Dear Mom, What a Mother really wants for Mother’s Day 2017 #mothersday

First and foremost, I love being a mom. I am a mom to three grown children who are finding their own way.Even more amazing is now I have three adorable grandsons. Knowing they are healthy and happy makes my heart happy. I like most moms would be perfectly happy just spending time with the family for Mother’s Day.  I have come up with a basic Mother’s Day gift list that would make me extremely happy as I am sure it would most mothers.


  1. Family time, with no gadgets or technology, maybe even a family game night!
  2. A picture of everyone, they grow and change every day, I would love an updated picture.
  3. A simple Thank You! (Maybe with why you are thanking them, mom’s work hard!)
  4. Okay, so this is my infatuation right now…  Crossbar Necklace  (25% off for mother’s day Kim Kardashian wears this).
  5. A dinner date with my Mr.
  6. Handmade items (my grands make the best)
  7. Bath Bombs
  9. Kim Kardashian long Medallion
  10. Lastly, an “I love you”!!

This year will be the first in 20 +years I get to spend with my own mother. I realize turning the big “50” this year, I need to enjoy life every chance I get, I am going to Georgia to spend this mother’s day with her.

So my hubby, children, and grandkids are spending mother’s day the Friday before because they realize the importance of family and spending time together!!


I have this elaborate plan for all of us sisters to take our mother out to eat for lunch and spend some quality time with our her. You see my sisters live throughout Georgia, and I live in Texas this will be the first time we all spend mother’s day with our mother in years.

So this mother’s day, keep it simple tell your mother you love her, tell her thank you and mostly just spend time with her.  The truth be told, if I receive only a hug and love you I would be happy!!

So here is mine!!

Dear Mom,

Thank you for always wiping my tears when I cried, thank you for always telling me like it is. Thank you for raising me to be a hard worker and great housekeeper. Thank you for teaching me to be a great mother and thank you for your unconditional love! Mostly thank you for dragging me to church every Sunday!!

For these and many many more reasons, I hope to never allow you to spend mother’s day alone again.

Love, Kathy






  1. Posts like this makes me thinking about am I grateful enough. Mothers are treasure their company and advice is precious.

  2. This is such a sweet post. I can’t wait to spend Mother’s Day with my mom and sisters this year. I love you’s are my favorite gift of all.

  3. What a beautiful post. Sometime’s it is the simple things that us mothers want, nothing to elaborate just quality time with the ones we love.

  4. That is so great that you get to be with your mom on Mother’s Day. I agree with your list of what mom’s want. I always want a picture on Mother’s day, because you are right everyone changes from year to year. I’m a mom to 4 boys and soon to be girl. This post encouraged me to want to spend the day with my family instead of asking for needed time alone.

  5. What a beautiful post in every day. Such a beautiful family you have. I loved seeing the grandkids .. and your mom. I hope I look as good as she does when I’m her age. I couldn’t help but smile when you mentioned a “thank-you” Just this week both kids .. out of the blue .. called to thank me for something I’d done. Admittedly I nearly fell over. Way to go Mom .. I can tell you’re a good one!

  6. I would love to have some me time aside from that family time without any tech or gadgets. I’d love to just spend the day without worries, it’s like an extended weekend.

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