Thu. Jan 26th, 2023


Living in South Texas you wouldn’t think the cold weather would be an issue, but this year has been crazy. I was finally in a routine of walking 3 miles every morning with a group of friends only to have that postponed a few weeks due to this crazy weather.

It gave me an opportunity though to find an amazing cell phone armband to use. I have a huge iPhone 6S plus and it is hard to carry while walking and forget it fits into any pockets in my workout clothes. This was something I wanted but didn’t realize how much it would help.

We walk along a busy paved road so for safety it is important to have your phone with you at all times. I decided now that the weather has permitted me to incorporate some jogging into my morning routine. The running belt works great for my huge phone.

I am super excited to share that if you buy through here: cell phone armband you will save an additional 30% off the already amazing price.

You do not realize how much this will come in handy until you get one! This year I am focusing on getting healthy and taking care of myself! This will surely help me get there!

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