Easy Ways To Help Older People Feel Safe In Their Home

If you have elderly relatives – it’s natural that you’d be concerned about their welfare, especially if they live far away. Even older people who live with others are at risk in their home if they have injuries or reduced mobility. There are several things you can do to help older people feel safer in their homes, helping to give peace of mind to you and your family too.

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A smartphone or tablet

A smartphone or tablet is a great idea for a gift for older people. It can help them stay connected without the complexity of a computer and means they can take it with them around the house or when they leave. There are some great smartphone models for older adults that benefit from features such as larger displays and clearer sound quality. A phone or tablet with a video chat function is great for helping them stay in touch with family and friends and will help you feel more at ease if you can see them too.

A medical alert system

Medical alert systems could be a life-saving item to have around the house if an older person were to fall over and need some help. Medical alert systems can come in a range of shapes and sizes, and medicalert.systems has some great reviews of what’s available. Even if you think they’re not required, this is an expensive item that could be more useful than you realize.

User-friendly appliances

As you get older, it can be difficult to use some common household appliances, which can lead to accidents or injuries that can be frustrating for an older person. Take a look at the things they have around their home, such as kettles, coffee makers, grills and anything else which has the potential to cause harm to unsteady hands. You’ll find that there are many alternatives available that are specially designed for older people or those with reduced mobility which will mean that they have less chance of causing themselves an injury when they’re at home alone.

A video doorbell/intercom system

Older people are vulnerable to cold callers or people ready to take advantage. Having a video system installed that identifies callers at the door can help them deal with unwanted visitors without having to open it. Having a secure entry system is important for ensuring safety, and you can find models that are very affordable and easy to install. Make sure they have an effective locking system in place that doesn’t rely on them remembering to lock up at night too – this will help them, and you sleep better.


Caring for your relatives as they get older is a wonderful way to repay the love they’ve shown you over the years. Making sure that they’re safe in their own home will help them retain their independence and help you know that they’re ok when you’re not around. Some things may seem quite simple and easy to do, but they can make the world of difference to an older person.

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