Christmas Kitchen Tool Essentials

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Christmas is almost here, and that means one thing for those of you who are tasked with cooking that all-important Christmas dinner for the family – panic! Cooking Christmas dinner is often a hectic affair, fraught with worry about whether the perfect meal will be delivered successfully or not. It shouldn’t have to be like that, but for most of us, it is. It is,., after all, the most highly-anticipated meal of the year!


If you’re worried about doing Christmas dinner right and you don’t want things to get too frantic in your kitchen this year, ensure that you have the following essential tools ready to go, and at least that aspect of the cooking will be a bit easier:


A Carving Knife


If you don’t have a decent carving knife, then no matter how good your turkey looks when it comes out of the oven, when it’s on the table, and you’re trying to serve it up, you’re going to make a mess, make people wait and end up with a plate that, although it might taste great, doesn’t exactly look the part.


A Knife Sharpener


How many knives do you use on Christmas Day? Probably quite a few, right? You need those knives to be sharp if you want to be able to chop, slice, and carve effectively, which means you need one of the knife sharpening tools from It really will make your life a whole lot easier and ensure that your food looks presentable.


Chopping Boards


If you don’t want to end up giving your guests food poisoning, then you’re going to want to have at least a couple of chopping boards – one for meat and one for the veggies, so that no cross-contamination occurs as you rush to get everything ready on time. Ideally, you should have boards of different colors, so that you can distinguish between them at a glance.


A Large Roasting Pan

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Turkeys are bigger than the average joints of meat we cook on a regular basis, which means lots of us simply don’t have large enough roasting tins to deal with them. So, make sure you have one that’s big enough for your bird come Christmas. has a good rundown on good pans, but be sure to measure before you buy. The last thing you want is to be unable to cook your turkey without losing the juices because your roasting pan is too small!


A Food Processor


If you want things to be a lot less frantic in the kitchen, then having a food processor, which can slice and chop your veggies for you, amongst other things, has a real godsend come Christmas.


A Bottle Opener


If you don’t usually drink, you might not have a bottle opener in your kitchen. If that’s the case, you’re going to want to run out and get one for Christmas, when your guests will be wanting a glass of wine for dinner, and you may need to open a bottle to make your gravy.


Here’s to a hassle-free Christmas dinner!

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