Dealing With Overnight Guests At Christmas

The festive season is quickly approaching, and it’s likely that you’ve already decided what you’re going to be doing Christmas day, and whether you’re stopping at a family member’s house, or if they are coming to you. If it’s your turn to host the Christmas meal and you have family coming to stay overnight for the Christmas period, here’s how you can deal with the pressure of being a good host, while keeping everyone happy.



The fact that the bedding and towels should be fresh doesn’t even need to be mentioned, but to make your guests stay as lovely for them as possible, you could add a sprinkle of Christmas magic to the room. Adding decorations and fairy lights for them to have on if they choose will really add to the Christmas festivities for them, and also create a lovely warm glow in the room.


Other things that you could add to the room are:

  • Cinnamon scented candles.
  • Potpourri.
  • Dressing gowns and slippers to relax in.
  • A television to watch.
  • Bedside lamps and alarm clocks
  • A lockable door to add privacy for them (you might want to consider that on your bedroom door too!)


Making the effort to add little details like this will make their stay away from home as comfortable as possible, and your guests will appreciate the extra effort.


One of the biggest things for hosts to think about is the food that they are serving. You may be choosing to have a traditional turkey Christmas lunch, but there’s no reason why the other food that you serve shouldn’t be out there and impressive. Crawl your local grocery store to see what unusual delicacies they have on offer for you to serve to your guests. Be sure to check for any allergies or preferences so that you can tailor to them as much as possible.


Another route to go down would be to serve a family favorite in your household so that they can see what kind of food you would regularly eat. Of course, you will need to plan accordingly to time, budget, and amount of people.


You could always get everyone involved in cooking a meal (including your guests) so that you’ve all contributed to the meal that you’re about to eat. Everyone will finish their meal pleased that they’ve helped create a lovely meal, and it will also help your guests feel like they’ve helped you rather than sitting around waiting for a meal.


At Christmas, many people around the world choose to exchange gifts with their loved ones as a token to show them how much they mean to you. Instead of the usual tube socks and chocolate, why not go for something a little out of the ordinary? It will add to their day and also spark conversation. Not only that, it will show that you put thought into your gift(s) to them. If you’re stuck for ideas, here’s a great article from giftbeta that has everything covered, so you’re sure to find the right gift for everyone.


Remember though that Christmas isn’t all about the gifts that you give, it’s about spending time together as a family during the festivities so if you’re on a budget, don’t panic too much because there are loads of gifts available that won’t break the bank!


Like if you were staying at a family member’s house for Christmas, you should hold up your Christmas traditions for them to experience and welcome the possibility of their being included too. Traditions almost make Christmas special by themselves, because the actions we take remind us of a special time of year with our families.


Another thing to consider would be to create a tradition for this occasion so that if it ever happens again, you could use it as a family. For example, if you decide to take your family out to the bar for a few festive drinks on Christmas Eve, yet you wouldn’t normally do it, save that tradition for when they stay again!


Lastly, don’t forget to ask for help if you need it. The responsibility of cooking and preparing for a lot of people can add unnecessary pressure to you. Remember to enjoy your Christmas too otherwise you will end up dreading each year that you’re the host. Enjoy your Christmas as a family unit, whatever you’re doing!

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