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Obviously, if you need to lose weight, it is far better for your health and well-being that you should tackle your issues with a healthy diet and exercise regime, but if you’re just wanting to look a little slimmer from day to day, it is perfectly p[ossible to achieve the appearance of a slighter frame simply by dressing smarter.


Here are some simple things you can do to look 10 pounds lighter instantly:


Make Sure Your Separates Match


It might not be quite as good as the results you get from the procedures at www.liposuctionsydney.com, but if you want to look at least half a stone lighter than you really are, make sure that you always match your skirt and tights or your trousers with your shoes. It will have a lengthening effect on the body which will really slim you down no matter what color or style you’re wearing.


Get Your Proportions Right


Anyone who’s interested in fashion knows that if the proportions are wrong, you’ll end up looking bigger than you really are. If you wear very full, voluminous garments on top and bottom, then you will look fuller and more voluminous than you actually are too, which is why you should always pair a voluminous garment like a circle skirt with a tight-fitting top or a boyfriend shirt with skinny jeans.


Tapered Jackets Tame Your Waist


If you’re looking to slim down your waist, then you can’t go wrong with a hip-length tailored jacket that tapers in at the waist. Whether you wear it with skinny jeans, a maxi dress, or a fitted skirt, you will instantly look several pounds slimmer.


Pencil Skirts Improve Your Profile

woman long gown
Mother of The Bride Dresses
This stapeless satin A-line gown is unique in the wide belt Rouched, pearl floral accents, and a whole cascade of ruffles dress two-piece. Please be informed that this dress cost excludes all accessories such as petticoats, gloves, veils, jackets, crowns, necklaces and so on.


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When it comes to skirts, you simply cannot beat an A-line skirt that skims the hips without being too tight. Your hip area will look far smaller and your profile will look extremely sleek, giving the illusion that you are a bit smaller than you really are.


Long-Line Cardigans are Leaner


Cardigans that come to the waist might look great, but if you’re serious about looking slimmer and you don’t want to hit up the local PureGym to tone up your torso, then a cardigan that skims the hips and thighs will look far more flattering by lengthening your body and potentially hiding a multitude of sins.


Tuck Your Shirt Into Your Jeans


Ever wondered why so many celebs rock the jeans with tucked-in shirts and heels look? It’s quite simple really – it lengthens the body which has a very good slimming effect, especially if you’re wearing bootcut jeans.


Wear a Wider Belt


Placing a belt around the waist is a good way to look a little slimmer around the waist, but ideally, you need to use a wider belt, because it will have a more prominent effect, and ideally one with a little stretch in it which will really pull you in, almost like a corset.


Do you have any top tips for using your wardrobe to make yourself look slimmer?

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