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When it’s time to get a new bed, you probably think the decision is easy. You can just walk into any bed store and pick out any bed you find, right? Not really, it’s harder than you think! There are plenty of elements of a bed that you need to think about if you want it to be perfect. I’ve listed these down below, give them a read, and you’ll learn how to choose the best bed ever.

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Bed Frame

We start things off with the bed frame itself; the main foundation of your bed. There are plenty of options at your disposal here, from wooden frames to metal ones, and a whole lot else too. Naturally, you need to choose a bed frame that’s sturdy enough to withstand all the weight on the bed. The last thing you want is a bed falling apart after a few months. Furthermore, try and avoid ones that squeak or creak, as it can get annoying. Other than this, the design should follow the design theme of your bedroom. For example, if you’ve got a very traditional bedroom going on, with loads of oak furniture, then a wooden bed frame fits well.


Picking your mattress can make or break your bed. Choose the wrong type for your body, and you’ll never have a nice night of sleep. The good thing here is that you don’t have to worry about anything other than comfort. Looks don’t matter, just test out some mattresses in the shop until you find one that supports you well and doesn’t cause pain. If you need a great mattress check them out here: mattress!! 


The bedding forms a very important part of any bed. From a purely aesthetic point of view, the bedding is what most people are drawn to. In my eyes, the best bedding sets will attract all the attention and bring together your bedroom.  So, you have to spend time choosing sets that complement the rest of your room and align with your color scheme. Then, you have more practical things to consider such as the material of the bedding. Some materials can cause allergic reactions, some can be too warm – there are loads of things to consider here! In an ideal world, you will find bedding that’s comfortable to sleep in and looks fantastic too.

The Extras

Finally, you have to think about any extras you want to add to your bed. This includes throw pillows, blankets, decorations for the frame, etc. While your mattress was all about comfort and no looks, the extras are the opposite. Choose things that add something to your bed and make it look even more visually appealing.

Take everything into account, and you should be able to find the perfect bed for you. That’s a very important point, there’s no such thing as THE perfect bed – it depends on you. If you’re choosing a bed for a couple, you might want something large and spacious. If you have a small house with limited storage, you may want a bed frame that provides space underneath to store items. If you have kids, you might want a bunk bed! No matter what your dream bed looks like, you still need to consider all the points above.

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