Thu. Jan 26th, 2023

Some days you go through life and have nothing exciting happen. It seems like these are short-lived but you still enjoy them. Then there are times when something so traumatic happens you aren’t sure if you will ever get back to the way it used to be.


August 2017 was that time for us!! We survived a category 4 hurricane and are still dealing with the aftermath. I can go to the local grocery store and just look around to see most people are talking to others about it and what their experience was.

Strangers help strangers and people talk to their neighbors. Then there is the ugly side…

I own a condo in Rockport, Texas that was damaged due to the Hurricane. I, along with all of the other owners barely knew what steps we needed to take after the Hurricane. We depended on our Board of Directors to guide us throughout this process.

This was not a good decision since they too had never experienced the process. Instead of hiring outside help, our leaders decided to hire a certified “plumber” as our project manager and that is when the conflict began.

Most owners may not have been aware of what was needed but decided they wanted to be aware of the process that the BOD was taking so we could get the maximum amount of insurance legally allowed for our damages. After learning everything we could, we started to pressure the board and became more of a voice for our leaders.

On August 25th Harvey hit our community, by November we had 2 of our Board of Directors resign and we became a more communicative community. We now have released our “plumber” and are using a structural engineer to guide us on the right path.

After saying all of this, I think it is important to not depend on others after devastation but learn everything you can to help protect yourself. DO NOT BECOME A VICTIM AGAIN!


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