Doing Retirement Right!

Retirement, by many, is viewed as the end – and as scary as they sound, it’s correct. However, it’s only correct when you’re about 20 and have about 60 years to look forward to. However, retirement isn’t the end of anything except full-time work – in fact, all retirement is, is a new chapter in our lives. It’s not the time to settle down, by the way – if that is what you are thinking. Retirement is something to enjoy, and we should only really calm down when our health starts to demand it.


Retirement isn’t just something we can head into at full speed though – we need to retire in the right way, with all threads closed off and not dangling in our minds after we stop work! What’s more, we need to plan effectively for retirement, because it could be a disaster if we do not plan for it!


So, if you’ve found your way onto this post in your twenties or thirties, there’s still a lot you could learn. It’s never too early to start thinking about retirement, at least in the back of your mind. In your twenties, you should be putting cash away, in small doses, and signing up to a pension plan is a good idea at this point, as well as general investing. If you’re young, learn about money, and it’s importance. If you’re thirty and above, start seriously thinking about putting cash away. You will have a lot of priorities throughout your life, but make sure you always have one eye on the future. Clear your debts, keep in control of your mortgage and always have your eye on the future.


If you’re a bit older, you’re a bit wiser and you should know these things. We’re all in different financial situations though, so everyone’s retirement will be different and we will all have to adapt to what we have.


There are still things you need to consider though! Will you sell your home to fund some adventures or move into a retirement home? What will you do with all this time on your hands? Again, don’t retire until you are ready to do so. Retirement means some big changes in your life, and you might find yourself becoming a bit bored with things. There might not be an enforced retirement age where you are based, so check this out.


What you do in retirement is your own business, but find something to do. There’s no excuse for lazing around so try your best to keep your mind and body busy. Whether you have a daily walk around the neighborhood, go for a coffee, do a bit of yoga, some gardening or settle down with some good films, make sure you have a hobby or something to do. You’re not in work, but keep working at something so you can make the best out of all this time you have on your hands. It could be working on projects, or even blogging – just keep busy and make sure you treat retirement like it should be – as a new chapter in your life.


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