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Human beings were once rather primitive beings, one that only focused on the necessities of life. Looking at us now you might think that we’ve come a long way. Actually, we’re going backward in a way. Society has taught us from the beginning of childhood that your emotions are natural and you should let them out. However, the mark of a truly centered creature is to be at one with controlling your emotions. Letting them out is very broad and could mean different things to different people. We should all be asking ourselves whether we’re overly emotional or not. Too much emotion will cloud your judgment and even bring you to a point where you’re controlled by them. They’re a first reaction point, not a conclusion. It’s much easier said than done to command your emotions at will because in truth they are a series of chemical reactions. Rather than trying to sling a muzzle guard over them, it’s far better to understand how you can coexist with them.


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Adapting to our own pace


Part of the reason why we get flustered and so willing to let out our anger is that the world around us is doing the same too. Being ruled by your surroundings comes out in the form of being overly reactionary. A persistent, strong but subtle reaction to the actions going on around you will help you to remain centered. Listening to your subconscious voice as in the teachings of Ilchi Lee will give you a clearer aiming point of what can be achieved. Connecting the brain and heart is one of the methods he uses to cut away the middleman we self-impose. The Tao energy principles he imparts help one to adapt to the modern world. The world is so fast and busy, and people are consumed by making sure they’re moving at the same pace as others. This is a farce and should be discarded straight away.


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Meditation isn’t supernatural


Far from what you may see or hear in the media, meditation isn’t a supernatural experience. It’s actually well within the realms of science. Sitting still, in silence, or with relaxing music is about slowing down. It helps you to formulate your thoughts, figure out what you really want, list the priorities in your life, and at a lower level control your physical being. You won’t be transported to some kind of heaven or connect with a deity of some sort. However, you’ll find out more about yourself and truly focus on what you want. With so many pressures in the world, just simply sitting still with your eyes closed can be a much-needed relief. Meditation shows how great the simple things in life are and that not everything revolves around living for others.


No one is saying that emotions don’t matter or that you should ignore them. Love and anger may be at the opposite ends of the spectrum, but they’re linked and can quite happily switch positions in our lives. Disconnecting your emotions from the surrounding world will support your logical mind to react in a calculated and calm manner.


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