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No one likes feeling cold and walking around the house with a blanket wrapped around your shoulders is not a good look. On the other hand, you don’t want to spend a fortune heating your home if there are ways in which you can save money. Heating costs make up a huge proportion of the average monthly budget so if you can make some savings you will have more to spend on the things that you enjoy. Here are some ideas for cutting down your heating costs over the cooler months.

Get a modern thermostat

You need to have accurate control of your heating. Programmable thermostats allow you to heat your home when you need to and save money on heating bills when you do not. You can make sure that the house does not use up money on heating during the day but is lovely and warm for when you return from work. There are some jobs that need to be done on your home every ten years or so and if you are considering carrying out an overhaul of your central heating system, this could be the time to upgrade your thermostat. Check out the honest and concise reviews of wireless and programmable thermostats on the Thermostat Center including a handy comparison table of the key features. The best place to start is with the buying guide and then move on to reading about how they can save you money before selecting which would be the best one for your home.

Insulate everything that you can

Heating your home is as much about stopping heat from escaping as it is about providing heat in the first place. Insulating your loft is the single most important heat-saving strategy. Warm air rises and your home will lose a lot of heat through the loft. Next, comes the windows. Double-glazed windows are the best. If you cannot afford to install them you can hang thick drapes or blinds instead. Use draught excluders at the bottom of doors.

Sometimes it is possible to provide cavity wall insulation in older houses but you will need to talk to a professional contractor to find out more. In general, new houses and more heat efficient than older houses.

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Use what nature is offering you

You can use natural convection currents to make the most of the heat in your home. Don’t place things on top of radiators so that the warm air can circulate freely. As sunlight pours in through your windows it brings the heat with it. Vary the room that you spend time in as the sun moves around the house so that you can take full advantage of this.

Consider installing a wood-burning stove. When wood burns it gives off a huge amount of heat that can warm up even a large room. You could collect driftwood or branches from local wood to burn. You can even chop up old pallets as long as they are not covered in paint or varnish. Real fires are so cozy in the winter!



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