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Your home is probably the biggest investment that you have ever made, and this is why it is vital to do everything in your power to protect it. Home security does not need to be over complicated and expensive either. There are a number of things you can do to improve your home security today. Read on to discover some easy suggestions.

Change your locks – If you have not changed your front door locks for quite some time, now would be a good moment to do so. This does not require a lot of effort, and there are companies like All American Locksmith that can do this for you. It is definitely worth upgrading to a more secure lock, especially if yours are pretty dated.

Make sure outdoor wires are not easy to access – Another step you can take to improve home security is by ensuring that your electrical wires and telephone lines are not easy to access by burglars. Why is this important? Well, if they are easy to access, a criminal will simply cut the wires in order to disable your security systems, rendering them ineffective.

Get your neighbor to pick up your mail when you are not about – Another easy change you can make is getting your neighbor to collect your mail whenever you are not home. This is especially important if you are someone that travels regularly. It is easy to get the mail company to deliver your letters and alike to your neighbor, and this will ensure that burglars do not realize you are out of town. After all, accumulating mail is a clear giveaway.

Use exterior lights intelligently – Nowadays, most lights come with a timer so that you can schedule when they come on and off. This is something that you should use to make it appear like you are at home when you are not. It is also a good idea to get motion sensors installed for the parts of your garden that are not very visible.

Put together a security checklist – Last but not least, it is a good idea to put together a security checklist that you can use whenever you leave the house. This should include checking all of the windows and locks, making sure your security system is turned on, and anything else that applies to your home. A quick check around the house can make all of the difference.

As you can see, it does not require a lot of effort in order to improve the security of your home. If you follow the advice that has been provided, you should be able to add further security to your property without breaking the bank or having to go through a lot of hassle to do so.

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14 thoughts on “Easy Home Security Tips To Implement Today”
  1. Home security is SO important. You worked hard for your home so why not protect it? Awesome tips to help the homeowner.

  2. It’s important to make sure that your home is safe especially since you never know what can happen these days. I love the pointers that you listed on your post, those are definitely a must!

  3. You just reminded me that I need to get my neighbor to check my mail on an upcoming trips. I’m going to use all of these tips because I live alone so I want to feel really secure at home.

  4. There seems to be so many more break ins nowadays even though there are more security cameras around. Bringing awareness to it like this is so important.

  5. Motion sensors for the backyard area is a great idea, Safety of homes is so important these days. Changing the front locks is something I have been looking upto in the recent past.

  6. I will make sure to do all this before we head out on our trip next week. Thank you for sharing, we get so busy packing and forget about security for our home.

  7. Absolutely fantastic and frankly necessary tips on security and safety. I usually have the mail hold my mail when I’m away and I just have them deliver it when I’m back.

  8. Now that you’ve mentioned it I could use a new front door lock, it’s been a while! Thank for the great tips to keeping my home safe, which is very important… it you don’t feel safe at home than there’s some fixing to do ; )

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