Decorate Your Way To a Bigger Looking Bathroom

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Cleanliness may be next to Godliness but bathrooms are, nonetheless, often a point of contention in otherwise perfect homes. While technically a bathroom doesn’t require a whole lot of space, there’s nothing worse than a cramped and cluttered looking bathroom. The good news is that you can inject a sense of space and light in a smaller bathroom without breaking the bank on structural remodeling or even replacing your bathroom suite. With the right colors, finishes, lighting, and materials (as well as a few strategically deployed devices) you can transform even the most modest of bathrooms into a luxurious palace of cleanliness and relaxation.  


Color is everything


Choosing the right color scheme is essential to ensuring that your bathroom has the decided look and feel. Whether you want a look that’s subtle and sophisticated or an aesthetic that sparkles like a jewelry box it’s important to choose a color scheme that creates the sense of relaxation and serenity that you need in the bathroom. Even if your personal tastes favor bold and dazzling colors, neutrality should be the order of the day (if you’re looking for dazzle, that’s where glossy finishes will come in). That said, you can do better than a bathroom entirely filled with white subway tiles (which will make your bathroom look like a giant tooth). Accompanying white tile with accent tiles and/or paints in soothing, neutral tones will not only enhance your space but imbue the room with a sense of serenity.  Conventional wisdom may dictate that smaller tiles will look better in smaller rooms but the truth is that the smaller the surface area of the tile, the more wall space will be devoted to grouting which can make your walls seem cluttered.


Cut back on accessories

In a small space, even small items of furniture can be distracting as well as taking up valuable space. Wall shelves, hanging racks and accessories can clutter up your room surprisingly easily so anything that isn’t absolutely necessary needs to go. Finding an alternative space to store your laundry basket or medicine cabinet can make a world of difference.


Mildew must go!


Mold and mildew not only emit spores that can aggravate asthma or other respiratory conditions, they look really unsightly in the bathroom. Mildew tends to accumulate in the grouting between tiles, causing it to blacken and making the room seem to instantly shrink. Unless you want to scrub the grout between tiles with a toothbrush once a week, good ventilation is extremely important. A great selection of bathroom fans can be found at Even if you have a window, a good bathroom fan will reduce the risk of unsightly mold and mildew.


Let there be light (and mirrors)


The glossy surface of tiles can really enhance the properties of the lighting used in your bathroom, but extra lighting can really open up a small bathroom. Recessed lighting in the walls and ceiling as well as in and around the bathroom mirror can dazzle while adding a sense of cleanliness and warmth. Most bathrooms incorporate at least one mirror (usually hovering over the sink). A larger bathroom can reflect back room’s light but the same effect can be achieved with several smaller mirrors strategically placed around the room.

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