smoother than it was several years ago.


There are so many destinations around the world that are family friendly and which will enable your children to experience a different culture and gain an understanding of the world beyond that of their own country. Traveling to exotic locations also allows your children to get out of their comfort zone and become independent and resilient individuals. Learning how other people live is something that your children will gain from this kind of experience, and can help them understand the importance of integration and tolerance as well as many other life skills.


If you have considered going further afield than you normally do on your summer vacation location, or have already been looking around at places you would like to visit, but are worried about cost, then take a look at the following countries which are budget-friendly holiday destinations.

Map Of Europe Map Experienced Travel Destinations

Photo source- MaxPixel



If you want an unforgettable adventure on an entirely different continent, then consider visiting SouthEast Asia which includes Thailand, the Philippines, and Malaysia. While this subregion of Asia is renowned for being a backpackers destination, it is also seeing an increase in families who come to visit this beautiful, diverse part of the world. Flights to the various countries within this region can also be purchased cheaply if booked in advance.




One of the many great things about Malaysia is the Malaysian people who are incredibly welcoming and family orientated individuals who will make you and your family feel comfortable. They are also particularly welcoming and warm towards children! Malaysia is a culturally diverse country that offers an enormous amount of places to visit such as Kuala Lumpur, Penang, the Cameron Highlands, as well as countless other destinations. There are also many attractions which cater to children such as Legoland Malaysia and the Sunway Lagoon theme park. Another plus of visiting Malaysia is that it is a very affordable country to visit, with the price of living and traveling within this country is far less than many other nations you might go to for a vacation. Getting around by train bus and plane is straightforward as Malaysia is very well connected. Choosing to rent a home while visiting this country can be much more affordable than staying in a hotel as well as providing you and your children with the comfort and security that comes with a home. There are many ways you can find apartments to rent, and going through a certified estate agent or renting site is the most secure way.




Thailand is now a popular tourist destination for many reasons, not least of which is the beautiful landscape which includes jungle, coast and the infamous hustle and bustle of its capital city Bangkok. Traveling here with a family is easier than you would think, and even if their bus systems are known for being a little chaotic, their trains are renowned for their comfort and relative affordability. The many markets, temples, and cultural attractions will mean that there is something new to do every single day, and the only problem you will have is trying to fit in everything you want to see in the time you are there. Chiang Mai, Bangkok and the well-known islands and beaches offer you a range of different experiences depending on what kind of experience you and your family want to have in Thailand. As with any other country that has a different culture to our own, make sure you are aware of any cultural differences or sensitivities and make sure you keep this in mind when deciding where you want to go. One tip is to bring a scarf or shawl with you when visiting temples as you will need to cover your shoulders.


The Caribbean


The laid back atmosphere of the Caribbean, the crystalline water and the all-year-round sun make it one of the best locations for a family who want a beach holiday. The Caribbean is home to over 7,000 Islands which makes a choice a little overwhelming. There are, of course, many countries and islands that are more well-known such as Jamaica, Barbados and the US Virgin Islands however if you want a unique experience then it might be worth checking out Belize and St Martin.





Belize is a cheap destination that is home to an incredible array of waterfalls, beaches and archaeological sites. Tourism is on the rise in this country, with it ranking as the second biggest industry in the nation. As a result of this, Belize caters for all types of travellers and English is spoken by many people. The wildlife alone will keep your kids entertained, as well as the underground rivers, jungle tours and Mayan remains which you can experience together as a family. As Belize is well connected to other parts of Central and South America, you might consider visiting neighboring Islands or countries.



St. Martin/St. Maarten


This Island is split between a French and Dutch side, with both sides being easily accessible. Each side has its own culture, with food, languages, and currency being completely different. Despite their differences, both sides share the same laid back attitude and beautiful beaches. This is one of the cheaper Islands of the Caribbean, with the Dutch side being slightly more cheaper than the French. Consider visiting the island with bikes and taking one of the many tours this Island has to offer.

Mahal Taj Architecture Taj Mahal Landmark India

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Visiting India as a family might not have been on your list of things to do before your children grow up, perhaps in part to the reputation India has as a chaotic and sometimes overwhelmingly busy country to visit. Visiting India, however, is an experience that you will never be able to forget as the colours, smells and tastes of this country are entirely unique. If you still have your reservations, consider visiting Kerala on the south coast of India. Kerala is a family friendly destination with beautiful backwaters and rolling hills, that is a lot more slow-paced and tranquil than perhaps Mumbai or New Delhi but still, allows you to experience the essence of India.


Prague, Czech Republic


Visiting Prague is an excellent way to enjoy a city holiday without feeling like your children will get bored. This city is simply heaving with museums, open air festivals, markets and shops, including several chocolate factories! This is an affordable place to visit with a large amount of hotels, hostels, guesthouses and apartments to choose from. Walk along Charles Bridge all the way up to the Castle and make sure you stop along the way for some delicious pastries! The famous John Lennon wall is worth going to have a look at as well as the Old Town Square




The Republic of Ireland’s capital is an excellent destination for all kinds of travellers, and the many things to do there means that there are plenty of options for young children to enjoy the delights of this culturally rich destination. Dublin offers all the modern amenities that you would expect, while also providing a rich history and sense of mystery that makes this country so unique. There are a big theatre district, many shops and restaurants and countless museums to entertain everyone. Make sure to check out the National Leprechaun Museum for a fun, interactive storytelling experience for children and adults alike.


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