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Elyptol Hand Sanitizer Giveaway

Using hand sanitizer has not always been my thing. I can only imagine how many chemicals get on your hands when you put it in your hands. I’ve always been more of a “soap and water” kind of gal. When I was first introduced to the all-natural antimicrobial hand sanitizer spray by Elyptol I was impressed. I was impressed at the all-natural, the texture, the smell, the moisturizing, and the way it made my hands feel afterward.

I keep a bottle of the spray in my purse, in my car, and in grandson’s diaper bag when I am watching him. Two of the hand spray hand sanitizer came with clips on them. I love how I can hook them on the bag for easy access. It became really useful when we took a trip to Disney World, I did not have to worry about everyone running to the bathroom to wash their hands. With so many people in one place, I always stress about the grandkids touching something and getting germs on them. With this hand sanitizer, I know we are protected by its naturally Antimicrobial formula that kills 99.9999% of germs.

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I also received the natural antimicrobial formula but in the gel. The gel substance does not dry out your hands like the regular gel hand sanitizers. Not only does it not dry out your hands but also helps with moisturizing your hands. I keep this one in my bathrooms beside the sink, at my office at work, and also in my bathroom at my office. I just currently had to replace the one in the office bathroom so I’m assuming it is getting used a lot.

I am very impressed with this product. It made me go from a “soap and water” gal to “I can’t live without this hand sanitizer” gal.

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