Child Friendly Home 2 – Parents Fight Back



OK, so the premise of making a home safe might not sound like the next Hollywood blockbuster. But then again, neither does the idea of a kid adapting his property to keep out two useless burglars… 27 years later, Home Alone is weeks away from appearing on the festive TV schedule once more.


We’ve already discussed the basics of creating a child-friendly home in a previous post. This covered ideas like home security and handling natural disasters. However, the family home can pose a number of other threats. Thankfully, we have the simple tricks below, winning the war against those problems has never been simpler.


Preventing Germs Entering The Home


With the winter months fast approaching, there’s every chance that germs will enter your home. Having hooks in the hallway for kids to place their coats and scarves when getting home, followed by a quick wash of the hands, will work wonders. Likewise, utilizing the front porch for storing shoes can be very useful too.


It’s not all about the humans in your home, though. Advecta 2 flea prevention treatments can keep your furry pets in far greater health. In turn, this can go a long way to stopping the kids from suffering too. Apart from anything else, your pets deserve to be comfortable. Meanwhile, good air circulation is another key factor.



Preventing The Silent Killer


Mother nature can be a cruel mistress This is why jobs aimed to upgrade safety before, during, and after natural disasters is key. However, problems can also start from inside the property too. Most leaks are more dangerous to the building rather than your health. Still, this damage can generate unsafe environment, so you must not overlook those issues.


Nonetheless, some elements are more dangerous than others. Carbon monoxide poisoning can be lethal, which is why installing detectors is arguably even more vital than having fire alarms. The chances of suffering this type of issue due to a bad boiler is quite slim, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.   


Preventing Unwanted Departures


We all know the importance of keeping intruders out. However, it’s equally imperative that you learn to keep children in. Locking the doors goes without saying, but this is only just the start. You must also ensure that all windows prohibit curious youngsters from escaping. Otherwise, they could be in for very nasty falls to the floor.


Garden gates and fencing should also be considered. It’s impossible to keep your eyes on their every move, which is why you must always go the extra mile in these areas. Aside from the physical benefits, this will give you far greater peace of mind. As a parent, that sense of organization may be the greatest tool in this ongoing battle for safety.


The Last Word


Ultimately, you’re probably doing a fine job just as you are. Nonetheless, taking those additional steps for a safer home will have a hugely positive impact on your happiness as well as your child’s. If that doesn’t give you the incentive to take note, what will?

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