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It is only natural that we want to have the best home imaginable. Our home is where we hide from the world; our retreat is always welcoming. It’s also a space where we can be ourselves and invite the people we care about to share; an entertainment venue all of our own making.


The desire to create the perfect home is therefore understandable. We all rely on decor and design to achieve this. Get these aspects right, and it’s possible to transform a space with a few pieces of furniture in it into an actual home. We use renovations, updates, and decorative touches to achieve this, often constantly updating our homes to reflect the latest interior design trends or adapting the available space to more suit our needs.


Unfortunately, there is one potential side effect of all these adaptations, modifications, and home decor perfections: they’re expensive. From renovating an entire floor of your home to just adding a few decorative touches, there’s no denying the fact that a beautiful home can be extremely costly.


However, the key word here is “can”. Yes, a beautiful home can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. If you want to achieve the perfect look without spending a fortune, then here are a few tips you’re going to want to keep in mind…


1) Focus on improving your DIY skills


There are thousands of renovation tasks that can improve your home no end, from installing new flooring to fitting an entirely new set of kitchen cupboards. These kinds of changes can make your home look as good as new— but you tend to need to hire a professional to do them.


However, it’s worth running the math the next time you hire a professional to perform work on your home. Let’s say you took the funds you’d pay to a pro, and used that money to attend training courses that could teach you basic-to-medium renovation skills. You’d get far better value for money from the latter because your newly-learned skills can be used again and again, whereas paying a tradesman to do a single job means the money only lasts for that job.


Of course, there will always be some renovation tasks you should never attempt to DIY; there’s a useful list of these at, so take note. However, for flooring and other medium-skill tasks, attending a course and learning how to DIY safely and effectively is a great financial investment.


2) Shop at the right stores


As with most things, where you shop for home decor and DIY equipment will govern how much you pay for it. You must find stores that are looking to sell items at a reasonable price, rather than charge a huge markup.


For DIY supplies, it’s usually more affordable to shop at stores that are targeted towards tradesmen and high-skilled DIYers. These stores tend to forgo the expensive advertising and jargon in favor of just providing the best deals for people in the know about the items they need. In terms of home decor, that means focusing on the likes of; places where you can buy great soft furnishings without the extortionate markup of some stores. By ensuring that you always shop at stores that focus on value rather than extreme profit margins, your budget for all home renovation and decoration will go much further, which should mean that your home looks nicer as a result.


3) Look for inspiration from blogs, and social networks— but never purchase directly


If you head to sites like Pinterest or home design and decor blogs, you’re going to be encouraged towards high purchase prices. While there’s the occasional bargain-focused account or blog out there, most focus on high-end items. Often, these items are provided to the person making the post for free, as part of an influencer arrangement. That’s fine of course — provided the relationship is disclosed — but it does tend to mean that the items featured on top blogs aren’t exactly accessible in terms of price. Only high-end brands can afford to partner with the most popular influencers, so the price of the items featured tends to be in the high-end bracket too.


It’s nice to see social media and blogs as inspiration for your home design, but you should never see them as purchasing guides. If you see a look you like on a blog or social network account, then use it as inspiration to create the same thing yourself from more affordable stores. Clicking through to buy the exact items featured in these kinds of posts is almost certainly the most expensive option. Take the inspiration, but don’t be tempted to buy the same items— you’ll almost certainly be overpaying if you do.

In conclusion

Living room


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By following the above, you should be able to achieve the home aesthetic of your dreams— but without breaking your budget to make it happen. Enjoy!

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